White Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

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modern white kitchen ideas

For most people, kitchens are the most critical rooms in the house; that’s why it’s regarded as the heart of a home. And as such, you surely want to give your kitchen a touch of class.

Talk about class, white kitchens are the real deal, although some might not like the idea — perhaps because they don’t know how to make the most of an all-white kitchen design.

All-white kitchens produce a plain yet elegant and sleek background that allows all styles and colors of decorations. For the best result, it’s not just enough to install white kitchen cabinets: You can add a few decors to your countertops and install some sets of glittering tiles in place of the backsplash to give your kitchen a modern look. Putting in some marble decorations, a few stainless steel appliances, plus the white cabinets will also improve the entire kitchen design.

If you wonder how to get your modern white kitchen to sparkle like diamonds, you’ll find out right on this page. But before highlighting some of the fantastic white cabinet kitchen ideas, let’s answer some of the questions you might be asking right now.

What Are White Kitchen Cabinets Called?

White kitchen cabinets generally refer to those that create a blank or plain setting to go with any style or various kitchen accents like colorful flooring, artworks, countertops, tile backsplashes, rugs, appliances, and so on.

It’s common to worry about the vulnerability of white-painted walls getting old, scratching, or attracting stains. Still, with proper maintenance, you will always be happier with the glamour and peace that white affords.

White Kitchen Cabinet Designs: Is White A Good Color For Kitchen Cabinets?

The natural element of white cabinets makes them excellent for the modern kitchen. Besides, white as a color is ageless, meaning that it hardly goes out of style. No matter the details you use, giving a broad white background to your kitchen will provide you with comfortable and refreshing energy.

Another reason you want to go with white for your kitchen cabinets is, it goes with all kinds and colors of hardware. You can decide to use brass door-knobs or chrome cabinet handles. All shades of door handles, appliances, and tiles will also go with an all-white kitchen.

Moreover, with bright white cabinetry, you can rest assured that your backsplash or tile backsplash will easily coordinate with your kitchen setting.

If your kitchen space is less ventilated (with few or no windows for rays of light to shine in), you can trust your sparkly white cabinets to do the trick and light up your kitchen naturally.

Apart from the kitchen, you can get your designer to make your bathroom cabinets white also. In fact, some people actually prefer living in a home with a considerable touch of white all over. The tranquility associated with that color hits differently!

Are White Kitchen Cabinets Still In Style?

White kitchen cabinets ideas

As said, one of the benefits of a white cabinet kitchen is that it is timeless. The blankness of your kitchen’s walls, coupled with the white cabinets, gives your kitchen a classic look that will never go out of fashion.

Interestingly, a 2020 survey confirmed that 45% of Americans preferred white cabinets over any other color. This ratio still stands higher than people who chose the medium wood color (11%), gray color (10%), multi-colored (7%), and light wood color (6%) — altogether (34%).

This year (2021), white kitchen cabinets are still pretty much the most popular for American homeowners, with over 41% of people opting for white against medium wood (13%), gray (10%), multi-colored (9%), and light wood (7%).

And according to speculators, white (as a color) is not going out of style any time soon, both for kitchen cabinets, wooden furniture, and the interior design of American homes.

The simple answer is YES; white cabinets are still in style. However, some homeowners would prefer black or wooden cabinets because, according to them, white is becoming more common nowadays. Well, that’s a good reason ONLY if your designer doesn’t understand the advantage of white cabinets in creating a custom kitchen design. After all, white is the only color flexible enough to go with just about any interior decoration.

Besides, white cabinets are not only in style for interior kitchen designs but also for the bathroom and even the bedroom. The class and elegance associated with white cabinets make them timeless: The serenity and calm of an all-white environment is something everyone craves.

Most importantly, if you prefer a mix of colors, you can opt for white cabinets since they accentuate every detail in the kitchen or bathroom space.

Why Opt For White Kitchen Cabinet Designs?

