Trendy vs. Timeless Kitchens

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Finding Balance in Your Kitchen Design

By Ryan Horvath

Homeowners face a dilemma when it comes to a kitchen remodel. Which way to go: trendy vs. timeless kitchens? Both design concepts have pros and cons. A trendy kitchen design will look fresh and new. But it could be out of style within five years. A timeless kitchen design lasts for decades. To a potential buyer, yet, it could look too “vanilla” or plain. This week’s blog is covering ways to balance a trendy vs. timeless kitchen design.

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Before we balance the two concepts, it’s important to know the difference between them. A trendy kitchen design uses the colors of the moment. These colors are bright and unique.

Remember when everyone wanted or had a red kitchen? For the last few years, blue kitchen cabinets have been all the rage. Recently, the blue cabinet trend is starting to decline.

Unique patterned tiles are trendy as well. Chevron and Art Deco tiles have made a comeback, but it’s hard to say for how long.

A timeless kitchen uses neutral colors like white, gray, or taupe. While one color may dominate for a bit, they never go out of style.

Shaker cabinets are widely popular because they too never go out of style. They offer clean lines without the frails. Shaker cabinets also match perfectly with subway tiles. To be honest, subway tiles work great with any cabinet style.


Balancing trendy vs. timeless kitchen design is easier than you think. Start by using timeless elements on big-ticket items like cabinets. I recommend using either a Shaker or transitional style cabinet. A transitional cabinet combines traditional and modern cabinet elements. A traditional cabinet can have raised center panels. Our Choice Premier® Cambridge and Renaissance are perfect examples. Our Choice Premier® Hampton is another example. It has beveled edges for a classic look. A modern cabinet can be a Shaker, a slab, or a combo of the two. Our Choice Premier® Aspen is an example of a Shaker. Our Choice Essentials® Summit combines a Shaker door with a slab drawer front. For the transitional style, we offer our Choice Select® Fremont and Graphite. You can see some examples below.

TRADITIONAL DOOR STYLE – Click on the image to enlarge

MODERN DOOR STYLE – Click on the image to enlarge

TRANSITIONAL DOOR STYLE – Click on the image to enlarge

Another tip is to use trendy finishes as your accents. Consider your lighting, cabinet hardware, and faucets for trendy options. They can have finishes, like matte black, that may not be in style within a few years. These are easy to replace once they’re outdated and are easy on the wallet.

Add smart appliances to your kitchen design. This is a great way to combine both trendy and timeless concepts.

Smart devices, like Amazon’s Alexa, allow the homeowner to set timers for stoves. They can also have set times for dimmer switches. You can also turn on certain playlists while you cook and entertain.

There are refrigerators that can remind you to get milk while at the grocery store. They can also check for food spoilage. While somewhat still trendy, smart appliances are going to be the future.


The trendy vs. timeless kitchens debate is one that homeowners struggle with. By blending a trendy and timeless element, you can create a unique kitchen that will last for decades. Follow my tips and you’ll be well on your way. If you have an idea or suggestion, share in the comment section!

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