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Yes. We construct our cabinets using hardwood for our face frames. Our cabinet boxes use furniture-grade, high-density plywood. Our doors are constructed using hardwood stiles and rails but do have a wood veneered MDF (medium-density fiberboard) center panel to help minimize the effects of expansion and contraction.
Our interior finish is a natural hardwood finish.
Yes. Our cabinets use furniture-grade plywood for construction. We also use pocket-screw joinery to ensure a solid and secure construction. Our solid wood corner braces offers extra support and sturdiness.
Partial (or Standard) Overlay A partial overlay door covers 1/4” to 1/2” of the face frame. This leaves a 1” to 1 1/4” reveal of the face frame. For examples of a partial overlay door, check out any of our Choice Essentials® door styles. Full Overlay A full overlay door covers 1 5/16” of the face frame. This leaves a 3/16” reveal of the face frame. For examples of a full overlay door, check out any of our Choice Select® door styles.
We do not recommend using any household cleaning products. Use a clean, soft cloth dampened with mild soap to clean your cabinets. Dry immediately with another clean, soft cloth.
Soft Close technology prevents the slamming of cabinet doors and drawers. Soft close is a shock absorber that allows the door or drawer to close softly and quietly. Our Choice Select® line comes with soft close standard. The Choice Essentials® lines do not, but can be upgraded with soft close.
Wax fill sticks and touch-up markers are available for all of our finishes.
Yes. Our standard and soft close hinges are 6-way adjustable. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver and a small level. Adjusting the drawers requires no tools.
No. All of our cabinetry comes with prefinished sides and end panels.
Our cabinetry has an unfinished toe kick that adds extra strength and durability to base and tall cabinets. Ordering a matching toe kick creates a finished and seamless look.

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