Space Saving Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

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A small kitchen space may limit you from adding appliances to your kitchen. You might not have enough room for a dining table, refrigerator, and more. Smaller kitchens may make you feel cluttered and claustrophobic, and nobody wants that!

You might have several options for your kitchen renovation to create more space if you are the house owner, for example, tearing down a wall. Using a tile backsplash enhances the aesthetic value of the kitchen.

Unfortunately, if you live in an apartment, you might have a limited number of options. Luckily, there are many space-saving remodeling ideas of every style you can incorporate into your kitchen for added storage. Try these kitchens remodel ideas to save space in your kitchen.

Store Items Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to storage, don’t overlook the spaces on top of your cabinetry. Even though items may be more out of reach, it’s still usable space. You can store additional pots, pans or could keep spare kitchen rolls, cookbooks, and boxes of soft drinks or emergency chocolate supplies up there. Don’t forget that it is worth investing in wicker baskets or pretty boxes to keep your storage section tidy.


Add a Banquette or a Breakfast Bar

For an eat-in kitchen, you can replace the table and chairs with a built-in banquette. The banquette provides additional space under the bench seating for storing linens, small appliances, and other items. You can even use the area under the bench for storing canned goods and other pantry items!

Breakfast bars are another alternative you can opt for in small kitchens – they create an extra nook to eat or a social spot to perch and chat with the bar stools stored underneath when not in use. 

Install Custom Cabinets Around a Built-in Refrigerator

 A refrigerator standing below a set of tiny, recessed cabinets wastes a large storage space in your kitchen, creating a boxy, cluttered look. Instead, you can opt for custom cabinets that extend to the front of a built-in refrigerator, allowing for more accessibility. You can also create convenient storage space by lifting the refrigerator off the ground and installing a cabinet under it.

Use Trash Pull-Out

The trash pull-out saves space by hiding your trash and recyclables from guests inside a cabinet. You can choose a single or double. You can get one from Choice Cabinet.


Add Two-Layer Drawers

Two-lawyer drawers create space for storing lots of utensils and cutlery in one area while keeping all your items organized.

They have a half shelf installed on a roller above the bottom part of the drawer, which holds flatware and other small items and slides to the back of the drawer, allowing you to access larger utensils underneath.

Create a Rolling Work Kitchen Island

You can put a rolling work island with open shelving in place of the lower set of cabinets. Then, when you need extra preparation space, you roll the island out then roll it back into place under the counter when you finish using it. These are exactly the roll-out trays offered by Choice Cabinet company- which ensures that the rolling work island blends with the rest of the cabinetry and faucet and fits perfectly in the small space custom-made by a kitchen design expert a cabinetmaker.

Attach a Fold-Down Table

A fold-down table attached to a wall on hinges can be unfolded when you need more prep space, and it then folds out of the way when not in use. Besides, you can attach fold-down barstools to the walls on either side of the table to create flexible countertops.

Create a Custom, Flush-Mounted Broom Closet

Kitchen Remodeling professionals focus on detailing small kitchen spaces. Therefore, they usually recommend creating a custom, flush-mounted broom closet for small spaces. The flush-mounted closet, usually a few inches deep, is installed against one wall. A custom, compact closet creates space for storing cleaning supplies, therefore, saving space that a full-size broom closet would have taken.

Install Internal Drawers

You are wasting precious space if your cupboard doesn’t use every inch of space. Installing narrow shelving units on the inner doors of the cupboard creates space for storing small items like spices, salt and pepper, and sauces for a beautifully tidy and effective solution.

Mount A Rail on The Wall

You can go for a rail that can be easily mounted on the walls of your kitchen at a friendly price. The rail provides space for hanging absolutely anything for space-saving and an interesting look. You can hang items like utensils, hanging plants, pans, pots, or tea towels. 

Install Over-Door Hooks

You might be living in a rental unit where mounting items is restricted, yet you need extra space. Well, installing an over-door hooks kitchen remodel idea will save your day. These candy-colored plastic tea towel holders are bright and cheerful and can be used for oven gloves, fabric placemats, and pot lids, as well as the obvious dishcloths.

Kitchen Remodeling Experts For Your Kitchen Renovation

Before looking for new appliances for your renovation project, consult an experienced contractor or designer for quality remodeling work.

One of the best ways to remodel your kitchen is to modify the workflow. For example, an expert renovator can help you find the best spot to move your sink or refrigerator to make moving and working in the room that much easier.

Wood finishes warm up a modern or contemporary kitchen. You need to know that providing enough task lighting to your kitchen for efficiency.


Is renovating a kitchen worth it?

Whether you want to enhance your space or want o sell your house for a profit, you need to renovate the kitchen to have more space. Kitchen renovation is at the top of the list when ranking the ROI of the home improvement project. Remodeling your kitchen adds value to your house. Homeowners get higher returns on their investment costs on a small-budget kitchen to remodel, with the major kitchen makeover delivering slightly lower returns on investment cost.

Labor cost is among the material factors impacting the money you will spend to have the hardware fixtures installed, ranging from shelves, natural floor tiles, electrical flooring, and other materials of every style of all.


​Renovating the kitchen can be an amazing experience that brings a new look into your kitchen layout and the whole house. Interior design experts recommend pre-assembled kitchen cabinets from a trusted supplier such as Choice Cabinet as they are affordable. Renovating the kitchen has helped homeowners in many ways, other than saving on space. Kitchen remodeling has proven effective in increasing the home’s value, improved functionality, sustainability, comfort, and safety.

Get yourself an expert renovator for your renovation project.



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