Luxury Kitchens: The How-to Guide

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How to Turn Your Kitchen into the Kitchen of Your Dreams

By Ryan Horvath

When you think of luxury kitchens, does over-the-top come to mind? Thanks to the power of HGTV, we’ve all seen those kitchens that leave us envious. But luxury doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Fresh off last week’s #kbtribechat on Twitter, this week’s blog is covering what it takes to make a showstopping kitchen.

Plan for Your Luxury Kitchen

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A luxury kitchen doesn’t fit one cookie-cutter style. Luxury kitchens work with any design style from contemporary to modern. You can even achieve the look with a rustic or farmhouse design as well. What makes a kitchen luxurious is the materials, finishes, lighting, and fixtures. According to THOR Kitchen, “A luxury kitchen is one that is both sophisticated and functional”. Keep this in mind when creating your kitchen layout.


One of the basic design elements of a luxury kitchen is an open-concept layout. An open-concept layout allows for flow and functionality to play key roles. It also provides the homeowner with an opportunity for more appliances. In some cases, even larger ones. An open-concept layout is perfect for the addition of an island or even a dual island. Islands are perfect for storage solutions and extra prep areas. I’ve seen it where an island is the workhorse of the kitchen. These workhorse islands have a second dishwasher, microwave, spare sink, or cooktop burner. They’re also perfect hiding places for barely used cookware.

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With an open-concept kitchen, the wants can outweigh the needs. Whether you work with a designer (which I highly suggest) or not, take space into consideration and planning. All the bells and whistles can leave an open space feeling cramped and underutilized.

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Speaking of the bells and whistles…luxury appliances play a huge role in luxury kitchens. Homeowners have a ton of options to choose from at different price points. One of the biggest trends (which will soon be a mainstay) is smart technology appliances. If you can use a tablet, you can use a smart refrigerator. Stream your favorite radio station or watch your favorite sporting event from your smart refrigerator. If you have a Ring video doorbell, you can answer your front door from the kitchen. They can send expiration notifications or create a meal plan based on what’s in the fridge.

“Any kitchen can be a luxury kitchen if the owner feels comfortable in it while also loving how it looks and functions.” – Vicostone USA @VicostoneUS on Twitter

Remember to use durable and attractive materials. Granite or quartz countertops are great, but both have their pros and cons. Be sure to spend time researching the different options. Consider what material would work better for your lifestyle and needs. When it comes to cabinetry, there are two ways to go: stock or custom. It’s hard to argue that custom doesn’t look great. The time and money, though, is one of the downsides. You can still achieve a custom look with stock cabinets. At Choice Cabinet, our trim selection can create sophisticated designs. We also have a modification department that can modify a cabinet to fit your needs. Above all else, choose a cabinet company that uses all wood construction. A cabinet made from particleboard and low-quality materials won’t stand the test of time.


A luxury kitchen should be sophisticated, highly functional, and most of all, comfortable. If you have the space to do it, open your kitchen to the rest of the house. An open-concept kitchen is perfect for flow and function. Consider adding an island for extra storage or prep area. When upgrading your appliances, look towards the smart technology trend. Lastly, choose durability and quality construction over price. You’ll thank me later.

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