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Every cabinet dealer in Indiana deserves a chance to succeed in the highly competitive cabinet dealership industry and earn a good market share. You spend so much time and money to keep your business running and should be able to win customers over and make sales.

You need to sell affordable yet high-quality cabinets that help you stay profitable, earn your customers’ trust and loyalty, become a thriving industry leader, and win more customers through referrals. 

At Choice Cabinet, we sell high-quality cabinets at unbeatable prices to help you achieve that and more. Turn first-time buyers into brand loyalists and evangelists by selling them cabinets that help them create their dream homes. Fill out our dealers’ form today to get started.

What we offer our dealers:

Our Indiana Wholesale Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinets Products

We have a vast collection of cabinet pieces of different styles, uses, and designs in our warehouses near Indiana that homeowners and home improvement contractors want. Our cabinets are designed to meet present and future trends and standards, ensuring they stay relevant for decades. Visit our inspiration gallery for more ideas.


RTA Cabinets

Our RTA cabinets provide ease of setup, assembly, and installation, providing homeowners with unmatched longevity and luxury. We know what homeowners in Indiana want, as we have studied the market and understood design trends that homeowners are willing to spend good money on. Our RTA cabinets are made with sturdy materials like natural wood and solid plywood.


Shaker Cabinets

Our Choice Select® cabinet line is just the perfect choice for homeowners who want luxury at great prices. We design cabinets with luxurious and sophisticated designs and finishes, including Frost, Sterling, Fremont, and Graphite, at wholesale prices to help our dealers become the go-to sellers of quality and affordable cabinets. Our shaker cabinets are excellent for traditional, contemporary, modern, and transitional home styles.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Our kitchen cabinets are built using industry-standard measurements and styles, dovetail joints, solid wood frame doors, soft-close hinges, drawer glides, and more. They help homeowners enjoy a more practical and effective flow of activities in the kitchen. 

We design corner kitchen cabinets, base cabinets, pantry cabinets, and many more. You would also love our Choice Essentials® line; Brentwood, Lexington, and Summit.

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Cabinet Storage Accessories and Space Savers

Our accessories and space savers are also available to help homeowners keep their cabinets more efficient and practical. Some space savers we have on our list that homeowners are constantly looking for are roll-out trays to base pantry pull-outs, wood tray dividers, lazy susans, wooden cutlery dividers, and trash pull-outs. They improve storage and cut clutter.

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Decorative Cabinet Hardware

We have some of the most luxurious decorative cabinet hardware for homeowners who want a more gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. These items range from square knobs to spherical knobs, diecast knobs, bar pull handles, round-flat knobs, cap pull, deco pulls, and edge pulls.

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Bathroom Cabinets

Homeowners expect their bathroom cabinets to withstand heat, moisture, and other damaging factors, which is what our bathroom cabinets and vanities are made for. Aside from the durability and aesthetics, our bathroom cabinets come with inner depth and with, helping you store more and cut the clutter in your bathroom.

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Custom Cabinets

Do you want us to design a line of cabinets that homeowners wish to get? Send us a message or call us to discuss what you want, and our designers will produce some of the most gorgeous and efficient cabinet pieces. We design custom cabinets with the best materials, decorative hardware, space savers, and accessories that help homeowners feel a deep sense of sophistication and luxury when installed.

Check out our quality of construction page to see how these cabinets are made for the future.

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Are your cabinets all-wood?

Yes. At Choice Cabinet, we take pride in creating cabinets that homeowners will be glad they bought even after several decades. We construct our cabinets using a combination of hardwood, high-density plywood, and wood-veneered MDF. These are some of the most rigid wood materials in cabinetry.

Are wholesale cabinets available to the public?

Our wholesale cabinets are available to dealers only. However, homeowners looking to create a magnificent living space can also get great discounts on all cabinets bought directly from us.

Are your cabinets strong enough to hold a granite countertop?

Our cabinets are built to withstand anything, and granite countertops are on the list. We use excellent wood joinery to fit cabinet parts together, improving durability and strength and eliminating the chances of dismantling.

How much cheaper are wholesale cabinets?

Our wholesale cabinets are way more affordable than what you find in big box stores because we do not add any markup. You buy the cabinets at a little above manufacturing cost. This is why our dealers are some of the most successful in the industry.

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