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Premium Wholesale RTA Kitchen Cabinets in North Carolina

As a cabinet dealer in North Carolina, there’s only one way to stay profitable and ahead of the competition – consistent customer satisfaction. How do you ensure consistent customer satisfaction?

Choice Cabinet is your best bet. We understand that your business needs to make a good profit and to do that, every customer must be satisfied with the products they pay for. That’s why our business model is to satisfy both the dealer and the end user.

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What we offer our dealers:

Our Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets In North Carolina

We manufacture and sell various cabinets for different home designs. We design our cabinets to stand the test of time while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of all living spaces. Read our quality of construction to understand the level of detail we put into our cabinet creation.


RTA Cabinets

Sell our RTA cabinets to elevate your offerings and meet the demands of today's cost-conscious homeowners. Experience the perfect combination of affordability, quality, and ease with our cabinets that help homeowners reduce installation and shipping costs without compromising on the quality of their cabinet box.


Shaker Cabinets

Improve your product offerings and meet the demands of high-taste customers by showcasing our cabinets that combine elegance and value—introducing our Choice Select® cabinet line (Frost, Sterling, Fremont, and Graphite), delivering an exquisite blend of beauty, timelessness, versatility, durability, and sophistication.

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Kitchen Cabinets

We design and build exquisite kitchen cabinets that blend style and functionality effortlessly, breathing new life into any home space. Stay ahead of the competition by offering homeowners the opportunity to elevate their spaces with our trendsetting kitchen cabinets. You’ll find some of the most luxurious pieces in our Choice Essentials® line, including Brentwood, Lexington, and Summit.

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Decorative Hardware

We help homeowners transform outdated kitchens and bathrooms into stunning spaces with our collection of stylish and functional decorative cabinet accessories. These accessories are for homeowners who crave a fresh and modern look. Our decorative cabinet hardware includes cap pulls, round-flat knobs, square knobs, edge pulls, diecast knobs, spherical knobs, bar pull handles, and deco pulls.

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Custom Cabinets

We understand that as a cabinet dealer in North Carolina, your customers may have specific design requirements that you want to display in your showroom. Speak with our expert designers, and we will help you create custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets that elevate your offerings and promote customer satisfaction and retention.

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Bathroom Cabinets

One of the challenges dealers experience is customer complaints regarding product damage and defects. Most of these complaints come from poorly built bathroom cabinets. We eliminate that challenge by meticulously crafting our bathroom cabinets to withstand heat, humidity, and other damaging factors. They also come in various styles.

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Are your cabinets all-wood?

At the core of our cabinets lies the strength of natural hardwood combined with plywood and MDF. We utilize it meticulously for the face frame, top and bottom of the cabinet box, drawer, and cabinet front, ensuring a premium product that exceeds expectations. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that buyers receive maximum value for their investment.

Are your cabinets strong enough to hold a granite countertop?

Our cabinets are more than capable of supporting your granite countertops or any other countertop material you choose. With our commitment to quality and structural integrity, you can trust that our cabinets provide the reliable foundation you need for your countertops, allowing you to create stunning and functional spaces confidently.

How much cheaper are wholesale cabinets?

Wholesale cabinets are typically more affordable compared to retail prices. The exact price difference can vary depending on the cabinet manufacturer, materials used, design complexity, and the number of cabinets purchased. Generally, buying cabinets in bulk directly from a wholesaler allows for cost savings due to economies of scale and the removal of additional retail markups. 

Can I look at your selection in-store?

We cordially invite you to visit our nearby warehouses in North Carolina and look through the exceptional quality of the cabinets we offer. Simply call us to schedule your visit, and we’ll be delighted to provide you with all the information you need.

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