Wholesale Custom RTA Kitchen Cabinets in South Carolina

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Premium Wholesale Custom RTA Kitchen Cabinets in South Carolina

Your cabinet dealership will not attain the level of success you want if you keep ending up with unsatisfied customers. The success and growth of your business depends significantly on the quality and variety of cabinets you deliver. You know your business deserves it.

Additionally, you want to see that you partner with a manufacturer that leaves a wide-enough wholesale price margin for you to make a good profit. This and more is what we offer you at Choice Cabinet.

Here’s our simple 4-step buying process for cabinet dealers in South Carolina

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  • Sit back and expect the cabinets to be delivered right on time.

With nearly thirty years of experience crafting and offering timeless cabinets, Choice Cabinet has established itself as a prominent cabinet manufacturer in the US. We have collaborated with countless homeowners throughout our journey, gaining valuable insights into their desires and preferences.

What we offer our dealers:

Our Wholesale RTA Kitchen Cabinet In South Carolina

Our quality construction standard will help you understand how much work we put into making these cabinets the best in the market. Check out our timeless cabinet pieces below:


RTA Cabinets

Our RTA cabinets offer homeowners a chance to enjoy the beauty and durability of our cabinets at lower prices. These cabinets also come in a wide range of styles and finishes to help homeowners in South Carolina design the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams.


Shaker Cabinets

Aside from the mouthwatering profit margin our timeless shaker cabinets give you, they’re also some of our fastest-selling pieces. Our shaker cabinets are designed with the luxurious homeowner in mind. Every material, shape, design, and finish is made to soothe the eyes while also offering efficiency and practicality. Check out our Choice Select® cabinet line (Frost, Sterling, Fremont, and Graphite).

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Kitchen Cabinets

Our Choice Essentials® line (Brentwood, Lexington, and Summit) helps South Carolina homeowners express themselves to the fullest. We design our kitchen cabinets to foster organization, efficiency, and comfort, which is the hallmark of all our cabinet designs. By partnering with us, you’ll be selling the most sought-after cabinets in the market.

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Cabinet Storage Accessories & Space Savers

From lazy susans, roll-out trays, and wooden cutlery dividers to base pantry pull-outs and wood tray dividers, we offer homeowners the power to optimize their kitchen cabinets while also improving the kitchen's functionality. Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to cut clutter in their kitchens, and these space savers are an excellent addition to your showroom.

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Custom Cabinets

Our cabinet designers can help replicate a gorgeous design based on popular demand. We design cabinets to meet the specifications and needs of your customers without compromising on quality. Our custom cabinets are sustainable and eco-friendly and offer design flexibility allowing homeowners to add their preferred finishing touches.

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Bathroom Cabinets

Concerns about humidity and heat often dominate homeowners' minds regarding bathroom cabinets. But we’ve tackled that with our innovative design system. We guarantee heat resistance, durability, and exceptional water resistance, ensuring peace of mind and sophisticated bathroom space. 

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Are your cabinets all-wood?

Yes, our cabinets are crafted using high-quality all-wood construction. We take pride in using premium wood materials to ensure durability and a timeless appeal. Rest assured, our cabinets are built to meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Are your cabinets strong enough to hold a granite countertop?

Absolutely, our cabinets are designed and built to support the weight of granite countertops. We use sturdy construction techniques and high-quality materials to ensure the cabinets provide a solid foundation for the countertop. You can trust in their strength and durability for your customers’ needs.

How much cheaper are wholesale cabinets?

Wholesale cabinets present substantial cost advantages compared to retail or individual purchases. The price difference can vary based on factors like bulk orders, direct sourcing, special dealer pricing, customization options, and long-term partnerships. In many cases, wholesale cabinets can offer up to a 50 percent discount compared to retail prices.

Can I look at your selection in-store?

Certainly! We welcome you to explore our wide selection of cabinets in-store. Visit our showroom to experience the craftsmanship, design options, and quality firsthand. Our dedicated staff will be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect cabinets for your customers’ needs. Send us a message today or call 855-378-2828.

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