Four Awesome Kitchen Spice Cabinet Ideas You Will Love

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Four Awesome kitchen spice cabinet ideas you will love

Spices have always been an integral part of cooking since they help improve the taste of just about any dish. They should be kept in an orderly fashion and convenient enough to reach when needed, and what better way to keep your spices organized than with a spice rack.

Spice racks are available in different types, colors, shapes, and sizes and aside from keeping spices organized, they also serve as a design element in the kitchen. They usually come in various dimensions and sizes for all kinds of kitchens and customer tastes, which is why there are some specific criteria homeowners need to adhere to when shopping for these kitchen items.

We’ll be going over each of these criteria to assist you in selecting the best spice rack.

Best spice rack ideas for every household

As far as spice racks are concerned, the possibilities are near endless. You can either purchase one from a local retail outlet near you or make a DIY pallet spice rack yourself. One notable substitute for a spice rack is a kitchen pantry – these useful storage items can host almost all kinds of food items as well as spice jars. Below are some useful DIY spice rack ideas you can try out.

1. Wall-mounted chicken wire rack

Wall-mounted chicken wire rack

This handy spice jar storage idea is a simple combination of a regular wooden rack with some chicken wire barricades. There’s no limitation as to what you can do with this idea, so feel free to coat the rack with any color that matches your kitchen decor or even with your favorite color.

Aside from its decorative purpose, the chicken wire acts as a barrier to prevent spice jars from falling over. Labeled jars are the best way to find whichever spice jar you might need while cooking, so you should consider specifying the names of each ingredient just in case.

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2. Spice carousel

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In this setting, spices are arranged circularly on a rotary stand. The rotative feature is mainly an assistive measure to help people reach whichever spice they need, but it also looks quite appealing as well.

3. Wooden Spice rack on a shelf space

Wooden Spice rack on a shelf space

This attractive wood construction can be stored on a shelf. If you’re not big on the idea of leaving the rack out in the open, this is a great way to store all your spices and free up some space around your dining area or kitchen worktop.

4. Pantry door spice rack ideas

Pantry door spice rack ideas

As the name implies, a pantry spice rack is basically the wall of the pantry door converted into a hanging spice rack for holding little jars of spices or mason jars. Instead of using the cabinet space or countertop as shelf space, this option is not only flexible but offers a lot of easy to reach storage space.

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Other spice rack ideas you can try

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are several types of spice racks, although, they all perform the same function, they each come with unique styles and designs. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favorite spice racks you can use for a modernized and smart kitchen update.

1. Flip down spice cabinet for storing spice jars

These spice cabinets are designed with compact flip-down spice holders great for storing spice bottles and containers. They usually come with floating shelves and a spice rack inside. The spice rack drawer can fit a total of 30 large spice containers and thanks to the flip-down mechanism, there’s no need to hang the cabinet on the kitchen wall where it might get in the way of other types of equipment.

2. Magnetic spice rack

You can fashion a magnetic cabinet spice rack by placing strong magnets on your cabinet’s door to form a panel. Aside from hosting a few lightweight jars and some of your colorful spices, a magnetic spice rack helps create a little more room for other items around the kitchen.

3. Drawer spice rack

These are spice racks that can be kept in a drawer. This pull-out system is similar to shelf spice racks as they’re both concealed and help create small spaces around the kitchen for other items.

Things to consider when choosing spice racks for your kitchen

Things to consider when choosing spice racks for your kitchen

In this section, we’ll be touching on some crucial details to consider when shopping for a spice rack.

1. Size

This is the first on the list of things to consider before purchasing the size of a wall-mounted spice rack; ultimately determines the number of spices you’ll be able to store. Thanks to the different sizes available there’s always something for everyone.

Before buying a rack it’s vital to know how many spices you have, to ensure that there’s enough space to hold them all. You should also consider a suitable mode of arrangement, that is – the most convenient way to arrange the spices you use more frequently than others and the chances that you might also want to add more spice jars later in the future.

2. Design

Spice racks come in many interesting colors and shapes with easy and functional designs. If you’ve seen the super cool coca-cola spice rack you’ll know exactly what we mean.

If you’re hoping to purchase a spice rack based on its appearance, you have to think about where you are going to store it in your kitchen or dining area. For example, if you intend to keep it on a shelf or in a drawer, this defeats the entire purpose of buying a spice rack for its aesthetical qualities.

On the other hand, if you intend to place it in plain sight, perhaps on your dining table or kitchen worktop where it can easily be seen then you can then consider design as a reasonable purchase criterion.

3. Material

As you probably already know the most common materials used in producing spice racks are plastic, metal, or wood. Usually, the materials used in manufacturing the spice racks are visible in their design.

It’s important to know the kind of material used in manufacturing any rack you have in mind as it plays a crucial role in their level of quality, although the form of processing through which the products undergo is also a decisive factor.

Generally, spice racks made with either plastic or pallet wood are usually a lot more susceptible to damage than those with a metal surface. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the kind of material used in producing any wall-mounted spice rack you’re looking to buy rather than simply focusing on the design aspect.

To guarantee a worthwhile purchase, you’ll need to base your decision on structural and durability requirements not just personal preference.

How to decide on a suitable spice rack size for your kitchen

Choosing an appropriately sized cabinet rack depends on the actual amount of spices you hope to store and whether or not you expect to include other spice jars later on. Since this is one of the major considerations for a purchase decision, you should note that there are two basic categories of spice racks – the small size spice racks and the large-capacity ones.

Small capacity spice racks

Buying a small spice rack won’t afford you too much space. You’ll only be able to store about 4 to 8 spices at the same time, except if you buy one of those with multi-tiered spice storage space for holding numerous spices. As you’d expect, these racks are a lot cheaper than the sizable ones but are only viable if you use a moderate number of spices.

Large capacity spice organizers

A large capacity spice rack is similar to wall racks as they come with way more counter space for holding more spices than a regular countertop spice rack or a kitchen cabinet magnetic spice rack. With one of these, you’ll be able to store all your favorite spices at the same time, if not all the spices you have.

This option is a great idea for culinary establishments that need a larger spice drawer organizer and the perfect solution for households that consume a wide assortment of spices in addition to standard ones.

Even with the largest spice racks, without proper organization and space management, you would still have to deal with the clusters. This is why we have created spice rack organization tips for every homeowner.

What is the optimal spice rack size?

Since smart cooking starts with having every necessary ingredient all in one place and within reach; the optimal spice rack size is simply the one with enough space to hold all the spice jars you’ll need.

Aside from this, it’s also necessary that you consider what area of your kitchen you want to store your spice rack and choose one with appropriate dimensions capable of fitting into the desired space. In other words, if you’re thinking about storing your spice rack on a shelf or in a drawer, you’ll have to choose a spice rack capable of fitting on or into such areas.


Spice racks aren’t just the ideal way to store spices, they also make the kitchen environment look more organized and help save space. Try out any of our spice cabinet ideas during your next kitchen remodel for a unique and updated look.

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Four Awesome kitchen spice cabinet ideas you will love