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Premium Wholesale RTA Kitchen Cabinets in Iowa

Choice Cabinet in Iowa offers you the best options for affordable and high-quality wholesale kitchen and bathroom cabinets for your home or dealership business. We have grown into one of the nation’s fastest-growing and industry-leading cabinet manufacturers with over two decades of professional experience and a team of experts who are committed to excellence, have a great work ethic and are skilled at their jobs. 

We pride ourselves on transforming houses into homes by providing exquisite cabinetry solutions tailored to our customers’ unique styles and needs. With our extensive range of designs, superior craftsmanship, and unbeatable prices, we are committed to enhancing living spaces and surpassing your expectations.

Here’s what we offer:

Our Wholesale RTA Kitchen Cabinets in Iowa


RTA Cabinets

Our RTA cabinets are excellently pre-made cabinets that offer convenience, affordability, and style. Our RTA cabinets come with detailed instruction manuals, ensuring easy assembly and a hassle-free installation experience. We offer affordable RTA cabinets without compromising on quality.


Shaker Cabinets

Timeless, elegant, and expertly crafted with precision and a keen eye for detail, these cabinets seamlessly marry functionality with sophistication, creating a harmonious balance between practicality and refined style. Not only are they remarkably low-maintenance, but their versatile design effortlessly harmonizes with a wide spectrum of interior aesthetics, ranging from the classic charm of traditional settings to the sleek modernity of contemporary spaces. 

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Kitchen Cabinets

By partnering with us, you'll not only enhance your product offerings but also elevate your business to new heights. This holds true for our excellent kitchen cabinets, featuring the Choice Essentials® line with options like Brentwood, Lexington, and Summit. We built these pieces to transform kitchens, improve efficiency, and save space while staying solid for decades with little maintenance.

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Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Give your customers the key to unlocking unparalleled satisfaction with our decorative cabinet hardware, designed for exceptional functionality and efficiency. Not only do these pieces elevate the visual appeal of older cabinets, but they also contribute to a more efficient kitchen setup. Put on display our wide array of choices, from spherical knobs to deco pulls, square knobs, cap pulls, and more, and position yourself as the foremost provider of premium cabinet hardware solutions.

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Custom Cabinets

Do you have a unique idea of kitchen and bathroom cabinets? Share your vision with us, and we'll bring it to life with durable wood materials, top-notch attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship. Our custom cabinets are uniquely made to your preferences. Let’s give your customers what they really want by designing cabinets that meet their specific needs.

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Bathroom Cabinets

Our cabinets and vanities give your bathroom a royal feel. They are neat, elegant, and luxurious. Depending on your taste, we have a variety of styles and designs to meet your needs. These cabinets are resistant to water and heat damage, designed with the most durable materials, and crafted to enhance the appearance of your powder room.

Here’s our simple 4-step buying process for cabinet dealers in Iowa

  • Schedule a visit to our warehouse near you
  • Place your orders
  • Sit back and expect the cabinets to be delivered right on time.
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What sets your cabinets apart from others in the market?

Our cabinets stand out due to their exceptional quality, durability, and attention to detail. We use premium materials, employ skilled craftsmen, and conduct rigorous quality checks, ensuring you receive cabinets that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last for generations.

How long will it take to receive my cabinets after placing an order?

We prioritize timely deliveries to meet your project deadlines. Our efficient inventory management enables us to deliver your cabinets promptly. We provide clear timelines at the time of order placement, and our team is dedicated to ensuring your cabinets arrive when you need them.

Can I see samples of the materials and finishes before making a decision?

Certainly. We encourage our customers to explore samples of our materials and finishes. This allows you to see and feel the quality firsthand, ensuring you make an informed decision. Our showrooms are also available for you to experience our cabinets in person. 

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