Improving a Bathroom: The How-to Guide

Improving a Bathroom: The How-to Guide

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5 Ways to Easily Change Your Bathroom’s Appearance

By Ryan Horvath

Improving a bathroom can be an easy weekend project or a full-blown remodel. This week’s blog is leaning towards the easy side. There are a few minor (and relatively cheap) things that can change the appearance of your bathroom. Here are the five things you can do this weekend to give your bathroom a facelift.

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Swapping out your old vanity mirror for a new one is a great start. By adding some additional mirrors, you can create the illusion of a lighter and larger space. If this is the route you’re going, look at long and tall mirrors. They can exaggerate the size and feel of the space. Mirrors can also work as your accent piece. According to Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch:

“Bathroom mirrors have this strange ability to either stand out as a focal point or gently complement a focal point that already happens to exist…”


If your lighting is looking dated or simply isn’t enough, swap it out. LEDs are great for brightening up the bathroom or setting the mood. New lighting can enhance your bathroom’s environment and atmosphere. Before swapping out fixtures, remember to turn off the power to the bathroom.


Improving a bathroom should start with storage. Much like the kitchen, your bathroom can always use extra storage…so long as it’s functional. If you have the space for it, considering adding some tall cabinetry. A tall cabinet is a perfect spot to hide spare towels and extra toiletries. One of the ideas I found was using a coat rack with some hanging baskets. Use the hanging basket for your everyday items like a hairdryer. It’s a great way of managing the clutter. Installing floating shelves is great for decorative items.


Whether you’re changing out the old faucet or showerhead, the difference is instant. A new faucet or showerhead can make an old space feel new again. Some models are a low-flow or low-pressure system. These are great for saving water which in turn is great for your wallet. Cabinet hardware is another option. Changing your pulls and knobs for newer finishes can be the subtle change you’re looking for.


A new vanity can dramatically improve your bathroom’s mood. A darker finish vanity creates a bold statement. Create a calm and bright effect with a lighter finish. A new vanity also gives you the chance for a more functional space. If storage is an issue, a vanity can give you additional storage space.


One last tip for improving a bathroom is to add some greenery to your bathroom. Adding houseplants creates a spa-like atmosphere because of the calming effect. Houseplants also add texture and personality to your bathroom. Consider adding some air plants or aloe vera.

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