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What Made 2018 Special and Looking Ahead to 2019

By Ryan Horvath

As the year starts to slow down, it never hurts to reflect on how far you’ve come. In our case, Choice Cabinet has grown in leaps and bounds. We found new ways to improve our inventory and our product offerings. In doing so, we’re going to be able to better serve you in 2019. Let’s do a 2018 review and see what made this year special.

New Year, New Kitchen
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At the end of January, we introduced our blog. The purpose of the blog is to become a reliable resource for tips and tricks of renovation. It’s also to keep you up-to-date with kitchen and bathroom trends. You’ll be able to find the latest Choice Cabinet announcements as well. If it relates to the kitchen and bath industry, you’ll find it here.

Within the blog, I created a few downloadable eBooks. The purpose of the eBooks is to help you with your renovation. Our Plan Your Kitchen eBook helps you start your design and offers a few helpful tips. The Renovation Budget Workbook is a great tool to help budget. It can also help you stay on budget with your renovation. The Cabinet Care 101 eBook goes into the everyday care of your new investment. Before you renovate, download our 10 Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation. is what you should consider before starting a renovation.

I’ve recently have started writing about our past projects in what’s called “Featured Project”. While you may think of us as a retail cabinet company, we also work on commercial properties. “Featured Project” is an opportunity for us to highlight some of these properties. You’ll find a little history about the building or area as well as what we contributed on the project.

In blogging news, starting in January 2019, expect to see the blog weekly! I’ll be covering past projects and the latest in kitchen and bath trends. You can expect to see more helpful tips and tricks as well as Choice Cabinet news and announcements. You can also expect to see more of those “Feature Project” blogs as well.

If you have an idea for a blog, let me know. You can email me at [email protected].


If you follow us on social media, you might have noticed the #kbtribechat every Wednesday. What is #kbtribechat exactly? It’s where a group of kitchen and bath industry leaders get together to chat on Twitter. Think of it as a meeting of the minds. They cover a range of topics from trends and design opinions. They also share any tips or tricks they’ve picked up along the way.

In April, I received an invitation to be part of the group and it’s been amazing. The chat is allowing me to stay current with all the emerging trends. It gives me the opportunity to see what other designers are doing. I end up sharing it with our designers. It’s also giving me topics to cover in the blog. If it’s relevant and can help you out, I write about it. And sometimes, with contributions from the chat, the blog writes itself.


Our social media has taken off this year. I’ve seen the number of followers rise, but so to the interactions. It’s awesome to see the likes, retweets/shares, and all your comments on the content I’m posting. We’ve recently starting reposting some of our clients’ posts and it’s taken off. To all those clients tagging us in their posts, keep doing it and I’ll keep reposting it! Also, thanks to you who follow us on social media. If you haven’t yet, look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


A new year always holds the promise of a fresh beginning and start. We couldn’t be more excited by the possibilities. We saw our Porter door style leave us this year. Yet, we do have some exciting news to towards the beginning part of next year. Expect to hear something mid-February/beginning of March. Be sure to stay tuned for that.

So until next year, have a happy and safe holiday season and I’ll see you next year!

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