Top 11 Myths About RTA Cabinets Debunked

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Myths about RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA cabinets have had a bad reputation among homeowners and cabinet dealers for many years. Most people ignore the many benefits that RTA cabinets provide, owing to certain long-held myths.

So here we are, equipped with every fact regarding RTA cabinets, ready to debunk the misconceptions that have beset the RTA cabinet. It is about time we started seeing this excellent work of art for what it really is.

Let’s discuss the ten most popular myths for ready-to-assemble cabinets!

What Are RTA Cabinets?

Meaning of RTA cabinets

The phrase “ready-to-assemble” summarizes these items well. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets provide a cost-effective way for homeowners to save money on kitchen and bathroom remodeling. But this alternative comes with a time and labor expense.

Once you purchase RTA cabinets, each piece is cut to size, and there’ll be holes where necessary, including finishes just as you want them. These quality cabinets come in parts in a flat box, together with all the hardware needed for joining. The components are then stacked and wrapped. For delivery, you could either pick them up from the store if they are in stock or have them mailed to you.

After that, you can now assemble and install the RTA cabinets or have an expert cabinet installer do it for you. You may save expenses by investing more time installing RTA cabinets since you will assemble them yourself.

Often, these kitchen cabinets come with assembly instructions. However, they may consist more of graphics and videos with little or no textual guide. Some even include a link to online tutorials, showing you how to install your ready-to-assemble cabinets.

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Common Myths About RTA Cabinets

Common myth about RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Below are the ten myths about RTA cabinets:

Myth #1: The Only Way To Purchase RTA Cabinets Is Online, Through An Unsecured Transaction.

In today’s tech-savvy society, most homeowners are accustomed to, and often at ease with, major online purchases. However, with so many alternatives available, buying cabinets online might be more stressful.

Many security-conscious cabinet makers have built e-commerce security procedures on their websites. This will help to preserve credit card and personal information. Also, it will help ease customers’ anxieties so that they will make significant purchase online.

Customers may create an account just like they would with any online retailer, whether they are cabinet contractors or homeowners. Their account will archive all order data and delete payment information for security reasons. But that’s not all. You can also walk into any cabinet store and pick up any RTA cabinet of your choice.

Myth #2 RTA Cabinets Are Fragile

Many individuals believe that incredible things can never come easily to anyone and in superb condition. However, this is a common misconception about RTA cabinets. People feel that because the installation process of this cabinetry is easy, it cannot be as strong and quality as pre-made or crafted cabinets.

The fact is that RTA cabinets undergo a similar process, just like the custom cabinets. Thus, they are made using the same techniques as those developed by cabinet artisans. This implies that RTA cabinets are equally solid and long-lasting as your next custom-made cabinets.

In addition, some RTA cabinets turn out sturdier than pieces assembled by experts or machines. This happens because cabinet makers disassemble RTA cabinets before sending them out for delivery. It means they are less prone to damage during transit, unlike pre-assembled cabinets or custom-made units.

Myth #3 Only Professional Carpenters Can Install RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Assembling RTA cabinets used to be challenging, as people claim. Though, RTA cabinet designs no longer need professionals. This means that even an amateur can install an RTA cabinet. Well, there are several types of RTA cabinets, each with different assembly requirements. Manufacturers always place some assembly instructions on the cabinets

The purpose of this is to outline the step-by-step installation process. Also, it shows the tools needed to finish the work. RTA cabinets do not require the same level of expertise that you would need to install custom kitchen cabinets. Instead, it will save you labor costs while also allowing you to renovate the kitchen yourself.

Note that assembling face frame style cabinets is simpler than frameless cabinets. Hence, we advise you to go with the former.

Myth #4 RTA Cabinets Don’t Look Good

RTA cabinets don't look good

Many people picture boxy, typical cabinets that merely look out of place in any kitchen area. However, in debunking this myth, there is enormous technical progress that humans have accomplished over the years. This implies that RTA cabinets are no longer as simple and odd as they were twenty years ago.

