Choosing a Wood Kitchen Cabinet Door for Your Modern Kitchen

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If you are remodeling your kitchen or constructing a new home, you will need to make quite a few decisions about your kitchen’s interior design. This includes what type of cabinet doors you want to have installed in your kitchen. If you have decided to install wooden cabinets in your new modern kitchen, that is a great first choice, but there are various other options you need to decide on. While all of the options may seem overwhelming for everything you have in the modern kitchen, the right contractor or remodeling company should be able to help you work through the pros and cons of all your choices.

Choice Cabinet offers more than 150 different sizes of wooden kitchen cabinets, and we have more than 50,000 cabinets on hand in our warehouse at any given moment. That means that whichever style and finish you choose will be delivered quickly without sacrificing quality. Even short lead times can be met due to the availability of our inventory. So, now that you know the premier kitchen cabinet company from which you can buy your cabinets, how do you decide on the right wood for your modern kitchen? Read on for some tips from the professionals.

How to Choose the Right Wood Kitchen Cabinet for a Modern Kitchen

The first point to remember when considering which wood is the right choice for your kitchen cabinets in your new modern kitchen is the fact that it is YOUR kitchen. Your aesthetic should be a top priority, and you may also want to consider who will be using the cabinets most often. If you have kids, you may want to opt for a highly durable wood such as cherry that can withstand most wear and tear. Otherwise, the choices are truly up to you and your personal style.

To begin, you may want to consider maple. It is a very popular wood for a modern kitchen because it has a light color that is easy to stain, and its grain is light, so it will look smooth and uniform when viewed from a distance.

Another very popular choice for a modern kitchen is white oak because it provides a rustic and cozy feel while also providing a soft grain for being one of the stronger oaks. Red oak is also quite versatile since it can take a variety of finishes, but it has a bold grain, so it will stand out as being wood more than some other options. This is best for traditional or transitional styles.

If you are looking for a more original style for your modern kitchen, ash is a superb wood cabinet material that is clean and has an even grain. You can easily customize it with a specific finish to meet your aesthetic taste as well.

There are a variety of other wood options for you to choose from, and our friendly staff at Choice Cabinet is happy to show you as many of them as you like and describe their features. Some of them are versatile and can be stained very easily, while others are best left in color or finish they arrive in. Certain woods are hardy and can withstand the consistent, daily use of all family members (including the kids), and still, others are a bit more delicate and require more finesse when handling. These are all options you need to decide on, so our helpful staff members are happy to help you make those choices and ensure that you are completely satisfied with your choice. Since this is your kitchen and you will be utilizing and enjoying it every day with your family, be sure you choose the wood option that best suits your needs and style. Whatever makes you happy will make us happy to offer to you!

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

When you are looking to modernize your kitchen, you may consider only replacing the kitchen cabinet doors rather than the entire cabinet itself. This is much more cost-effective, and it also requires less invasiveness, mess, and planning. A full kitchen remodel with all new cabinets can be quite a project and can be very expensive. 

Many homeowners will spend approximately 35% of their kitchen remodeling budget on the cabinets alone! That’s a lot of money just for cabinets. Replacing only the doors can be much less expensive but still provide you with the same great new look. Of course, the cost per cabinet door will depend on the material chosen, door style, labor, and hardware. As an overall cost estimate per door, you could be looking anywhere from $100 to $1000 per door. Talk to one of our experienced associates at Choice Cabinet for more exact information on the cabinet door material you prefer. We are happy to give you all the details and help you make the right choice for your new modern kitchen.

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If you are looking for new kitchen cabinets and doors for your modern kitchen remodel or new construction, you have come to the right place. Choice Cabinet is the premier supplier of all wood cabinets with custom features at great savings. You will never find any subpar materials in our cabinets! We only use the finest, highest quality materials for our cabinets, so there will be no particle board, glue, or staples in your cabinets.

At Choice Cabinet, we take a family-owned approach that helps us to ensure integrity, accountability, and a commitment to excellence. We guarantee that you will be able to find the wood kitchen cabinet doors that will match your new modern kitchen perfectly in our inventory, and our friendly staff is here to help you make the right decision for your home. Contact us today to learn more about buying kitchen cabinets that are factory direct and the highest quality possible. 



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