Quality of Cabinet Construction

Whether you are working on a remodeling project in your kitchen or bathroom or taking on new home construction, you will have lots of choices to make – both wide and small – including the types of upper and base cabinets you want to have installed. Because you are investing a good deal of time, money, and energy into this project, you want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the choices you make for each component, the features you want, and the quality of the construction of each element. This most definitely includes cabinet construction:

    • Face frame
    • Top and bottom of the cabinet box
    • Front of the cabinet
    • Drawer
    • Every other aspect of upper and base cabinets construction options

At Choice Cabinet, we take a lot of pride in our cabinet construction quality, from the cabinet box to the face frame. Our team understands that the base cabinet should be functional to have full access to the things you need and aesthetically pleasing. We are also well-aware of how much use the upper and base cabinets will get throughout their lifetimes, so all features of the cabinet need to be made with great materials and constructed properly by skilled craftsmen.

The Choice Cabinet team constructs each cabinet face frame out of natural hardwoods and builds our cabinets for strength and durability. You will never see us using particleboards, glue, or staples as the big box stores do. We know that these types of materials are prone to be easily damaged, so they are never a part of our framed cabinet construction options when it comes to the cabinets you put in your home. When it comes to every part of the cabinet box (top and bottom) and face frames, other areas of the box construction, and the drawer, cabinet choices from our warehouse will never be substandard.

3/4" Thick Plywood Shelves

Our fully adjustable shelves (sides and bottom) inside the cabinet box are made of sturdy 3/4" thick plywood and come equipped with metal shelf clips attached to the cabinet. We know that you rely on your cabinets to hold all of the important items in the kitchen, bathroom, or other room in which they are installed (even at full extension of the drawer), so we make sure that the shelving is everything you need them to be and ensure you have full access to all of your items. The 3/4" thick plywood ensures the shelves' durability and long-lasting efficacy no matter who is using them or what gets put on them.

Storage and Organization Roll Out Shelves

All wood construction

Our framed cabinets, including the cabinet box, face frame, front of the cabinet, drawer box, shelving, cabinet doors, and drawers, are constructed of solid wood and furniture-grade plywood. No particleboard. The big-box stores may try to sell you on particleboard as a winning feature of framed cabinets' box construction because it reduces the cabinets' price dramatically, and you will still have full access to everything you need in the framed cabinet.

They do not tell you that cabinet construction with flimsy materials such as particleboard will not last as long as hardwoods and plywood. When it comes to cabinet construction options (top, bottom, sides, back, doors, and all other parts), our team at Choice Cabinet always recommends going with the most durable and long-lasting materials, even if it is a bit more expensive for your base cabinet. In the long run, you will appreciate the fact that you will not have to replace your solid wood cabinets due to faulty construction or anything subpar attached to the cabinet.

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Pocket screw joinery

Our cabinets use a pocket screw joinery method: no metal clips or cam and pin construction. Again, we sincerely believe in the highest quality cabinet construction, and this especially includes the elements that hold the cabinetry together. Metal slips and cam and pin construction may be reasonably ok for certain furniture items.

Still, cabinet construction should never be skimped on because it is so critical to your cabinets' general durability and sustainability. Your kitchen, bathroom, or other room's cabinets need to hold up to everything that you and your family might throw at them following installation, so reliable cabinet construction is of vital importance, including the box and face frame.

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10 Step Finishing Process

Each of our door styles comes with a best-in-class 10 step cabinet construction finishing process. When it comes to the items that we deliver to our clients, we never want them to be disappointed, which is why we put our cabinets to the test.

Our 10 step finishing process ensures that our construction quality meets or exceeds our expectations so that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase. Whether it is the box, a drawer, or the face frame, we make sure that everything we create is of the highest standard, including 3/4" thick plywood and solid wood.


Dovetailed drawer boxes

None of our drawers are stapled together. As you might have realized by now, Choice Cabinet does not believe in cutting corners or taking shortcuts, even for a drawer or frame. The cabinets you might get from other companies or the big box stores may have staples holding the drawer to the cabinet frame. Our team knows that stapling is not as reliable a construction method as the dovetail method for support and durability, so we always go with the better quality option. Since we already have the 3/4" thick plywood, why would we approve making anything using a subpar material after that? No staples, no glue, and no particle board - that is the Choice Cabinet guarantee.

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CARB2 Certified

Choice Cabinet is proud to be a CARB2 Certified cabinet manufacturer. Our cabinets abide by the rules and regulations of a composite wood product established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and California Code of Regulations, nationally implemented by the EPA in 2016.


Finished Interiors

All of our cabinets come with a natural finish hardwood interior. We never use melamine. Our team knows that it is important for all aspects of the cabinets' interior and exterior (top, bottom, panel, doors, back, drawer) to exceed our customers' expectations. Using only a natural finish hardwood interior is critical for achieving this goal.

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Contact Our Cabinet Experts First

If you are looking for the highest quality cabinets available for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other location (depending on your project), you must invest your money in cabinets with exceptional construction. Our cabinets are built with only the best materials, and we utilize the construction methods we know work exceptionally well for optimal structural integrity. Look at our entire portfolio of cabinet options to help you choose your favorites, or call us for more information and be sure to include details of your entire project.

At Choice Cabinet, we have years of experience and knowledge to help you choose the right cabinets for your home and to make the process easy. 

We have more than 150 sizes in stock and over 50,000 cabinets available in our warehouse at any given moment. That means that we can fill orders and deliver them quickly, even with a short lead time, so your beautiful cabinets can be ready to install sooner. When you are looking for the best cabinets that are sure to last throughout the many years you live in your home, we have the options you need.

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to discuss your next renovation project, answer any questions, and find out more about all of the cabinet choices Choice Cabinet provides. Look no further than our selection for great cabinets!