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Are you looking for an elegant door front that is pocket-friendly and complements your color of choice? When designing kitchen cabinets, it is important to make them look and feel warm by imploring a modern, classic, and shaker style. The most common materials for designing cabinet doors are wood and glass, depending on whether you are designing the lower or upper cabinets.

Frost is a door front that blends well with your kitchen design with a painted MDF center flat panel and a full overlay door and drawer. The kitchen cabinet design requires quality wood for the frame plywood cabinet boxes that guarantee durability and reliability.

The flat panel used for designing the cabinet boxes in this type of style must be made out of a plywood exterior with a veneered wood interior. Frost kitchen cabinet styles are characterized by a strong wood mortise and tenon rail and stile. The cabinet style has a five-piece drawer front and a white painted MDF center panel.

Frost Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

Any space is perfect for Frost’s cabinet design ideas since the neutral white finish perfectly fits most kitchen designs. Choosing the Frost design for your kitchen cabinets ensures that it will always leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

Do not opt for a casual, normal look for your space, but rather go for the top design for your cabinet by choosing Frost. You can combine this style with any pre-existing cabinet design, like our shaker door style. Frost styles go well with Sterling cabinets at the base for people who want a subtle, less shouting design.

A professional designer will usually recommend Frost kitchen cabinets with the Sterling style to bring out your personality and your style of choice. The design group provides clients with a custom shaker style for their kitchen space design needs.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Deciding on the best style for your kitchen cabinetry requires one to be fully aware of the diverse types of cabinets. This gives you insight before remodeling your kitchen or the entire house, helping you select high-quality products along with eye-catching designs.

Our team of well-trained professional designers helps you select a cabinet door profile to help you start. Choosing the best cabinet door determines the entire look since they are the most visible elements in the kitchen.

The next step involves narrowing down your cabinet door style, depending on your budget for the kitchen design. Visiting our store provides you with the right information needed to select shaker cabinets for your house.

Our team gives you a wood catalog to help you choose the best type of wood and color. It is important to ask the experts before selecting the wood to be used for your cabinet. Since the kitchen and dining area is where you usually cook or entertain guests, choosing a style and finish that complements your kitchen cabinets is advisable.

Whether modern, contemporary, or traditional cabinet styles, always remember that beauty should not compromise function. Frost kitchen cabinet solutions give you the freedom to explore your decorative desire by leaving room for you to add a personal touch, such as glass doors.

Shaker Style Cabinets

When designing your kitchen cabinets within a limited budget, shaker style is the best way to go while ensuring that the final results portray style and elegance. This style incorporates light finishes for the recessed doors made from basic hardware.

Shaker cabinets are characterized by wooden door knobs and handles, convenient for complementing simple natural features. Though shaker cabinets have a simplistic design, it has hidden hardware that adds to its beauty and appeal.

The main type of wood for this specific style is hardwood, except for veneer flat panel doors, with classic natural finishes that give it an appearance of age. Frost designs are usually shaker-influenced to guarantee you get your money’s worth.

Popular Cabinet Styles

Traditional Style

Frost designs have everything for everyone regarding the house by being versatile in kitchen cabinetry. For lovers of sophisticated designs, Frost offers traditional designs that meet the specifications of the client.

This type of cabinet style is well detailed, with raised panel doors or beadboard designs. The diverse range in color gives you that specific look for your kitchen, from white and creams to read. It has a wide range of wood hues with recessed doors, which become key outstanding features for traditional cabinet styles.

Contemporary Style

For this kitchen design, flat surfaces, less ornamentation, and simple hardware characterize this cabinet style. It is perfect for small kitchen spaces because of the tall cabinets, which provide more storage in your kitchen.  Apart from the commonly used material, these cabinets are designed using metal, concrete, glass, plastic, and manufactured wood.

Slab style

Slab designs usually go hand-in-hand with contemporary cabinet designs, despite having a more modern look. It is also called the flat panel cabinet because of the simple and cheap maintenance appeal.

They are perfect for a DYI project since they require less material and labor to build. They are also easy to clean due to the lack of; corners, crannies, and nooks, which usually makes cleaning spills and dust challenges.

Open Shelving

For space lovers who are not for closed cabinets, open shelving is the best option for you. Open shelving is also great for limited kitchen space, requiring a high level of tidiness and organization. They are often placed above the cooking area for easy access to utensils and spices. They are also perfect for displaying matching cutlery or china sets.

Why Frost Designs

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the look you want with consideration of your budget. Our frost designs are guaranteed to leave a smile on your face. Take your space to the next level with our classic, durable and beautiful cabinet designs by contacting Choice Cabinet today.



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