How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet – Top 7 Considerations For Dealers And Homeowners

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How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet - Top 7 Considerations For Dealers And Homeowners

The most challenging aspect of kitchen remodel is arguably choosing the right cabinet designs. It’s quite easy to find yourself in a state of dilemma. Because you tend to get stuck on whether to choose cabinets with flashy, glamorous designs for ideal modern kitchens (which can go out of style in a few years) or go for more timeless traditional cabinets that may not appear as flashy as the former. The multiple cabinet styles, designs, and materials available on the market even add to the whole confusion.

But then, choosing the right cabinets goes beyond aesthetics: You have to consider the storage space! After all, the overall organization, accessibility, and workflow of your new kitchen depend on your choice of kitchen storage cabinets. That being said, any mistake you make when it comes to kitchen cabinets will be critical.

To ensure you arrive at the best possible choice for an organized kitchen, we’d be providing you with expert tips for choosing the best cabinet styles — whether in terms of storage, aesthetics, and overall quality.

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets

In a saturated market, arriving at the best choice for your kitchen cabinetry can prove tricky without the help of an experienced kitchen designer. Nonetheless, to save you consultation time and money, here are some expert tips for choosing the best kitchen cabinet.

1. Envision The Style, Layout, And Organization Of Your Kitchen

Style, Layout, And Organization Of Your Kitchen

The very first thing to do before even creating a budget or meeting an interior designer is to visualize how you want your kitchen style. How do you want the layout and organization of your kitchen cabinets within the kitchen space? How do you want your shelves and drawers arranged?

If, for instance, you intend to store a lot of bottles containing spices, then having a rack inside your cabinet or drawer won’t be a bad idea.

Since the style of your cabinet doors is one of the most visible design elements in the kitchen, you should pay close attention to it. While deciding on your preferred cabinet door style, you have to bring your kitchen style into consideration.

Certain door styles fit both traditional and modern kitchens but some are specially made for either a traditional or modern kitchen. Hence, you should select the door style that is most suitable for your kitchen design.

In fact, your kitchen design and style should determine the overall features of your new cabinets. This also includes your cabinet colors because the dream cabinet color for you should be the one that goes with the color scheme of your kitchen.

Read this article on the comprehensive guide to kitchen organization to help you create the best outlook that matches the types of cabinets you’re getting.

2. Get Your Budget Ready

While considering the layout, style, and organization of your kitchen cabinets, you should also have the budgetary demand in mind. Whether you prefer modern styles or traditional cabinet styles, or you prefer corner cabinets to save more space, one way to get your budget is right by carrying out the needed research to determine the cost!

Of course, many factors come into play at this point, but most professional kitchen designers agree that kitchen cabinets gulp over 50% of the entire kitchen budget which is by far a higher percentage compared to other expenditures.

What this means is that if you mapped out $25,000 to $30,000 for your remodeling, your new cabinets should be taking anything between $12,000 to $15,000. Having a clear idea of what you are willing to spend will help you make the right choices out of the wide range of cabinet types available.

Another top consideration when it comes to budgeting is whether you are going for custom cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, or stock cabinets. Of course, custom cabinet designs are more expensive but would offer you the exact design, style, and color you need specifically for your kitchen since they are tailor-made.

Another important thing to consider is the drawer vs cabinet box factor. How many drawers and cabinet boxes, for instance, are you willing to incorporate into the cabinetry?

As a kitchen cabinet dealer, your customers would want to find some of the most affordable yet super-gorgeous kitchen cabinets in Ohio. Choice Cabinet offers this to you on a platter.

Most modern kitchens feature cabinetry with both drawers and cabinet boxes. Drawers typically help you maximize your kitchen space for better organization. But since drawer-based cabinetry is more expensive, the cost of building your new kitchen cabinets depends on whether you use more drawers or cabinet boxes.

3. Select Your Door Profile

Now that you have a clear idea of what and how you want your kitchen cabinets to look like and have mapped out a budget, the next line of action is to choose your door profile.

Cabinet doors come in various styles, colors, and layouts. And so are the styles of cabinets which include the traditional cabinets, contemporary cabinets, and transitional cabinet styles.