For many different reasons, people have various color preferences when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Some naturally like gold or silver color because of their royal appearance. Others choose the wooden palette so it can go with other pieces of furniture, ceiling, and doors.

Similarly, those who choose white kitchen cabinets do so for many unique reasons; among them are

  • They create a blank sheet that can go with just about any appliance, artwork, marble, tiles, backsplash, furniture, and so on. Just make sure your designer is skillful enough to create a good mix of colors with the blank space all-white cabinetry creates.
  • Not every “bright” color can stand the test of time compared to a bright white color. Most bright-colored cabinets only trend for a few years and fade away. But white remains fashionable year in, year out.
  • Can you imagine having a dark-colored cabinet in an enclosed space with no natural light? It’ll indeed feel like a prison cell! However, even if your kitchen lacks natural light penetration, a set of white-painted kitchen cabinets can make it glow naturally to produce a spark of liveliness.
  • Likewise, darker cabinetry makes your small kitchen space appear even smaller. To widen your small kitchen and make it look more spacious and airy, you can go for white cabinetry. You can also give your subway tile backsplash a touch of white to add more glamor and illumination to the whole setting.
  • Another reason most people would prefer their cabinets white is the general impression white gives — CLEANLINESS. White easily attracts stains compared to other colors. So if you can manage to keep your white cabinets free from stains, it goes a long way to speak for you regarding your level of neatness.

Some Top White Kitchen Space Design Ideas

white cabinet kitchens

Having highlighted the relevance of modern white cabinets, let’s go ahead and introduce some mind-blowing kitchen design ideas you might want to try out this 2021, shall we?

1. Classic White Kitchen Cabinet Designs

There can’t be any better classic white kitchen cabinets idea than the one by renowned designer Brigette Romanek.

Of course, the amazement of the famous Kent Belden’s LA home (designed by Brigette) is incomplete if you fail to mention the all-white kitchen concept.

2. Timeless White Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Although most white kitchens are timeless, you can still do a few tweaks here and there to improve the ageless design of your all-white kitchen. Leticia and Miky Grendene (co-founders of Casa Tua) gave a practical example of setting up a well-decorated, timeless white kitchen with enough space for appliances, marble countertops, and Design-Within-Reach chairs.

3. Penthouse White Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Another elegant way to rock your white kitchen cabinets is to get inspired by Jeffrey Dodd’s Penthouse in Manhattan. The fully-white kitchen is a sample for every interior designer who wants to craft a monochromatic kitchen space with sparkly accents. To build kitchens white to the floor and sink produces a deep sense of cleanliness that enhances sophistication.

4. Two-toned Cabinetry Cabinet Designs

Designer  Grant K. Gibson exemplifies the possibility of having a dual-toned kitchen of plain black and white. The lower cabinet, which embodies the cooking space, is black, while the upper cabinetry (with the subway tile) is all-white.

The dual-colored concept doesn’t only look eye-catching but also opens up the hidden spaces in the not-so-wide kitchen. You can try out this design if you are a lover of black but still enjoy the serenity that comes with white.

5. Century-old Farmhouse White Kitchen Cabinet Designs

This is another fascinating white kitchen style that will take you from classical to contemporary times.

The century-old farmhouse kitchen is a traditional design that features white paint with soft traces of black. You’ll also find some industrial chairs and a metal-and-driftwood pendant light hanging down the ceiling.

This unique classic-style white kitchen was the brainchild of Erik Björklund and Magdalena Björnsdotter in rural Sweden. It’s still a fantastic kitchen design for 2021 homeowners that want something unique, classic, but timeless.

6. White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Designs

You can still make your farmhouse kitchen look all modern with some cutting edge touches, including some vintage bar chairs (made of wood) that match the shiny Island wooden or marble floor, ceiling, and all-white cabinetry that goes with the white pendant. It is a matchless blend of a deep traditional backdrop with a touch of chic contemporary elegance.

Cassandra LaValle inspired the sleek white cabinets kitchen design, but you can make it even better by giving a few more touches to meet your custom style.

