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Premium Wholesale RTA Kitchen Cabinets in Nebraska

Homeowners in Nebraska are looking for cabinets that provide matchless durability, exquisite aesthetics, and seamless functionality, all at friendly prices. As a cabinet dealer, you have to find wholesale kitchen and bathroom cabinets from a reputable manufacturer and supplier to provide all these while making good ROI.

We aim to simultaneously satisfy our dealers and end users. We believe that by creating cabinets that meet the requirements, needs, and tastes of your customers, we’re empowering you to reach your goal of becoming a market leader in Nebraska.

We have been serving homeowners and dealers in the US for more than two decades and have built a robust reputation for being the choice supplier of the highest quality, yet affordable cabinets. Embark on this rewarding journey with us by filling out our ‘Become A Dealer Form’ to enjoy what our array of successful dealers enjoy.

Choice Cabinet is here to help you achieve just that. We provide the following to our dealers:

Our Wholesale RTA Kitchen Cabinets in Nebraska


RTA Cabinets

Enhance your product range and meet the requirements of budget-conscious homeowners by integrating our Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets. Experience the balance of affordability, quality, and convenience, as our cabinets empower homeowners to reduce installation and shipping costs without compromising the structural integrity of their cabinet assemblies.


Shaker Cabinets

Cater to the preferences of discerning customers and enhance your product selection with our exquisite cabinet line—Choice Select® (available in Frost, Sterling, Fremont, and Graphite). These cabinets offer a harmonious combination of beauty, timelessness, versatility, durability, and sophistication, seamlessly blending elegance and value. They are crafted to meet the demands of those with refined tastes.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Explore the epitome of luxury in our Choice Essentials® line, featuring opulent selections like Brentwood, Lexington, and Summit. Stand out in the market by providing homeowners with the chance to elevate their living spaces through our cutting-edge kitchen cabinets. Crafted with a combination of style and functionality, our kitchen cabinets redefine elegance, bringing fresh vitality to every home.

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Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Help your customers revamp their kitchens and bathrooms effortlessly with our practical yet stylish decorative cabinet accessories. We've got homeowners in Nebraska covered with a range of options that strike the perfect balance between fashion and function. From cap pulls and round-flat knobs to square knobs, edge pulls, diecast knobs, spherical knobs, bar pull handles, and deco pulls, our decorative cabinet hardware collection has it all.

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Custom Cabinets

Grow your dealership by offering unique, tailor-made kitchen and bathroom cabinets that speak to the distinctive tastes of your clientele. Our skilled designers stand ready to collaborate, ensuring that each cabinet is not just a product but a personalized masterpiece. By showcasing our custom cabinets, you position your dealership as a hub of creativity and exclusivity, attracting customers seeking one-of-a-kind solutions.

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Bathroom Cabinets

Our approach to crafting bathroom cabinets is meticulous and purposeful. These cabinets are engineered with durability in mind, designed to withstand the impacts of heat, humidity, and other potential factors that could cause damage. Furthermore, our extensive range of styles ensures that dealers can offer various options to meet diverse customer preferences, enhancing their ability to attract and retain clientele.

Here’s our simple 4-step buying process for cabinet dealers in Nebraska

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Are your cabinets all-wood?

Absolutely. Our cabinets boast a solid construction with a combination of natural hardwood, plywood, and MDF, ensuring a robust and durable foundation. This meticulous blend of materials not only enhances the strength of the cabinets but also contributes to their longevity, providing a reliable and quality product for your clientele.

Are your cabinets strong enough to hold a granite countertop?

Our cabinets are designed and constructed to handle the weight and demands of granite countertops with ease. The core of our cabinets, composed of natural hardwood and plywood provides a sturdy foundation that ensures the stability required for supporting granite surfaces. You can trust that our cabinets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand the rigors of daily use, including the weight of granite countertops.

How much cheaper are wholesale cabinets?

The cost difference between wholesale and retail cabinets can vary based on several factors, including the cabinet manufacturer, materials used, design complexity, and the quantity purchased. Generally, wholesale cabinets tend to be more cost-effective compared to retail prices. 

By buying in larger quantities directly from a wholesaler, you often benefit from economies of scale and the elimination of additional retail markups, leading to overall cost savings. The exact percentage of savings can depend on the specific circumstances of the purchase and the policies of the wholesale supplier.

Can I look at your selection in-store?

We encourage you to visit our cabinet showrooms near you to explore our extensive selection of cabinets in person. Seeing and touching our cabinets firsthand can provide you with a better understanding of their quality, craftsmanship, and design. 

Our staff will be available to assist you, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you have a comprehensive experience while browsing our selection. We believe that an in-store visit will allow you to make a more informed decision and choose the cabinets that best meet your preferences and requirements. We look forward to welcoming you to our store! Send us a message today!

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