The cabinet style and the overall building style should determine the most suitable cabinet doors. Remember, as we said earlier, your cabinet doors are the most striking part of the entire cabinetry. That’s why you shouldn’t make any mistakes about it.

One way to avoid any potential mistake is to narrow down your choices. And the best way to arrive at the best possible cabinet door style is to decide on the door profile.

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One of the most common door styles is the shaker which is suitable for both a traditional and modern kitchen — considering the wide range of colors and finishes. For a stylish and beautiful look, you can include the shaker white cabinets, since they feature all sorts of classic and stylish handles. The same goes with the

Inset cabinet doors are another amazing door style for both contemporary, modern, and transitional cabinets. The best part of inlet cabinet door styles is that they allow you to see the hinges. Flat cabinets (with a flat panel) are also great for a modern kitchen. While the handle-less cabinets offer you a slick and stylish design.

4. Consider The Wood Type

Consider The Wood Type

The type of wood is another determining factor for the good, the bad, and the ugly kitchen cabinets. Your contractor could suggest the right wood type for your cabinetry after examining your kitchen and entire building design.

There are lots of excellent materials, depending on your budget, and, of course, your taste. This may include stainless steel, metal, melamine, and wood. Of all these materials, the most widely used is wood. And the most reliable wood type is hardwood (solid wood). Cherry wood, plywood, High and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) are also possible alternatives for your kitchen cabinets.

Check out what material is best for cabinets in the USA and see if this is something you can consider going for.

The most important thing is to ensure the wood grain is solid enough to withstand everyday pressure for a more functional kitchen. Although you can choose lighter cabinets like MDF for their unique advantages.

5. Select Your Hardware

Another important consideration is your cabinet hardware. Matter of fact, hardware choices play one of the most important roles in creating a stylish and elegant kitchen.

Since cabinet hardware like cabinet door handles, drawer pulls, and knobs are a crucial part of the kitchen interior, it’s quite important to make the right decision about those! Of course, there are lots of styles, finishes, and colors available for your hardware.

6. Pay Attention To Both Aesthetics And Function

While discussing the budget, design, door profile, and finishing, let’s not forget the overall beauty and functionality of the cabinet.

For instance, some homeowners prefer to have more drawers under the countertops rather than shelves, while others add pull-out shelving.

Once you’ve arrived at your preferred style, you can go ahead and personalize the style by adding textured glass doors or glass fronts to display your pretty dishes. Just ensure that the cabinets are functional enough to enhance accessibility and simplify activities in the kitchen.

As a cabinet dealer, it is important to take note of the beauty as well as functionality of the kitchen cabinets to make it easier to sell. This is often because many homeowners prefer appearance to function. You should offer both. Here’s how you can become a cabinet dealer for Choice Cabinet.

Another thing to consider at this stage is the type of items that would be stored in the cabinet. Remember, the primary function of a cabinet is to store items — not just the aesthetics!

Hence, make sure your preferred cabinets are ideal for whatever item you intend to store in them. And most importantly, you should also ensure that the cabinets are functionally excellent for your lifestyle.

7. What Are Your Finishing Options?

What Are Your Finishing Options for kitchen cabinets

Of course, the finishing of your kitchen cabinet says a lot about the overall appearance. This includes your preferred color which goes a long way in determining the aesthetics of the kitchen cabinet.

If natural looks are a thing for you, then solid wood is the best choice. You can always have your solid wood painted, stained, or finished.

Another finishing option is going for a decorative touch like glazing, crackle, or distressing, glazing.

Some homeowners would rather go for cabinets that are easier to clean and maintain. Bright grey-colored cabinets are the best because they hide dirt better. This is unlike white cabinets that are susceptible to fingerprint stains and dark cabinets that are prone to dust stains.

The best bet is to know what works for you and go for it. After all, you are the chef and you own the kitchen. Whether you prefer the oak wood cabinets, bright white shaker, or navy color cabinet door styles — it’s up to you to know what color you can manage better.

Before You Go!

Surely, getting your kitchen cabinetry right involves lots of intricacies! The entire process might prove extremely overwhelming for any homeowner to see through on their own.

Hopefully, the tips discussed above will serve as a guide to help you arrive at the ideal kitchen cabinet for your cabinet dealership business or one tailored specifically for you (and your household).

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