7. High-end Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Designer Jennifer Schmidt and Architect Piet Boon’s farmhouse kitchen idea is not only exquisite but will surely meet your demands if you prefer a kitchen with high-end features.

This superior design takes a traditional farmhouse kitchen to the next level with a white palette that looks nothing less than attractive.

8. White Organic Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Becky Shea designed the New York home of Homepolish Co-Owner Will Nathan, which showcases the beauty of an open-floor kitchen style.

The organic kitchen features a large marble island, open shelving, and a three-for-one pendant. Besides, the white walls provide a blank space that coordinates with the wood-colored floor and stool.

9. California Dreaminess Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Designed by Mark D. Sikes, this all-white kitchen style is one of a kind — with white cabinetry and a matching white wall and countertops. The sink and fixtures add another dimension to the fantastic kitchen that can only be likened to a dreamy imagination.

10. Tile-For-Days Concept Kitchen Cabinet Designs

The Tile-For-Days concept is another white kitchen design idea that allows you to achieve your custom setting without much woodwork or cabinetry.

Designer Ken Fulk came up with the idea of tiling the entire wall and ceiling white — while the brick flooring and countertops round off the rustic yet beautiful view.

11. White New York Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Every New Yorker should be excited by Michelle Gerson’s terrific design.

The white kitchen features a matching countertop, three pendant lights above the island, a couple of white leather stools, and creamy floor tiles that complete the beautiful space.

12. New Orleans White Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Lisa Rickert’s New Orleans home is an excellent example of making white kitchens glow stylishly. The antique-white walls and cabinets and the white hardwood flooring provide a complementary look that can draw the attention of a high-end kitchen lover.

The black and brass Lacanche adds extra charm to the entire design.

13. White Shaker Cabinet Kitchen Cabinet Designs

White shaker cabinets are currently among the top-trending choices in the US. And there is no better way to give your kitchen the most trendy look than installing white shaker cabinetry.

You can complement the white cabinets with the most fitting hardware, doors, chandelier, appliances, and even cutleries to satisfy your custom need.

14. Antique White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

While the white shaker kitchen cabinet is an excellent choice, the antique-white shaker takes your kitchen cabinetry to a whole new level.

The toned-down cabinets provide your kitchen with a mild look that can go with any backsplash color you choose to put behind your sink. The shaker cabinet comes with an untapped style that will inspire interior designers to creativity.

15. Yorktown White Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Design

Yorktown white shaker kitchen has a sparkly white cabinet corresponding to the tile backsplash and plain-white marble countertop. At the same time, the three white pendant lights keep all the hidden spaces glowing to keep the kitchen lively.

The Yorktown White Shaker design also allows you to add your custom tweaks here and there in terms of appliances, furniture, and other interior decors.

16. Sanibel Cream Kitchen Cabinet Design

The Sanibel cream kitchen design features an antique-white cabinet that provides a warm environment in the kitchen. The beach-sand color of the cabinetry is unique and can give you a taste of what most designers and homeowners lack.

Adding other accents to the kitchen won’t be a bad idea, after all, because the design is quite accommodating.

17. Clean-Lined White Kitchen Cabinet Design

Another way to make the most of a white kitchen design is to adopt a minimalist approach. Jeffrey Kalinsky’s New York home has an excellent example of a clean-lined white kitchen.

The all-white kitchen features a countertop, backsplash, and sink that integrates seamlessly into the cabinetry. The white terrazzo flooring, coupled with the fittings and pendants, completes the glamorous kitchen interior.


white kitchen design

To sum it up, white kitchens are ageless, rustic, yet gorgeous — depending on your selections of cabinets and how you tweak your interior decorations. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your white cabinet kitchen going out of style any time soon — so long as your interior designer is equal to the task.

At Choice Cabinet, every kind of chic, sleek, and classy cabinet required to amplify the sophistication of your traditional, contemporary, or modernized kitchen is available for sale. Reach out to us today; let’s make your dream home come true.



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