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Premium Wholesale RTA Kitchen Cabinets in Minnesota

At Choice Cabinet, we pride ourselves on transforming houses into homes by providing exquisite cabinetry solutions tailored to our customer’s unique styles and needs. With our wide range of designs, superior craftsmanship, and unbeatable prices, we are dedicated to enhancing living spaces and exceeding expectations. 

Become a dealer and step into a world of endless possibilities where functionality meets elegance, and help homeowners create the kitchen and bathroom of their dreams. Discover timeless designs, exceptional quality, and exceptional service at Choice Cabinets. 

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Our Wholesale RTA Kitchen Cabinets in Minnesota


RTA Cabinets

Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are a popular choice for homeowners and contractors alike. They are convenient, affordable, and stylish. These cabinets come in flat-packed boxes and are designed to be easily assembled, making them a practical solution for anyone looking to renovate or remodel their kitchen or bathroom. 

Aside from that, at Choice Cabinet, we have the most detailed manual to accompany every cabinet we sell. We also test every screw, knob, hinge, and bolt that comes in the box to ensure that everything fits perfectly.


Shaker Cabinets

Our Shaker cabinet collection combines functionality and elegance to provide a versatile canvas for different design preferences. We have a stunning collection of Shaker cabinets designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of kitchens or bathrooms. They are crafted with precision and attention to detail, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and durability.

Shaker cabinets are trendy for their timeless look and require little to no maintenance. We also apply the most elegant finishes and hardware to provide that luxurious appearance. The elegant simplicity of Shaker cabinets makes them a popular choice, seamlessly blending into various interior styles from traditional to contemporary. 

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Corner Cabinets

Our corner cabinets are the best fit if you are looking to maximize space. They are well-crafted with interior space-saving mechanisms that help you stay organized. Some features in our corner cabinets include lazy susans, pull-out racks, roll-out trays, cutlery storage, cutlery dividers, drawer partitions, and more. 

Whether you need additional space for pots and pans, pantry items, or toiletries, our corner cabinets are designed to meet your organizational needs without compromising on style. Transform awkward corners into functional storage hubs with our high-quality and thoughtfully designed corner cabinets. 

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Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Take your customers' cabinet selection to the next level with our exceptional decorative hardware. Our decorative hardware goes beyond mere adornment; it elevates the overall aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to every cabinet. 

By offering our decorative hardware, you're not just selling cabinets; you're providing a complete solution that transforms homes into masterpieces of design and practicality.

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Custom Cabinets

Tell us what you want us to design for you, and we will deliver astounding results at lower costs than you would get from your local carpenter. Our custom cabinets are designed with the most sturdy wood materials for homeowners who know what they want.

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Bathroom Cabinets & Vanities

Bathroom cabinets should be built to withstand the heat and humidity in your bathroom. Bathrooms are water and heat-prone areas, so we use solid wood materials like oak, hickory, cherry, and plywood to ensure long-lasting durability. We also apply additives and laminate coverings that further reinforce the resistance to damage. 

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Which Brand Cabinet Is The Best?

There are many cabinet makers out there in Minnesota. However, if you want a company that offers you the highest quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets at the most friendly prices, Choice Cabinet is your go-to. We have spent decades in the cabinetry industry, have the finest craftsmanship, and understand the needs of local homeowners. Our customers also attest to our commendable customer service.

How Much Cheaper Are Your Wholesale Cabinets?

As a result of factors like bulk buying power, volume discounts, elimination of middlemen, and efficient packaging, wholesale cabinets are considerably more cost-effective options for dealers and contractors. 

Becoming a dealer at Choice Cabinets can give you up to 20% profit margin for every sale. 

Do You Have A Showroom?

Yes. We have walk-in showrooms where you can check for the most beautiful, highly durable, and affordable kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We run a wholesale kitchen cabinet showroom for dealers looking to resell and homeowners looking to upgrade their living space.

We have really amazing inspiration for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Contact (216) 378-2828 to locate a showroom close to you. 

How Much Is The Cost Of Cabinets?

Cabinets can range from $200 to $500 per cabinet. However, depending on the size of your home and the design or sophistication level you want to attain, prices can often get much higher. At Choice Cabinet, we deliver any level of sophistication you want at the most affordable prices ever.

For stock cabinets, you can expect the price of a single cabinet to range from $199 to $399. Semi-custom cabinets can cost from $299 to $599. Single custom cabinets range from $499 to $999 or more because they are made specifically to your taste, and the price would usually depend on your preferences.

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