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Ideas for premium kitchen wall cabinets

The possibilities are near infinite when picking a wall cabinet design, although it’s worth knowing that each kitchen cabinet idea falls under certain classifications and are only viable under certain conditions.

The process of reinventing your kitchen can be a bit tedious as is to be expected. However, you’ll find the transformation of one of the most important parts of your home to be well deserving of your time and the procedure might even be fun to some extent.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your kitchen either with a modern or traditional style, perhaps even both, our kitchen wall cabinet design ideas go way past simple storage functionality but also guarantee a refined and beautiful finish.

A couple of things to put into consideration during the first stages of planning your cabinet update are: how much storage you’ll need, how to create the right style and space that fits your household perfectly and most importantly, the shape and size of your kitchen.

If you’re all set with the necessities, feel free to get started with any of the following kitchen wall cabinets.

Some awesome ideas for kitchen wall cabinets

Below are some cabinet ideas that will give a new level of beauty and sophistication to the appearance of your kitchen.

Modern day cabinet decadence

Kitchen wall cabinets no longer conform to former house standards. Their style extend far beyond any rules and can sometimes be a combination of both old and new whilst portraying the elegance for which they are intended.

Today’s kitchens are a lot different from traditional ones which featured framed wall cabinetry with flush settings that usually had high doors and exposed hinges, summing up to an antique finish.

Home owners who prefer a classical, yet modern look can take the decor up a notch with an elegant wallpaper or a beautiful backsplash, you’ll come to realize that your cabinet can be brought to life with a simple splash of color and the right kind of hardware.

Virtual built-in kitchen cabinets

If you can’t seem to get enough of built-in kitchen cabinets but aren’t ecstatic about the idea of actually fitting them unto your kitchen walls.

An easy alternative would be to create the illusion by converting your cabinet space into a wall unit thereby conveying the exact look of a built-in wall cabinet.

Bohemian sensation

The term bohemian is used to describe something unconventional, or, in this case, non-conformist kitchen ideas. Nowadays kitchen designs have become a lot more innovative, even daring to say the least. They incorporate functionality with unorthodox designs and materials.

Over the years it has become clear that furnishing a kitchen extends beyond simple decorating and is more about building and redefining a space into a place you’ll love.

When choosing a kitchen cabinet design, take note of ideas that come to mind no matter how absurd, develop said ideas and make them reality.

The perfect cabinet color

There’s no point trying to wrap your head around the best color for your cabinets. You might be amazed to discover that your favorite color might just be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Surely everyone has that special hue that resonates with their very being. It’s probably the color of 90% of the contents of your closet, the color of your car or perhaps what you look for when making a purchase.

By all means add your kitchen cabinet to the list if you want to. However, if you feel you’ve already gone overboard using the same color on other items or appliances in your house, you should probably opt for a more neutral cabinet color to keep from overdoing it.

Kitchen island design

The kitchen is an important part of every home and quite frankly you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in there. What better way to perk up your kitchen walls than by installing cabinets with retractable, floral glass panels with kitchen island space which are perfect for storing chinaware and dining items .

They also provide a little extra storage space on the island, also the cabinet doors can be opened by pushing on them slightly, eliminating the need for handles.

Over the top cabinetry

Add a little extra storage to your kitchen by distributing cabinets round it’s walls in an organized fashion. Cabinets aren’t limited to the space above the counter, you’re at liberty to install a couple others over the fridge and wherever you’d like for some extra island space that can also be used for hosting certain kitchen appliances and dining items. Just try as much as you can to keep it simple.

Multi-purpose cabinets

Don’t want to put your dish washer on display? Keep it slightly hidden with a cabinet front to prevent it from clashing with the cabinetry under the countertop. An even better way to keep it in the background is by installing some white or neutral hardware free cabinets.

Get creative

Since creativity is the driving force of interior design, the next best thing when implementing a kitchen idea is to find something that gets you going and work with it. Your inspiration might come from something you picked up subconsciously, perhaps something you noticed in a movie, while taking a walk or maybe while doing something you love.

Fresh and creative ideas no matter how small should always be welcome, the only thing left is for you to take such inspirations and make the best of them however you see fit.

Dark hue

Kitchen cabinets painted in black are nothing out of the ordinary. Dark cabinetry make for an edgy bachelor pad ambience and are complemented with almost any color.

A couple of dark colored wall cabinets let off a sort of natural, earthly atmosphere in the room and white marble countertops enhance the appearance of a black kitchen style.

They fit perfectly with just about any color except for green, therefore avoid avoid using black cabinets in a green kitchen surrounding.

Satin-brass finish

Brass fixtures were all the rage until they were replaced with matte black fixtures and stainless steel.

They’ve only just been reintroduced and from the look of things they’re probably going to stick around for a lot longer this time.

Brass fixtures are stunning when paired with cream colored cabinets, they also have an airy and gentle feel and are quite pleasing to look at.

