Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For Small Kitchen – Best Small Kitchen Ideas

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Professional kitchen cabinet design helps you to get the most out of a small kitchen design.


Here are three ways interior design can enhance your small kitchen design ideas.

  • Optimizes your kitchen space
  • Properly designed cabinetry makes your space feel more spacious by reducing visual clutter
  • Increases the resale value of your home 

In this article, we’ll share practical tips to make your tiny kitchen feel bigger without compromising aesthetics and style. Ready? Let’s go.

Small Space Optimization

Space optimization is a really big deal when working with smaller kitchens. It is important to maximize every inch of space and use a kitchen cabinetry design that will optimize space as much as possible. With professional interior design, you can make the best out of even the smallest kitchen. Let’s show you how.

Streamline your kitchen workflow

The best small kitchen design ideas have designated cooking, cleaning, and prepping zones. What this does for your small kitchen layout is that it increases organization, especially when you are working.

Utilize vertical wall space

In a compact kitchen, there’s limited ground space, so making use of wall space can go a long way in providing efficient small kitchen storage space. Consider using tall cabinets for compact space solutions and open shelving to make the small space feel open and airy.

  • Tall cabinets and pantry solutions: Tall, slim cabinets can be designed to fit narrow spaces, optimizing even the tightest corners in the kitchen. You can even fix cabinets up to the ceiling of your kitchen.
  • Open shelving for storage and decor: Open shelving is not only a great kitchen storage idea, but it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your apartment kitchen and will make the space feel bigger, open, and more airy.

Innovative cabinet solutions

The goal here is to provide sufficient cabinet space for kitchen utensils without taking up useful space. Some innovative storage solutions include;

  • Lazy Susans
  • Pull-out shelves, trays, and baskets
  • Hooks and pegs for hanging utensils
  • Under-cabinet storage
  • Tiered countertops shelving
  • Carousel cabinets
  • Corner drawers or cabinets

Using compact appliances

Shop for small, functional, and compact appliances when shopping for appliances for your small kitchen space. You don’t want to have a refrigerator or microwave that takes up all the space in your kitchen.

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