5 Signs You’re Ready for a New Kitchen

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And Ideas and Tips to Consider

By Ryan Horvath

When you first bought your house, you loved your kitchen. There was a charm about it. It was functional. The kitchen had everything you could ever want. It was perfect.

Fast forward 10 years.

The charm has faded along with the paint or stain too. Maybe your family has grown, and the kitchen has lost its functionality. You may find yourself wanting more out of your kitchen. It’s less than perfect. While these are some clear signs, here are 5 signs you’re ready for a new kitchen.


Functionality is important in a kitchen. You should have enough room for two people to move around freely and safely. Take the Work Triangle into consideration. The Work Triangle is the three main points of contact: the refrigerator, the sink, and the cooktop. If you’re bumping elbows with your cooking partner, this can lead to an unsafe kitchen. If your Work Triangle is a Work Disaster, consider a new layout.

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Counter space is the oceanfront property in a kitchen. This is where your food prep takes place. Yet, if you have a cluttered counter, you’re losing prime real-estate. An overflow of small appliances or cutting boards makes for an unappealing counter. Not having enough room for food prep can be dysfunctional. Consider adding a kitchen island for extra counter space. If space is an issue, consider adding a microwave cart. These carts come with extra shelving and hooks for storage.


When you first bought your house, maybe you didn’t have a lot of kitchen stuff. But over the years, it starts to accumulate to the point where you’re out of storage. Keep this in mind. Weighed down cabinets can be dangerous and lead to cabinets falling. Take the time to go through your cabinets. Check to see what you need to keep and what you can donate. If storage is still an issue, consider a renovation or at least adding a kitchen island.


Have you noticed that your oven is taking longer to cook than it used to? Is your milk a little warmer than you would like? Consider replacing your appliances. Outdated appliances can add to your electric bill. To see how much how they’re adding to it, check out the energy calculator from energy.gov. Depending on the age, you might find new appliances that fit your current layout. If not, it might be time for a kitchen renovation.


Does your kitchen feel more like the Batcave than a kitchen? It might be time to upgrade your lighting. A dark kitchen is an unsafe kitchen. Outdated lighting can make it look older than it is. Consider adding pendant lighting over your island or sink. Strips of LED lights are perfect for under your wall cabinets. They also work great under your base cabinets as an extra nightlight.


If any of these signs are hitting home, it’s time for a renovation. The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your house. It’s also can be a contributing factor should you choose to sell your house. A kitchen renovation can add value to your home while improving the functionality of it. If you’re considering a renovation, download our Renovation Budget Workbook.

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