Choice Cabinet Showrooms

Our showroom hours are as following:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
Evenings & Saturdays: By Appointment
Sunday: Closed

Are you looking for high-quality, reliable, and gorgeous kitchen and bathroom cabinets at the best prices? Are you starting a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project and want only the best cabinets to uplift your home’s value? Visit our Cleveland cabinet showroom today for only cabinets that give you value for your money.

Find our cabinets showroom near you today and let us help you create a delectable kitchen and bathroom space today. If you want to become a dealer without a showroom, send us a message and we will help get you on your way with the best cabinets you have ever seen at the best wholesale prices.

Our Fully-Stocked Cleveland Kitchen Cabinet Showroom

Visit any of the Choice Cabinet kitchen cabinet showrooms near you today for the most beautiful, highly durable, and affordable kitchen cabinets. We run a wholesale kitchen cabinet showroom for dealers looking to resell and homeowners looking to upgrade their living space.

We deal in cabinet variations ranging from stock to semi-stock to custom and RTA. Visit Choice Cabinet’s kitchen cabinet showroom in Cleveland today for the best deals on kitchen cabinets.

Choice Cabinet Bathroom Showroom, Cleveland, Ohio

Looking to upgrade your bathroom space with the most luxurious yet affordable bathroom cabinets in Cleveland? Are you a dealer searching for the best deals on bathroom cabinets for your store? Choice Cabinet’s bathroom showroom can get you started.

We manufacture and sell some of the most durable and gorgeous bathroom cabinets in Cleveland at wholesale prices, making it super-easy for homeowners to create their dream home and for dealers to make good profits on great deals. We run the best bathroom vanity showroom in Cleveland. A visit to Choice Cabinet’s bathroom cabinet showroom will convince you. 

The Best Cleveland Cupboard Showroom

Our showroom is where you can find only the most affordable and carefully designed cupboards for your kitchen. Our showroom cupboards are designed by local expert designers who have each spent decades in the home improvement industry in Cleveland and understand the trends and needs. 

Find your nearest cabinet showroom in Cleveland, OH today for the most delectable cupboards and cabinets at wholesale prices.

Give us a quick call today and let us help find:

  • Bathroom vanity cabinets showroom
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  • Brentwood kitchen showrooms
  • Kitchen design showrooms near me
  • Summit kitchen cabinet showroom
  • RTA showroom; and many more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Much Is The Cost Of Cabinets

Cabinets can range from $200 to $500 per cabinet. However, depending on the size of your home and the design or sophistication level you want to attain, prices can often get much higher. At Choice Cabinet, we deliver any level of sophistication you want at the most affordable prices ever.

For stock cabinets, you can expect the price of a single cabinet to range from $199 to $399. Semi-custom cabinets can cost from $299 to $599. Single custom cabinets range from $499 to $999 or more because they are made for you and the price would usually depend on your preferences.

2. Which Product Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets?

There are tons of cabinet materials for kitchen cabinets and every single one serves a purpose in terms of affordability and durability. At Choice Cabinet, we make every cabinet to serve both purposes. 

As for the best products for kitchen cabinets, a few options will include natural wood like white oak wood, cherry wood, hickory wood, and more; engineered wood like plywood, MDF, particleboard; and laminate materials.

3. How Can I Save Money On Cabinets

You can save a lot of money on cabinets by simply buying cabinets from cabinet manufacturers who sell at wholesale prices or from their dealers who sell at way cheaper prices than regular cabinet stores. You can also save money by visiting our showroom today to select some of the already made cabinets that help homeowners create future-proof spaces.

4. Which Brand Cabinet Is The Best?

There are many cabinet makers out there in Cleveland. However, if you want a company that offers you the highest quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets at the most friendly prices, Choice Cabinet is your go-to. We sell kitchen and bathroom cabinets made by the finest craftsmen in Ohio, who have spent decades in the cabinetry industry and understand the needs of local homeowners.

Contact Our Cabinet Experts First

If you are looking for the highest quality cabinets available for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other location (depending on your project), you must invest your money in cabinets with exceptional construction. Our cabinets are built with only the best materials, and we utilize the construction methods we know work exceptionally well for optimal structural integrity. Look at our entire portfolio of cabinet options to help you choose your favorites, or call us for more information and be sure to include details of your entire project.

At Choice Cabinet, we have years of experience and knowledge to help you choose the right cabinets for your home and to make the process easy. 

We have more than 150 sizes in stock and over 50,000 cabinets available in our warehouse at any given moment. That means that we can fill orders and deliver them quickly, even with a short lead time, so your beautiful cabinets can be ready to install sooner. When you are looking for the best cabinets that are sure to last throughout the many years you live in your home, we have the options you need.

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to discuss your next renovation project, answer any questions, and find out more about all of the cabinet choices Choice Cabinet provides. Look no further than our selection for great cabinets!