3 Kitchen Designs for the Non-Cook

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Kitchen Designs for Your Takeout Lifestyle

By Ryan Horvath

Take a minute and search on Instagram or Pinterest for #kitcheninspriation. You’ll find photos of stunning kitchens that will leave you envious. These kitchens feature large, expensive appliances and beautiful cabinets. But what if cooking isn’t your thing? Well, you’re in luck. I’m sharing three kitchen designs for the non-cook lifestyle.

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Cabinets take up a lot of space in a kitchen especially if you don’t like to cook. Take your extra cabinet space and convert them to bookshelves. Books are a great way to add décor to your home. Use them to create a focal point as well. Plus, they’re a great conversation starter for when you have guests over.


An island can take up a good chunk of your kitchen layout. As a non-cook, this space might seem unnecessary and wasted. Consider reinventing how it’s used. A kitchen island is a great place for crafts or homework for the kids. You can use the extra cabinets to store art supplies. Transform the space by creating a little reading nook complete with bookshelves.


Spend the money that would go for bulky appliances on something you enjoy…like coffee or wine. Turning existing cabinetry into a coffee bar is a popular trend. Instead of a dual oven, spring for that espresso machine you’ve been eyeing. Add to your “café” with unique coffee mugs that show off your personality. Save time and money by brewing your own. Be sure to have all the coffee essentials ready to go.

Is coffee not your thing, but wine is? Consider using the existing cabinets to set up your wine bar. Your cabinets are a great way for you to showcase your wine collection. Replace your base cabinets with a temperature-controlled wine cooler or two. These wine coolers are perfect for wine that need aging. Add wine racks and displays for wine that’s ready for entertaining. Open shelving is another option. Another trend is creating a “tasting bar”.


We’re not all looking to be the next Gordon Ramsey. For some of us, cooking isn’t something we’re interested in. This can lead to a kitchen that’s unused. But a kitchen can be more than a place to cook food. It can be your favorite reading place or where the kids do their arts and crafts. If you’re more into entertaining, set up a coffee or wine bar is the perfect way to entertain your guests. Most of all, design your kitchen to suit your lifestyle.

Do you have an additional idea you’d like to share? Feel free to leave it in the comment section below!

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