How To Find Gorgeous Yet Affordable Kitchen Cabinets?

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How to find gorgeous yet affordable kitchen cabinets

Wondering how to get your hands on some superb kitchen cabinets within your budget range?

Whether you’re designing your cooking space for the first time or doing a little bit of renovation, cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen decoration. Since there’s no going around this fact, you might as well make the right call.

Aside from providing storage space for your cooking items, your cabinets are also among the first things anyone would notice upon entering your kitchen. Since your kitchen is going to be saying a lot about you, you should at least be the one to control the narrative.

Are inexpensive wholesale kitchen cabinets worth it?

A kitchen cabinet needs to be aesthetically pleasing, apart from the design it also needs to have modernized features and be functional as well. A lot of people believed that cabinetry that fits this description could only be purchased from big box dispensaries.

They’re a money-saving choice for people with discerning tastes who are also particular about style options and demand only the perfect fit for their kitchens. Some brands offer elegant drawer construction, wood cabinets with solid wood doors, and other features. And previously carried out tests found that some basic assembled models perform better in wear tests than some more expensive models.

Nowadays, more homeowners have become aware that they can get the full package by simply finding the right cabinet company or buying from online stores, or getting from a kitchen cabinets wholesale distributor even when working on a budget.

You’ll be surprised to know that some great places to buy quality, discounted kitchen cabinets are those places you hardly ever expected or haven’t heard about. Outlets for buying affordable kitchen cabinets are a dime a dozen. However, only a select few can provide high-quality, low-maintenance kitchen cabinets at affordable prices.

How to find pocket-friendly kitchen cabinets

Below are some sure-fire ways to get affordable kitchen cabinets without compromising the quality and without going through a big box company.

Buy from a wholesale kitchen cabinets distributor

Kitchen cabinets wholesale distributor

Buying wholesale kitchen cabinets certainly has its perks, not only will find the perfect choice for your house but you’ll be able to do so at an affordable price.

They offer a wide selection of solid wood, particle board, traditional drawer, and soft-close drawer cabinetry, there are also some that deal in just about any kind of home improvement product you can think of, even dining room furniture. The bottom line is that they’re a great choice if you’re looking to buy quality products with affordable pricing.

Here are some reasons you should patronize distributors:

1. Always In Stock

Aside from pricing, a kitchen cabinets wholesale distributor will have a special feature that you’re not likely to find in many retail stores– they have a lot of stock. What this simply means is that you can find a wide selection of cabinets, especially ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets, in one location.

Whether it be a regular warehouse or an online storefront, you can shop from one particular location and get exactly what you need. This is a very important detail that is commonly overlooked when planning a kitchen remodel, however, the time you save by shopping in one spot where you can easily get whatever you need is a huge factor.

There’s no reason for you to wait around for your kitchen cabinets when you can get them all at once

Some distributors offer custom services as well, construction of drawer fronts, doors, and hardware can be designed as specified by customers. Upon completion, the customer can choose to fit in the newly purchased cabinets on their own or have one of the company’s professionals do it instead.

2. (RTA) Ready to assemble

You can get ready to install cabinets of different styles from a wholesale dealer, some advertise promos that can be beneficial to customers interested in home improvement and design.

Customers with little or no experience in home interior design can take advantage of such opportunities to be in the know and get organized as well. Pre-assembled and RTA cabinets can save you a considerable amount of cash, especially factory direct cabinets, some come with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you need quality, value-priced cabinets with all the features found in Bix box cabinets then a wholesale RTA cabinet store is your best bet.

Their products come with a limited warranty and they offer occasionally discount sales. They offer shipping services to customers outside the country at an affordable price. However, the price may vary depending on the country the products are being shipped to.

3. Quality cabinets

Wholesale distributors are fully aware that they must center their business on high-quality cabinets. Why? Well, they realize that if they only sell inferior products, and have a lot on hand, it’s only a matter of time before word gets around within the DIY and contracting communities that their products are substandard and not worth the money.

Not only will this devastate the business, but it’s most likely going to leave its warehouses stocked with cabinets that will not sell. Usually, if there is a stray cabinet in the lot, which is not of the same high quality as the others, wholesalers notice and quickly replace it with another one in stock.

These dealers are an extremely helpful option for homeowners, especially if they are hiring a kitchen design expert for the completion of the job.

4. Budget-friendly pricing

You get the best deals on your kitchen furniture by purchasing standard, factory direct low-priced cabinets, you’ll be able to score some high-quality kitchen cabinets without spending too much.

With a large number of kitchen cabinets in stock, the price is considerably lower than when you buy retail. The simple reason why wholesalers can offer their products at a deep discount is that there is no middle man involved. There’s no reason for them to fix in additional fees as most retailers do, which makes them the perfect choice for you to find the lowest possible prices on the cabinets that compliment your home.

At first thought buying from a distributor can come off as intimidating, due to the common misconceptions about the quality or variety of products offered. However, the fact remains that it’s a great way for you to save both time and money and still get what you want.

It’s as simple as that when you save cash on the basic component of your kitchen, you can use what’s left to hire a contractor to do the rest of the job for you. You should probably look into buying from a distributor the next time you are planning a kitchen cabinet remodel, you’ll be surprised by the value you’ll get and for how much.

How to spot a good cabinetry dealership

A cabinet dispensary needs to have all the makings of a reliable store, they should have a wide customer base and feature different cabinet styles and designs to give their customers choices to pick from. Their agents must be highly-trained specialists that are equipped to answer any questions their customers might have about their cabinets and also be able to provide some insight on their kitchen update projects.

Order factory direct cabinets from an online dealer

If you can’t seem to find a good cabinet dealer around your vicinity, then you should consider looking online. When shopping from an online store, you are offered a wide menu of assembled and RTA cabinets, the best part about buying from online stores is that prices are displayed alongside the images of each product so you’re free to pick the best value for your family from the comfort of your home.

Assembly shouldn’t be too difficult unless you don’t think you’re up to the task, then it’s probably best for you to hire a professional contractor to assemble and install the cabinets for you.

Oftentimes choosing your necessities through a search engine can be quite daunting with all the stuff on the internet. However, you shouldn’t have too much trouble doing so if you know what you’re after.

Choose a reliable online dealership

If you choose to buy your cabinets from an online outlet, endeavor to choose a site that is most reliable in every aspect, one that you can be sure that any cabinet displayed on their site is still available in stock, a good example is Choice Cabinet.

They deal in all types of kitchen cabinets _modern, traditional, solid wood cabinets, soft close, flat slab, and even shaker kitchen cabinets to suit any kitchen design. They sell in retail and bulk and offer attractive discount rates for the latter.

You can also rest assured that any cabinet you order will get delivered to you within the shortest period. Their site is relatively easy to navigate and their customer service is top class. Apart from being accessible they always have a ton of new cabinet styles on display, each with its level of uniqueness.


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