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Turn Your Kitchen into a Kitch-zen

By Ryan Horvath

The wellness kitchen is one of the hottest kitchen trends out there. When people think of wellness they think of a healthy mind and body. Apply this thinking to your kitchen design. A wellness kitchen uses advancements in technology and design to develop healthier lifestyles. The mix of technology and design improves functionality and provides satisfying designs. It also encourages social interactions and environmentally friendly lifestyles. To help get you started on your wellness kitchen, here are 3 ideas.

Start Planning Your Kitch-zen

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Part of a wellness kitchen is displaying those healthy snack options. Store and showcase your fresh produce in your wellness kitchen. Did you know that certain fruits and veggies don’t interact well? In these cases, early spoilage is common. Take that in to consideration when looking at storage options.

Redesigned the kitchen island to accommodate multiple work stations. Showcasing fruits and veggies becomes easier with redesigned storage in the island. A kitchen island gives you the option for extra features like a central drain for easy clean-up.


Your kitchen collects a lot of stuff. This stuff includes appliances and bulky equipment leading to an “appliance garage”. A wellness kitchen takes a step back from this thinking. Rachel Allen, a renowned architect, interviewed with Global Wellness Summit. She stated that people are “becoming more minimalistic and want much less stuff”. By removing unnecessary stuff, you’re able to live with what you only need.

Part of this trend is ditching traditional thinking and opening the space up. Allen states, “People are replacing upper cabinets with open shelves”.  This allows people to “see spices, living herbs, and plants “. The idea of open shelves also carries over to the farmhouse look.


A renovation gives you the opportunity to redefine your kitchen. An open layout creates an airy environment that is inviting and inclusive. This is a popular layout for people who love to entertain. Enlarging windows allows natural light to come in. Natural light improves attitude and health.

Also consider having clean lines in your kitchen. Clean lines occur your cabinet arrangement, dimensions, and finish are the exact same. This creates an uninterrupted, “flowing” look and promotes symmetry.


A kitchen focused around wellness is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle. You’ll be more inclined to reach for that apple if it’s easier to reach. Start your day off right with sunshine beaming through your large kitchen windows. Create an airy and light feel through clean lines and an open concept. Consider these ideas and you’ll be on your way to your kitch-zen in no time.

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Source: Global Wellness Summit



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