Gourmet Kitchen Trends

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3 Gourmet Kitchen Trends That You’ll Love

By Ryan Horvath

When you picture a gourmet kitchen, what do you see? Chances are that it looks like a magazine-worthy kitchen. A gourmet kitchen has luxury appliances and beautiful hardware finishes on stunning cabinets. For this week’s blog, I’m covering several trends to turn your kitchen into a gourmet kitchen.

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A gourmet kitchen has plenty of space for you to move around in. They don’t need to have an open concept layout, but it also doesn’t hurt. A large space gives you the opportunity to design a layout that not only flows but is functional.

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Dual islands are a popular trend. Use one of the islands for prep and the other for storage and cooking. They also provide the opportunity for an extra sink. An extra sink makes prepping and cleanup easier since everything is in one place. An island can house the microwave which gives you more countertop space. They’re also the perfect spot for a second dishwasher. A second dishwasher is ideal during cleanup after a huge get-together.


One of the gourmet kitchen trends is luxury appliances. Since you have space, you can install larger appliances like a dual stove. With a large dual stove, make sure to install a professional-grade hood system. A professional-grade hood will cover a large stove. They’ll pull any smoke or steam away from the cook.

A double oven is perfect for holiday feasts or for the baker in the house. You’re able to cook many items at different temperatures. A double oven also keeps your stove free. For the health conscious, consider a steam oven. A steam oven is perfect for vegetables, baked goods, and even fish. These ovens help keep food moist while retaining natural minerals and vitamins.

Appliances are also starting to get smart. You’ll soon be able to run your kitchen from your smartphone. Touchscreen refrigerators allow you to watch TV or pull up recipes. In some cases, you can even make or answer phone calls. If you’re at the grocery store, some models have cameras inside. The cameras allow you to check the fridge without opening it.

A connect convection oven is another smart idea. A smart convection oven has a touchscreen control panel like a tablet. They help track your dish as it cooks. Once the dish is ready, the oven switches over to warming mode. It will also send you a notification to your smartphone.


As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. The same goes for your finishes. Your cabinets can set the mood as well as make a bold statement. White cabinets are moving from a trend to a staple. When you combine them with a darker color island, the results are stunning. To go with the cabinets, matte hardware is an up-and-coming trend. Two popular colors are matte gold and matte black. They provoke a sense of luxury without breaking the bank. Also, be on the lookout for matte stainless steel for a sharp (pun intended) look.

Countertops can look both industrial and luxurious. Stainless steel countertops and backsplashes give your kitchen an industrial, chef’s kitchen look. Stainless steel is easy to clean and holds up to the wear and tear. Concrete countertops are a somewhat new trend. You can add colored stains for a stunning custom counter. Another option is a butcher block countertop for a stunning, but functional look.


A gourmet kitchen is perfect for the cook who loves to entertain. They can have the look of functional sophistication. There pros and cons of having a gourmet kitchen. While they’re great for entertaining or holiday feasts, daily uptake can be overwhelming. Before investing in a gourmet kitchen, consider what your lifestyle needs are. If you think it’s for you, take a look at Pinterest and Instagram to gather some ideas!

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