Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Proper Storage Space Management

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Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Although home decorations are quite fun, some aspects can be a little tricky. And one example of such complicated aspects of your home decor is the corner cabinet space.

If you have a straight kitchen, then you can easily create more storage space. But since most kitchens fall in the L-shape or blind corner cabinet category, chances are you have at least one corner to deal with in your kitchen’s design, and hence, it’ll be more difficult to get enough storage space.

Considering how much problematic it can be to arrive at the ideal corner cabinets for your new kitchen, let’s explore some of the best kitchen corner cabinet ideas to better manage your kitchen’s corners and storage space. You can also check out our detailed blog post on the most effective space-saving ideas for kitchen cabinet renovation.

Corner Cabinet: What Exactly Is It?

As said earlier, most kitchen cabinets are typically in the L-Shape or Blind Corner category. That’s why it will always be crucial to understand what a blind corner cabinet is all about if you must understand how to maximize your kitchen space.

A blind corner is presented as the space created where two lines of cabinets meet perpendicularly to form an L-Shape or other similar shapes.

In less efficient cabinet structures, this space isn’t penetrable via any cabinet door and thus is usually left inaccessible. The practical way to use the limited kitchen storage space in such situations is to install a “blind corner cabinet,” which extends beyond the “blind” or “inaccessible” corners to maximize an unused opening or a “dead” space.

The only major downside of blind corner drawers or cabinets is that accessing items that are placed far behind the corner space cabinets can prove very difficult since there is no door leading directly to that part of the cabinet. It takes a longer arm and so much groping to find smaller items. Most people would rather store bigger items that are seldom used at the back of their blind corner cabinets so there won’t be any wasted space.

Some Corner Cabinets Ideas To Maximize The Kitchen Corner Cabinet Space:

Corner Cabinet Ideas | Choice Cabinet

1. Wall Diagonal Cabinet

Wall Diagonal Cabinet

A wall diagonal corner cabinet is designed to fill in a corner space while ensuring a diagonal transition for the cabinetry run’s face through the corner’s right angle. In other words, These cabinets tend to blend into the other kitchen cabinets with proper paneling. The panel, usually made of glass, enables you to see the content of all the shelves.

The most prevalent internal modification to the wall diagonal cabinets is the inclusion of a large lazy Susan.

You can also get an all-white shade (of drawers, shelves, and counter space) with diagonal small corner cabinets to give the kitchen a sparkling look. This appearance eliminates all forms of clashing corner space drawers, plus there won’t be 90-degree kitchen corners.

2. Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

Lazy Susan is one very popular concept as far as creating beautiful corner cabinetry is concerned. The shelves are designed to spin round, thereby providing a means to get the most from your storage space and access them easily. Reaching into the back of a corner cabinet, for instance, is normally difficult and results in a wasted opening. However, with the spinning shelves that come with the lazy susan feature, you’ll be able to reach every nook and cranny of the shelf without straining. This system is very much ideal for storing small dishes and other related utensils. And for the fact that all contents of the cabinet will be reached by spinning the shelves, most experts recommend this mechanism for tighter kitchen corners to maximize space.

3. Swinging Pullouts

Swinging Pullouts Corner Cabinet

If the lazy Susan system is not your thing, then installing cornered drawers like a swinging pullout in your corner space won’t be a bad idea.

The shape of cornered drawers makes them a good alternative to store pots or other unusually-sized appliances or items which may be difficult to fit into standard drawers. You can also install dividers in the draws for space efficiency.

Similar to the lazy Susan, the swinging pullouts make whatever you have in store easily accessible. However, swing pullouts are practically more efficient since you don’t even have to bend or glance inside to find your utensils.

All you have to do is open the doors and pull out the wooden shelves. The main difference between lazy Susan and this particular cabinet system is that while the former keeps your items inside (which is not properly lit) the latter brings whatever you have in store outside once you swing and pull out the shelves.

4. Movable Open Shelving

Movable Open Shelving | Choice Cabinet

This is one of the most creative ways to not only maximize your kitchen space but also revive the spark your old kitchen used to have.

If you are not a fan of wall-mounted corner shelves, then you can do with these unique-looking open floating shelves that can fit nicely in or around any kitchen corner.

These shelves will be great for storing cooking jars, house plants, or other bulky gadgets that look great on the display.

5. Corner Sink

If you are more concerned about aesthetics, then a sink in the corner of your kitchen would be the best (if not the only option). This is especially if you have many dead spaces in your kitchen.

A dead space (unusable space) is an eyesore (it doesn’t help aesthetics) and the best way to make the most of those dead spaces is to install a corner sink. The sink will make it more stylish to use the enormous kitchen counter space behind for keeping soaps and other dishwashing tools (which will be needed around the sink, of course).

Besides, since a corner sink typically has no pullout drawers, you won’t have to worry about the corner cabinet below.

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6. Crockery Corner cabinet

Crockery Corner cabinet: Creating Beautiful Corner Cabinetry

If you have white cabinets or a white kitchen, the crockery corner won’t be a bad way to introduce some colorful elements that would accentuate the space.

7. Corner Pantry

Instead of trying so hard to cope with a small corner or wasting the limited space, why not go big and transform the entire corner into a pantry?

This is one of the few corner cabinet ideas that are suitable only for specific floor plans. However, with enough space, a bigger pantry is an amazing way to use it.

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8. Down The Counter Tops

Another unique way people customize their kitchen to meet their specific need for space is to go for wall-mounted cabinetry that goes all the way down to the countertop for more storage space.

However, more counter space will be sacrificed if you must achieve this design, but be rest assured that it’s worth it.

9. Shelf And Cubby Combo

Shelf And Cubby Combo

It’s safe to say that this is the simplest yet more versatile option than the rest.

To execute this design, all you have to do is build your wall-mounted cabinets from end to end and then keep open shelves, cubbies, and racks installed around them on the adjacent kitchen walls as a way to make the most of the corner, wall, and counter spaces.

10. Accordion Cabinet

Accordion remains one of the best cabinets for your kitchen corners.

One unique aspect of this cabinet style is that it features double doors that open like an accordion, providing you wide access to t items stored on the shelves behind.

This, of course, is another incredible idea to take full advantage of the most difficult corner spaces in your kitchen.

11. Beverage Bar

Beverage Bar Ideas

Won’t it be amazing to use one of those tight spaces around the kitchen for a purpose as worthwhile as a beverage bar?

Of course, using your corner space for storing general kitchen items and utensils is a waste of space, especially when you consider the fact that you can turn the same space into a beverage bar!

A wine rack, coffee machine, and some red wines can transform a dull kitchen corner into a magnificent sight.

12. Open Aesthetics

Finally, you can opt for open aesthetics by installing some floating shelves as a way of dealing with an upper corner kitchen cabinetry.

This kitchen is simply inviting, serene, and quite spacious especially without upper cabinets.

To It Round Off…

Having discussed these 12 beautiful corner cabinet ideas above, you simply have no excuse to keep complaining about poor kitchen storage space.

Inspire yourself with any of the ideas and make the most of those difficult spaces. Get the best deals on corner cabinets today. Contact Choice Cabinet and let us discuss the beautification of your home, using our aesthetically pleasing and space-saving corner cabinetry



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Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas