Ultimate Guide to Buying Wholesale Kitchen Pantry Cabinets

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In most American households, the kitchen is the primary location where food is stored until it is ready to be cooked and eaten. Many kitchens have a specific type of cabinet called a pantry used to store food items that are non-perishable and do not need to be refrigerated or frozen. Although the original use for a pantry was specifically for storing bread, a pantry’s usage has expanded. It is now typically used to hold all types of food such as canned goods, bread, rice, vegetables, and more. Some people even use the pantry to store non-food household items such as linens used in the kitchen. A pantry is an extremely useful kitchen area and should be considered when designing a kitchen remodel or new home construction.

At Choice Cabinet, we have a wide variety of cabinets, including pantry cabinets, that can be purchased wholesale and factory-direct. We understand that you may have questions about pantry cabinets as opposed to regular kitchen cabinets or cupboards, so we have put together this ultimate guide to buying wholesale kitchen pantry cabinets to help you out. Feel free to contact us to discuss all of our pantry and cabinet options and find out more about how to purchase any of our cabinets at wholesale prices.

How Much Do Pantry Cabinets Cost?

As with any cabinet that you will be purchasing for your kitchen, the pantry cost will depend on the size, weight, and materials used to make the pantry. The cheapest (and least durable) option is a pantry made of particleboard. They are cheap but flimsy. At Choice Cabinet, we know how low-quality pantries made of particleboard are, so we do not even offer or carry them. All of our cabinet options are made from the highest quality materials, so you will never find particleboard, glue, or staples in any of our products. This ensures that you get high-quality, long-lasting cabinets in your kitchen that you will be proud of for years to come.

Durable and elegant pantry cabinets are made from solid wood. This means that they will be substantially heavier than materials like particleboard or plywood. Still, they are also much more long-lasting and can remain useful and viable for a lifetime if taken care of properly. In general, pantry cabinets will cost anywhere from $200 up to (and possibly beyond) $1000, depending on the factors discussed above.

What Is a Good Size for a Kitchen Pantry?

The appropriate size for a kitchen pantry depends entirely on your kitchen’s size and how much space you would prefer to allocate to the pantry itself. In general, pantry cabinets are very tall and range from 84″ to 96″ in height. They can also be made to fit a very narrow space (think galley kitchen) or wide space, depending on how large your kitchen is and how many items you want to store in your pantry.

It is important to consider all of your kitchen elements to ensure that you have chosen the appropriate size for the pantry. If you have a large refrigerator, double oven, a sizable gas range, and a plethora of kitchen cabinets, you may end up not having very much room to fit your pantry. However, if you decide to substitute a pantry for a certain number of cabinets, you may make it bigger than expected. Understanding your kitchen’s design and layout will be the most crucial factor to help you determine the right size pantry for your kitchen.

What Is the Difference between a Cupboard and a Pantry?

The words “cupboard” and “pantry” are often used interchangeably, but minor differences make the two items unique. A cupboard is usually considered an enclosed storage space with shelving that is usually attached to a kitchen’s cabinetry and used to store dishes, crockery, food, linens, and other essentials for the home. On the other hand, a pantry is a tall cabinet (or sometimes even a small room or closet) that may or may not be connected to the kitchen’s cabinetry, which is used to store shelf-stable foods such as grains, flour and preserved foods.

No matter what word you use to describe your pantry, it is important to choose the right pantry cabinet for your kitchen. It is critical that you have the right size to meet you and your family’s needs and that it fits in with your overall style and aesthetic. At Choice Cabinet, we have a wide variety of cabinet options, woods, designs, and decorative hardware for you to choose from, so we are confident that you will find the right pantry cabinet for your home. Find out more about our stock of traditional and contemporary cabinets options by calling us and discussing your remodeling plan with one of our friendly staff members.

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