RTA cabinets are available in various designs and forms from which you can select. As a result, you can acquire ready-to-assemble cabinets in different styles you desire. It ranges from simple to highly ornate, country styles to modern, or anything else you choose. And they will all look fantastic in your new kitchen space!

Myth #5 RTA Cabinets Are Costly

One of the top myths about new kitchen RTA cabinets is that they cost tens of thousands of dollars. Custom kitchen cabinets cost tens of thousands of dollars. In contrast, RTA cabinets cost up to 40% less than pre-assembled cabinetry found at any home improvement store.

In addition, when a contractor or homeowner purchases pre-assembled cabinets from a big-box home store, they buy unassembled cabinets. Then, they pay for assembly before the cabinet ships. But because cabinet manufacturers who sell straight to contractors or customers do not pay additional assembly costs, they may provide an RTA kitchen cabinet at a lower price—saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

Myth #6 RTA Cabinets Won’t Increase The Value Of My Home

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Another common misconception is that only custom-made cabinets can increase the market value of their home. However, people frequently overlook the fact that any type of makeover, including the installation of RTA cabinets, may raise the value of a home.

To debunk such a myth, installing new cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom is a significant investment. And ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets are a cheap, quality, and long-lasting solution. In addition, RTA cabinets might allow you to save thousands of dollars in the long run. This is because they are less expensive than pre-made cabinets.

Myth #7 RTA Cabinets Take A Long Time To Deliver

Shipping takes a log time

A few cabinet manufacturers have a wait time of several months for raw materials to arrive before the construction of new cabinets begins. Then, it takes three weeks before the cabinets ship.

RTA cabinets come faster than pre-assembled cabinets. RTA cabinet pieces are flat packaged for zero movement and ready to ship within two business days of your purchase. Delivery usually takes 7-10 days from the ship’s date.

Myth #8 You Can’t Customize RTA Cabinets

Faced with this misconception, our response is a big NO! Many people believe that RTA cabinets are mass-produced items you cannot customize to meet your home’s décor. Meanwhile, this is just not the case.

Though there is a myth that says RTA cabinets only come in standard or box shapes. That’s wrong!

Nowadays, many RTA cabinets come in various styles from which you may select based on the décor of your home. Furthermore, they provide many adjustable choices. They include organizing solutions ‌that can be added or removed depending on your needs.

Myth #9 RTA Cabinets Are Made Of Cheap Materials

Although it’s true that our ancestors purchased a flimsy RTA kitchen cabinet. This results from the cheap materials –– particle board used in constructing it. However, the reverse is now the case.

Because of the recent technological advancements, the materials used in constructing RTA cabinets are the same used for custom cabinets. As a result, most RTA cabinets available are built with strong, long-lasting solid wood or plywood box and not particle board.

Myth #10 RTA kitchen Cabinets Need More Maintenance To Increase Its Durability

Regardless of their low cost and adaptability, RTA kitchen cabinets do not need too much maintenance. RTA cabinets, like all other cabinets, requires a simple wipe at regular intervals. This will help to preserve the surfaces clean from stains.

Myth #11 Harmful To The Health

Many news stories revealed the presence of formaldehyde and other dangerous substances in many RTA furniture, particularly those sent abroad. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as formaldehyde, causes irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin. Also, it causes headaches, nausea, lung damage, and cancer risks.

A decade ago, this was a major cause of concern. Having said that, most countries took action on this issue. Many were adhering to the CARB Phase 2 compliance mandated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The organization is known as the “clean air agency.” This is because it aims to reduce formaldehyde emissions and prevent airborne harmful pollutants from being ingested by the public.

However, RTA cabinets are now CABR2 approved. You’d know because the package or item will have “CARB2 compliant,” “CARB cabinet,” logos on it.


One thing is certain: some individuals enjoy criminal activities. Because of the prominence of identity theft in the virtual world today, the fear of purchasing anything hazardous online is unavoidable. It finally affected the ready-to-assemble store.

If you believe you are ready to get your own RTA cabinet, what are you waiting for? Explore the greatest RTA cabinets here and gain your own RTA cabinet right away. Do you have any other questions about RTA cabinets? Please contact us and let us know how we can assist you.



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