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Do you want to become the go-to cabinet dealer for premium kitchen and bathroom cabinets in New Jersey? Do you want to set your cabinet dealership business up for customer trust and loyalty? Do you want to sell high-end, timeless cabinets at the best prices? You should start selling our meticulously crafted cabinets today.

Choice Cabinet is a distinguished cabinet manufacturer in Ohio and serves the entire United States. Our mission is to assist homeowners and contractors in building exquisite kitchen and bathroom areas through our timeless cabinet designs.

What sets us apart is not just our exceptional products but also our unwavering commitment to our dealers. We offer unrivaled dealer support, including competitive pricing, comprehensive marketing resources, and efficient logistics.

Reach us at [email protected] or call 216-378-2834 to become one of our esteemed cabinet dealers.

What we offer our dealers:

Our Wholesale Cabinet Products In New Jersey

Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and vanities are engineered to stand the test of time, ensuring homeowners’ investment in their dream spaces remains flawless for years to come.

Check out our quality of construction for a clearer view of the quality we create for you and your customers.


RTA Cabinets

Immerse yourself in the endless possibilities of our RTA cabinets, as they come in an extensive range of designs and sizes. Rest assured; every cabinet is well-crafted with the same high-quality materials that define our brand. With their exceptional durability and timeless appeal, these cabinets are designed to integrate seamlessly into any home decor.


Shaker Cabinets

Introducing our timeless shaker cabinets, the epitome of modern luxury and strength for discerning homeowners. Elevate your space with our exquisite Choice Select® line, featuring Frost, Sterling, Fremont, and Graphite collections. These impeccable cabinets are designed to meet and surpass the new-generation homeowner's expectations.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Experience timeless elegance and functionality with our exquisite kitchen cabinets. Explore the extensive selection of our distinguished Choice Essentials® collections like Brentwood, Lexington, and Summit. Elevate your culinary haven with cabinets that meet and exceed your expectations. Unleash the true potential of your kitchen today.

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Bathroom Vanities

Take advantage of the opportunity to help homeowners in NJ enhance their powder room with our remarkable bathroom cabinets and vanities. By partnering with us, you gain access to an array of luxurious yet affordable bathroom cabinets that will bolster your business and foster trust and satisfaction among your esteemed clientele in New Jersey.

Hamilton House Brentwood Espresso Shaker Cabinet

Custom Cabinets

Our custom cabinets are the epitome of craftsmanship and innovation, meticulously designed to exceed the highest industry standards. We source only the finest materials, ensuring durability and timeless beauty that will captivate your customers. With an extensive range of styles, finishes, and sizes, our cabinets cater to every taste and space.

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Cabinet Storage and Accessories

At Choice Cabinet, we understand homeowners' desire for efficient storage solutions and have developed a range of top-notch accessories to meet that need. Help your customers in NJ discover our carefully crafted selection of functional space savers, including lazy susans, wood tray dividers, base pantry pull-outs, roll-out trays, wooden cutlery dividers, and trash pull-outs.

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Are your cabinets all-wood?

We believe strongly in quality construction and make every effort possible to ensure that all our cabinets are durable and timeless. One of the measures we take to ensure this is crafting every cabinet piece using an all-wood construction that combines the sturdiness of natural wood, plywood, and high-end MDF.

Are wholesale cabinets available to the public?

Are wholesale cabinets available to the public?

We sell our cabinets at wholesale prices exclusively to our dealers to help them earn good profits while covering their markup costs. Homeowners looking for affordable cabinets can also visit any of our showrooms closest to them to find premium kitchen and bathroom cabinets at discounted prices. 

Are your cabinets strong enough to hold a granite countertop?

At Choice Cabinet, durability and sturdiness are at the core of every creation. We design our cabinets from solid wood materials and expertly assemble them using pocket-screw joinery, ensuring they can effortlessly bear the weight of your beautiful granite countertop.

How much cheaper are wholesale cabinets?

Wholesale cabinets can offer discounts of up to 40 percent, depending on the cabinet supplier. At Choice Cabinet, we want our cabinet dealers to stay profitable while selling the highest quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and that’s why we sell at prices slightly higher than the production costs.

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