Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

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Avoid Costly Mistakes from a Bad Design and Plan

By Ryan Horvath

Kitchen remodeling mistakes can be costly. They can eat up both your time and money. The mistakes made can range from a bad design or simply not planning. This week’s blog is looking to avoid those mistakes. I’ll also include several helpful tools to make sure your kitchen remodel isn’t a disaster.

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Before grabbing the sledgehammer, start by coming up with a plan for your kitchen. Consider what your family’s needs and lifestyle are. Are you a family that likes to cook? Do you envision a center for entertaining and socializing? Are the kids doing their homework at the kitchen island? A kitchen remodel is a great time to reevaluate your storage and organization. To help you out, I wrote a blog a few months back all about storage and organization solutions. You can read it by clicking here.

Once you have a general plan figured out, pick out your appliances. If you wait, your dream kitchen can have less-than dreamy appliances. Any kitchen designer will be able to design around your appliances list. Keep in mind that the more features you go with, the more it’s going to cost.

With your appliances picked out, it’s time to plan around the “Work Triangle”. The “Work Triangle” is the path from the refrigerator, to the sink, to the stove. Each path should be between 4 to 9 feet long. The total of all the paths shouldn’t exceed 27 feet. It helps reduce dead space and be more efficient. You should also consider “landing zones”. A “landing zone” is part of the countertop or island. It’s where you can place your serving dishes or prepare your meal.

Aisles that are too tight is another one of the kitchen remodeling mistakes. You should be able to navigate your kitchen with ease. You should also be able to maneuver around helpers as well. Consider offsetting the placement of your sink(s) and stove. It will help you avoid bumping into your helper. Our kitchen designers recommend between 42″ and 48″ of clearance. This is for the opening of your appliances and cabinet doors and drawers. It also allows you and helper(s) to not bump into each other.


It’s okay to be an over-eager DIY homeowner. What’s not okay is not running your plans by a professional. A kitchen designer can help you fine-tune your remodeling plan. They can also offer tips and advice while recommending ideas. The bonus is that your kitchen designer works in the kitchen industry. They’ll be able to steer you towards efficient products and materials. This will help you save time and money.


This is one of the top mistakes a homeowner can make. Sometimes your eyes get bigger than your wallet. That 7-burner gas stove that you want could be a budget breaker. Part of setting the budget is being realistic about your wants and needs. Figure out which features are important to you and if they fit in the budget. Once you set the budget, stay with it. This will help you stay on track and not go over budget.

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The last tip I have connects to all three mistakes. Do not make changes to the layout once the remodeling starts. Changing the layout can add time to your deadline. It’s also the opportunity for setbacks. The new cabinet configuration you want might be backordered for weeks. It can also affect your budget. You’ve budgeted for Kitchen A, but Kitchen B is over budget. Plan and budget, and a pro look it over. If you do all that, your kitchen remodel will be a success.

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