Practical Kitchen Organization Tips That Actually Work

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Top 6 Kitchen Organization Mistakes (And Practical Ways to Solve Them!)

brown cutting board hanging over backsplashAlmost every home has room for improvement in the kitchen organization department. This is totally natural— in a space as busy as the kitchen, it’s natural for some clutter to accumulate.

Other times, it’s just the way the area is laid out. Maybe the drawers aren’t big enough to hold all the tools and utensils inside. The cabinets may be too small to hide away all appliances, or you don’t have extra space for upper cabinets.

No matter the reason behind these storage hiccups, it’s possible to have a kitchen where every utensil, appliance, and tool is in the right place.

6 Kitchen Organization Mistakes You’re Probably Doing

No need to spend a fortune or hire a professional to have a clean, organized kitchen you’re happy with. Step one, identify mistakes you might be making. Step two, solve them. That’s the heart of it!

Mistake #1: You Have Too Many Appliances on the Kitchen Counter

If you haven’t used an appliance in the recent month, it doesn’t have to be displayed on the counter. Consider every inch of that surface as valuable real estate. The only appliances that you should keep on the counter are the ones you use all the time.

If you barely use your rice cooker, for instance, stash it in a base kitchen cabinet. Same goes for your KitchenAid mixer if you only use it for occasional baking or the holidays. If you have a kitchen island, feel free to relocate them there so they don’t clutter up your workspace.

In the mood to downsize? Think if you actually need to keep that appliance at all. For example, it may be time to donate or resell that juicer you bought when the juice trend was popular. Recovering precious counter space is worth losing an appliance or two that’s just gathering dust in your kitchen.

Mistake #2: You’re Not Taking Advantage of Vertical Storage

It’s a common complaint: “I wish my kitchen has more cabinet space.” The question is, are you actually maximizing the one you already have?

Too many people have no idea how to use upper cabinets. Perhaps they find it hard to reach. In some cases, you may not have any upper cabinets at all. This is a major kitchen organization mistake.

One, you’re not maximizing the vertical storage available on your walls. Second, upper cabinets are the perfect place to keep rarely-used items such as fancy dishware and serving platters. You can also stash extra cleaning supplies in there.

To further take advantage of that upper cabinet space, add a shelf divider to separate the contents. You can also put some storage bins in there. These accessories make it easy to group objects for storage and to just pull out the bin category you need instead of ruffling through the entire cabinet.

Mistake #3: You Don’t Factor in How You Cook

kitchen with white walls and cabinetsOne of the most common kitchen organization mistakes that home cooks make is arranging their equipment and tools according to appearance. Take a cue from professional chefs— start organizing your appliances according to functionality.

Here’s one exercise to get you started: literally walk through the steps you take when cooking. What items do you reach for first? What supplies do you usually need? If you find yourself walking back and forth to everything ready for meal prep, it’s time to reorganize.

Place your go-to pots, pans, and cooking tools as near the stoves as possible. Put food storage containers in a shelf or cabinet near the fridge so you can stow away leftovers without making your way through the entire kitchen. For spices and ingredients you frequently use, install a Lazy Susan in a base cabinet nearest your workspace so you can get retrieve and return them easily. Not only will this cut your meal prep time, but it also makes it easier to clean up and keep the kitchen well-arranged.

Mistake #4: You Don’t Use Organizing Accessories

Kitchen cabinets, drawers, and organizers are critical to an efficient kitchen. However, you can double that by adding some simple accessories such as towel bars, hooks, and magnetic knife racks to your walls. Not only does this free up drawer and shelf space, but it also makes it easy to grab what you need without having to look for them all over the kitchen.

Mistake #5: You’re Keeping Organizers You Don’t Need

Having organizing accessories can boost kitchen efficiency, but make sure they don’t turn into clutter. Are your containers and tubs overflowing? Do you have more bins than you need? Perhaps you have a divider stashed somewhere which cannot be used because it’s the wrong size.

Before buying more organizers, take stock of what you have first. Throw out, donate, or sell what you don’t use. When you’re sure you don’t have extras, you can now start getting organizers you do need. For dividers and shelves, measure carefully so that they fit inside the cabinets.

Mistake #6: You’re Stockpiling Supplies Inside One Cabinet

kitchen with white marble islandA well-organized kitchen is one where there is very little waste. Not time, not space, not effort, and certainly not ingredients and supplies you bought with your hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, that usually happens when you’ve got no idea what’s inside your cupboards. It’s easy to forget what you have when everything’s confined in one space or pushed back in the deepest recesses of your kitchen cabinets.

Again, cabinet organizers are the solution. Lazy Susans, dividers, roll-out trays, and base pantry pull-outs gives you a clear visual of your supplies. Since you can reach them easily, there’s less chance of having a cabinet full of expired items just cluttering up that precious space.

Choice Cabinet: Smart Storage Solutions for Every Kitchen

Installing beautiful, sturdy Kitchen Cabinets is just one way to keep your kitchen organized. Storage Accessories play an equally important part in achieving optimum kitchen efficiency. Here at Choice Cabinet, we’d love to help you choose the perfect cabinets and space savers to bring your dream kitchen to life. Contact Us today to get started!



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