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Want to become a trusted kitchen and bathroom cabinet dealer in Massachusetts? Then you need our wholesale kitchen and bathroom cabinets in your showroom. Our high-quality and excellent kitchen and bathroom cabinets never go unnoticed. By providing the most classic cabinet parts, we assist homeowners and contractors in designing 5-star kitchens and bathrooms.

Choice Cabinet has remained the leading kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturer in the US and Canada for over three decades. Our customers trust our quality products that provide amazing storage, matchless aesthetics, and promise unfailing, long-lasting durability. We provide all that at way more affordable prices than the big-box stores.

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What we offer our dealers:

Our Products

At Choice Cabinet, we have every material, design, texture, pattern, and color you might want. We design custom cabinets and ready-to-assemble ones for every homeowner in Massachusetts. Based on in-depth research, our cabinet designs are unique to current home layouts and designs while also being super-versatile to fit into older home designs and improve the entire outlook.


RTA Cabinets

Our Ready to Assemble cabinets are delivered already built by the manufacturer and ready to be installed in the home. RTA cabinets facilitate speed in remodeling projects as they are easy to assemble and install. Our RTA cabinets are crafted with an all-wood construction that ensures durability. These cabinets fit well in kitchen and bathroom settings.


Shaker Cabinets

Our Choice Select® shaker cabinet line offers luxurious cabinet options at affordable prices. These shaker cabinets are designed for the million-dollar home yet come at affordable prices. Cabinet styles in this line include Frost, Sterling, Fremont, and Graphite. Other more affordable Choice Essentials® cabinet line options are Brentwood, Lexington, and Summit.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinet dealership business will experience a boost in trustworthiness and loyalty from homeowners in Massachusetts with only a few pieces of our kitchen cabinets. They come in different designs, sizes, and features. Our kitchen cabinets have top-notch features like dovetail joints, soft-close hinges, drawer glides, all-plywood construction, face frames, and standard measurements and styles.

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Cabinet Storage Accessories and Space Savers

Homeowners can use our space savers and accessories to effectively manage space and create more space in their homes. We have a wide range of space-saving products ranging from roll-up racks, base pantry pull-outs, wooden cutlery dividers, roll-out trays, wood tray dividers, trash pull-outs, nesting bowl sets, under-the-cabinet stemware, and lazy susans. Offer these products to your customers as an added value to improve their homes.

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Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Your showroom/dealership business in Massachusetts also needs our luxurious decorative hardware pieces. Homeowners are constantly looking for these additions to their old cabinets to help them create the perfect space. This hardware helps to improve the appearance and value of old kitchen cabinets. They consist of edge pulls, square knobs, round-flat knobs, diecast knobs, spherical knobs, and cap pulls.

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Do you offer free samples or showroom displays that I can see in person before making a purchase?

Yes, we offer free samples and showroom displays for you to see our wholesale kitchen cabinets in person before making a purchase. We understand the importance of examining the quality, design, and finishes of the cabinets firsthand. 

Our showroom provides an opportunity for you to explore different styles, materials, and colors, allowing you to make an informed decision that best suits your preferences and needs. We encourage you to visit our showroom or request samples to experience the quality of our wholesale kitchen cabinets firsthand.

Are your cabinets pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble (RTA)?

We offer both pre-assembled cabinets and ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets to cater to the different needs and preferences of our customers. Our pre-assembled cabinets are fully constructed and ready for installation upon delivery, providing convenience and saving on installation time. 

Our RTA cabinets come in flat-pack boxes with all the necessary components and hardware, allowing for easy transportation and assembly at your location. Whether you prefer the convenience of pre-assembled cabinets or the flexibility of RTA cabinets, we have options available to meet your specific requirements. 

Additionally, we also offer custom and semi-custom cabinets for those seeking personalized solutions for their kitchen spaces.

What is the process for ordering and delivering wholesale kitchen cabinets to Massachusetts?

The process for ordering and delivering wholesale kitchen cabinets to Massachusetts is straightforward. Here’s a concise overview:

  • Consultation
  • Design and Selection
  • Measurement and Planning
  • Quotation and Payment
  • Production and Assembly
  • Delivery
  • Installation

Throughout the process, our team will be available to assist and answer any questions you may have. We strive to make the ordering and delivery process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable cabinet options available for Massachusetts homeowners?

We are proud to offer eco-friendly and sustainable cabinet options for Massachusetts homeowners. All our cabinets are made from natural wood and plywood materials, which are environmentally friendly and sustainable choices. 

These materials are renewable and have a lower impact on the environment compared to other alternatives. Additionally, our manufacturing processes prioritize responsible sourcing and use of materials, minimizing waste and energy consumption.

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