Tips for buying ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets

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High-quality ready to assemble kitchen cabinets

Are you thinking of cutting costs on kitchen remodeling but still want the perfect picture you have in mind? Well, ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets are the perfect option for you.

These cabinets are delivered in flat packs and unassembled. But they also come with everything you need to assemble them all by yourself, saving you the extra cost of having a technician do it for you.

However, there are certain things you must have in mind before you buy RTA cabinets. Most of these things will determine whether you’ll enjoy working in your kitchen in the long run or not. It’s not always about ease of setup and reduced cost.

Before you hit an RTA store, read this article to give you clear insights on choosing RTA kitchen cabinets.

What are ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets?

Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets are exactly what the name says they are. They come in pieces in a flat pack. Every piece has been prepared, every hole has been drilled, every tool you need has been added to it, including screws, wood dowels, and hinges. If you requested a certain finish, it has already been applied.

RTA kitchen cabinets can be bought directly from the store or from the wholesale dealer who ships them to your house. This also helps you to save money.

Every RTA cabinet comes with a booklet that guides you on what to do with all the parts in the pack, so you don’t have to worry about any difficulty. To make it even easier, some of them come with a shortened link to online videos that direct you on how to do it.

Cabinet assembly should not take you anything more than 10 to 15 minutes for either a wall cabinet or a vase cabinet. Note that the assembly time will also depend on the type, size, or design of the cabinet you bought. A cabinet with more doors will take more time to screw up together.

Where to buy assemble yourself (RTA) cabinets

Ready to assemble cabinets are in high demand due to the ease and affordability that comes with them and you’ll find them in almost every retail cabinet store. However, to save money and cut costs, it is advised to buy from the manufacturers.

Choice Cabinet, for example, offers good quality RTA cabinets in all the different designs and wood, including pine wood, solid wood, oak wood, plywood, and more. This offers you a wider selection of material and design than you’d get from a cabinet retailer.

Note that these stores and manufacturers also sell already assembled cabinets in case you decide to go for an option that doesn’t take any effort at all.

What to consider before choosing an RTA cabinet

assemble yourself cabinets

Kitchen cabinets play a huge role in the design and accessibility of the kitchen. Whether you’re buying an RTA cabinet, custom cabinets, or already assembled cabinets, one thing is sure, the entire look of the kitchen will be enhanced. You will also get storage space for your kitchen appliances groceries.

It’s alarming that a lot of people pay more attention to cabinet adornments like crown molding than actual function. You can request that after buying the perfect kitchen cabinet and add it later.

So, how do you choose the right kitchen cabinet for you? It won’t be simple, but it is completely worth it. Below are some sure-fire tips for you.

1. Be sure what kind of assemble yourself kitchen cabinets you want and your budget

Getting a quality cabinet starts with a decision to get one and if you’re not sure the type that you want, you may end up going for what’s available.

Most RTA cabinets are around the same price range as long as they’re around the same size and dimension. Take a look at online stores to get an idea of the price of RTA kitchen cabinets. This will guide you in your decision-making process.

Don’t forget that the price should not be your major motivating factor when buying RTA cabinets. Always set a reasonable budget. Cheap cabinets are more likely going to be made with veneered particleboard or worse, which isn’t great if you’re looking for longevity and durability.

2. Be sure of what materials to look out for and which ones to avoid

Before you start shopping, you must avoid any kitchen cabinet that was made with veneered particleboard or medium-density fiberboard. These are weak and don’t promise longevity and durability.

Some RTA cabinets are made of stainless steel, solid wood, pinewood, oak wood, bamboo, plywood. Aside from these materials, you’ll also find cabinet boxes that are made from thermofoil and laminate.

The material of the cabinet will not only assure you of durability but can also complement the interior decor in your home. Also, some materials look more beautiful than others when painted.

3. Dimensions and size of unassembled kitchen cabinets

Before you do a kitchen remodel with RTA cabinets or pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, you want to first ensure that you have measured out the perfect dimension you’ll need. The highest quality kitchen cabinets will cause you more stress and displeasure if they don’t fit perfectly into your kitchen space.

Indeed, you may not find the one that fits perfectly for your kitchen in retail stores. However, by checking with a manufacturer in the market, you’ll be able to order everything from size to finishing and material.

Choice Cabinet is an established brand/wholesaler that sells good-quality kitchen cabinets to consumers at wholesale prices.

4. Ready to build cabinets layout

The layout of the RTA kitchen cabinets or even pre-assembled cabinets says a lot about the ease of use and access. RTA cabinets are made in various designs and not all of them will work for you or the style of your kitchen.

Note the more sophisticated the layout of RTA cabinets the more technical assembling them will be. However, you should not choose a simple but unsatisfactory cabinet layout. Assembling the cabinet will be easy with the user’s guide that comes in the box.

5. Consider the cost of installation and assembling ready to assemble cabinets

After paying shipping costs as well as the cost of the cabinet boxes, you don’t want to pile up the cost by adding on installation costs. As mentioned earlier, every RTA kitchen cabinet comes with a booklet that directs you on how to put all the parts together. It will also come with all the screws, wood dowels, and more.

Some of them also include a shortened link to online videos provided by the manufacturer that tells you just how to assemble the parts. Installing and assembling the parts will come easier than you think.

6. The finishing and features of assemble yourself cabinets

The features and finish of the RTA kitchen cabinets you buy will either make or mar the style of your home. To start with, you should avoid RTA cabinets with integrated rail drawer guides and stapled particleboard drawers.

You want to be sure dovetail joints are holding the drawer firmly. You also want to ensure that there are replacement parts for when you need to make a few changes to your old RTA cabinets. Note that this will only be possible when you buy from manufacturers and wholesalers.

Some more features to look for are:

  • Doors with a solid wood frame
  • Solid wood or plywood panels
  • Solid wood drawers with dovetail joints
  • Brushed up finishes and coating rather than sprayed
  • Full-extension drawer guides

Are RTA cabinets any cheaper than pre-assembled ones?

RTA kitchen cabinets will help you save money for two main reasons. The first is that shipping costs are reduced since the package doesn’t take up as much space as when it’s already assembled.

Secondly, since you’ll assemble the cabinet at home, you save more on assemble and installation costs. This takes nothing at all away from the quality you’ll get from RTA kitchen cabinets. As long as you are sure of the materials, dimensions, and design, you’re good to go.

How much can I expect to buy an RTA kitchen cabinet?

Cabinets are sold on two bases. The first is linear foot basis and the other is the per unit basis. Based on a linear foot basis, these cabinets can range from $80 to $150. However, if you send us a message right now at Choice Cabinet, you can rest assured you’ll get some quality cabinets at cheaper prices.


RTA cabinets give you everything you want in household cabinets while also letting you save a substantial amount of money on shipping and assembly costs.

However, to get the best out of your kitchen cabinet, you’ll have to pay attention to all the above-mentioned factors, including drawers, design, size, doors, material quality, and finishing.

To get better deals on RTA cabinets, you should buy from a wholesaler who gives you cabinets at a discounted wholesale price. Choice Cabinet is the company you want to trust with that.



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