Kitchen cabinet lighting

Hefty and oversized rope lighting have now become a thing of the past, instead say hello to some light weight and more efficient led lighting for your kitchen cabinets.

Unlike their counterparts they are designed to be plugged in, removing the need for hard-wiring and can be operated using a mobile device or a remote control.

Mount storage jars under kitchen cabinets

Avoid the outdated method of screwing lids under wall cabinets, instead place a highly magnetic knife strip under your wall cabinets for suspending storage jars. It’s far less appalling and a lot safer than the former method.

To prevent the jars from falling, make sure to only store light weight foods in them.

Glass display kitchen cabinetry

These cabinets have a way of brightening up any cooking space. Asides from lightening up your kitchen they are also great for displaying your lovely tableware.

Cream classic

What’s more sophisticated than a vibrant and colorful kitchen? For a more modernized look_ rather than the typical hinge cabinet door, install some gorgeous cream colored cabinets that come with sliding door panels that allow for easy access.

Framed cabinets

For a sleek, modern appearance throw in some shades of grey, blue and black all round your kitchen and countertops. These colors are best complemented with some white kitchen tiles.

Install some handle-less dark blue cabinets to match the surrounding paint of your kitchen. keep in mind that the floor and sink design also have a role in beautifying your kitchen. An apron front sink should be accompanied by a hardwood floor for a warm, casual vibe. When it all comes together the outcome is a beautiful modern space from the pages of a designer magazine.

Contemporary slab cabinets

The best part of contemporary cabinet designs is that they are absolutely timeless and retain their grace and magnificence even with the passage of time.

Be sure to fit in some sleek white slab cabinets for an even better look, white cabinetry are aso a joy to decorate.

Out of the box cabinet ideas

When walking into a house with a kitchen featuring modern day cabinets and appliances, there’s no way you could have anticipated the designs without seeing them for yourself. This is due to the fact that nowadays, every kitchen tends to have it’s own level of uniqueness.

When imagining the interior design of a traditional kitchen, some things that come to mind are dish towels, curtains, decorative fruits and wooden cabinets which is an exact contrast of a modern day kitchen.

Create some depth

Add some depth to your kitchen wall by including an array of inter-related cabinet sizes with alternate doors and drawers. You can as well fit in some tall cabinets if your ceiling is high enough, they have the same effect even in the most confined spaces. This setting should only be applied when all cabinets are of the same color.

White kitchen cabinetry

Few colors portray the glow and elegance of a white kitchen. This is the major reason why a lot of people are obsessed with this bright crisp contrast.

To feature a bright and more more luxurious look, add a little more white to your interior design with some white cabinetry. Cream colored countertops blend beautifully with white tiles and kitchen appliances, and even with some wood flooring.

If you’re concerned about keeping your cabinets clean, then look no further, thermofoil cabinets have a high gloss finish which makes it particularly easy to rid them of dust and stains.

Cabinets with dual-tones

More people are getting hip to the dual-tone kitchen cabinet paint scheme.

Most times when this setting is applied it’s common for the upper cabinet to be painted with a bright color while the lower side is usually painted in a darker shade. This pattern is a wonderful choice for people who like their kitchen to have a little something extra.

You can also opt for this kitchen interior design if you’re looking to try fresh ideas and have no issue spicing things up around your cooking space.

Sleek and elegant

Liven up your kitchen walls with some white paint and some charming grey cabinets. You can also feature a white counter, a few shelves and a decorative backsplash with a couple of kitchen bar stools to give it a posh and stunning look. A bright kitchen not only makes the right statement but is also undeniably stylish and beautiful.

Feature some open shelving

Does your kitchen need a little touch but you aren’t prepared to make a substantial investment? Opt for some open shelving by swapping out upper cabinets with some shelves.

Use some wooden shelves to give your kitchen a little edge, then add some of your nicest dishware and dining utensils for functionality. They also match with wood flooring. You can also purchase a black floating shelf, although a floating shelf doesn’t necessarily float, they only look as such because they are attached to a kitchen wall with special anchors that are covered up by the shelf itself.


Create a consistent kitchen theme by using matching color tones on both your cabinets and backsplash. If you’re interested in using a backsplash that has a lot going on in terms of paint texture you should choose one that’s in the same or closely related color group as your kitchen cabinets. A perfect example of a great backsplash pattern is one that’s in perfect harmony with it’s surrounding space.

Sophisticated kitchen ideas

People who want to set the bar for kitchen designs and those who like their kitchens to have a sort of grandeur should style their kitchens in a manner that screams confidence. Do so with perfectly matching white or grey colors all the way from the countertops, to the cabinets and floor.

This interior design is a perfect example to let people know just how serious you are about your cooking space and fine dining.


Kitchen ideas will always be here one moment and gone the next, but your kitchen will forever be a part of your home.

Pick a design that not only speaks to you but one you’ll be proud of whenever you walk into your kitchen.



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