Why RTA Cabinets Are a Top Choice for Kitchen Remodels

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RTA Cabinets and the Kitchen: Why It’s the Perfect Solution for Your Next Remodel

Planning some kitchen remodeling? It does not have to be hard when there are RTA cabinets available that make your kitchen renovation fast and convenient.

Without looking into your options, a kitchen remodel can cost quite a bit of money. This is a project you should never cut corners on— with so many activities and people going in and out of the kitchen, you should never compromise on quality. A well-built kitchen is a safe and efficient one.

The Importance of Cabinets in a Kitchen Remodel

When computing the expenses for their dream kitchen, many homeowners quickly realize that high quality cabinetry takes a huge chunk out of the budget, and rightly so. Kitchen cabinets keep equipment and tools organized, provide safe storage for your food supplies, and make cooking and cleaning more efficient.

RTA Cabinets

Since cabinets are also the first thing we see in a kitchen, they play a huge role in the entire design scheme. They can influence everything from the color palette to the backsplash, countertop material, and other kitchen décor. With so much depending on kitchen cabinets, it makes sense to choose the best you can find.

In the past, many homeowners assumed that big box stores were their only choice for kitchen cabinets, especially if they didn’t have the budget to splurge on contracting local cabinet makers for a customized project. That’s not true anymore.

RTA cabinets bridge the gap between quality and affordability. They offer a quick turn-around time, reach features, and so much value that can rival what you can find from mass retailers and custom lines. Learn more about this cabinet solution, and why it’s now one of the most popular choices for both commercial and residential remodeling projects!

What are RTA Cabinets?

RTA means “ready to assemble.” These are real cabinets, similar to what you can find in your local home center or supplier. The only difference is that RTA cabinets are shipped in a flat pack, and you will be assembling them yourself.

Elements of High-Quality Self Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

You can find RTA cabinets that are just as attractive, durable, and long-lasting as conventional cabinets. Just like any product, however, RTA cabinets encompass an entire spectrum of quality from poor to excellent. The key is knowing how to tell high-quality RTA cabinets from the rest of the pack.

best rta cabinets

An easy way to check for quality is to visit the website of an RTA store. Since RTA stores usually deal with online customers, they tend to provide lots of information to help customers decide what to buy. Click on the section where they discuss the construction details of their products, and look for elements like:

  • All-wood construction from natural hardwoods and furniture-grade plywood
  • Shelves made with at least ¾” furniture-grade plywood
  • Metal shelf clips
  • Pocket screw joinery
  • Dovetailed drawer boxes
  • Natural finish hardware interior

Other great indicators of great RTA cabinets are lifetime limited warranties, KMCA Certifications, CARB2 Compliance, and the availability of soft-close technology. All of these are a must-have not just for RTA cabinets, but for cabinetry in general.

On the other hand, below are some things you should avoid:

  • Cabinets made of particle board
  • Stapled drawers
  • Cam and pin construction
  • Glue as the primary adhesive
  • Melamine 

Pro-tip for your kitchen remodel: be prepared to do a lot of research about cabinets online to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Advantages of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA cabinets offer benefits that you won’t find in other types of cabinetry. They are:

More budget-friendly than custom cabinets

Custom cabinetry can be incredibly expensive. Since they tend to be made to order from independent craftsmen, you need to spend more for the material and labor costs. In contrast, RTA cabinets cost a fraction of what custom products do, while being equally beautiful and of the highest quality.

More flexible than cabinets that come pre-assembled

Buying from big-box stores means you’re limited to whatever stocks they have on hand. Don’t like the look of one section from the set they have? You’ll need to settle for it, or buy another set of cabinets altogether.

In contrast, RTA cabinets offer much more flexibility in terms of design. Feel free to combine cabinet colors and customize accessories like the handles and toe kicks. Add organizational elements like pull-out drawers, Lazy Susans, and cabinet dividers. You get a higher level of customization when it comes to cabinet style compared to other options.

More convenient and faster delivery

RTA stores have thousands of cabinets in stock at any time. This means you don’t have to wait too long to kickstart your kitchen remodel. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your house! Once you order from their site, simply wait for them to deliver straight to your door.

Easy to Assemble

If the thought of assembling and installing your own cabinets gives you second thoughts, there’s no need to worry. RTA cabinets are designed to take very little effort to put together. No need for specialized tools, complex techniques, or a lot of time— just follow the simple directions from the manufacturer, and you’re all set.

Ready To Assemble Myths You Should Stop Believing

best rta kitchen cabinets

Some people may be familiar with RTA cabinets yet, which leans to a lot of misconceptions regarding this type of cabinetry. Still on the fence? Know the truth behind some common RTA cabinet myths:

MYTH: They’re made of weaker materials than those from big box stores.

The best RTA kitchen cabinets are made of natural hardwood and furniture-grade plywood, which is not something you’ll always see in big-box stores. In fact, a lot of big box stores still rely heavily on flimsy particle boards and low-quality plywood.

MYTH: RTA cabinets are not as strong as custom cabinetry.

Topnotch RTA cabinets can handle weights as heavy as granite countertops thanks to furniture-grade plywood and pocket-screw joinery. The cabinets may also employ solid wood corner braces for extra sturdiness and support.

MYTH: RTA cabinets are expensive.

Many homeowners are completely surprised by how affordable RTA cabinetry can be. When you buy pre-assembled, you also pay for the labor costs of putting your cabinets together, plus other fees related to the purchase. With RTAs, you simply pay for the product itself, which makes them much more budget-friendly in general.

MYTH: You need to pay experts to install RTA cabinets.

You certainly can do so, if you prefer. However, ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are perfect for a DIY remodel. Your cabinets will arrive with a detailed set of instructions which you can easily follow.

Choice Cabinet: Trusted Resource for First-Class RTA Cabinets

Choice Cabinet makes it possible to have the best cabinets without having to pay a fortune for them. Our RTA cabinets, aka ready-to-assemble cabinets, combine Amish-level construction quality at a lower price point than most big box stores. Think all-wood construction, a 10-step finishing process, and KCMA quality certification, plus other elements you can check out on our Quality of Construction page.

We also invite you to read testimonials from actual clients who have bought and loved our RTA cabinets. Looking for kitchen design ideas? Check out our Inspiration Gallery. We ship all over the United States, and we also offer wholesale pricing.

Once you’re ready to begin your remodel, don’t hesitate to use our Contact Form or call our customer service at 855-378-2828 to learn more about our cabinets and how to order!



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