Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for top-quality designed gray kitchen cabinets for sale? Whether you are embarking on a brand refresh, interior renovation, or new build, we will work with you to design the most sophisticated gray cabinets you have ever seen. 

We specialize in customizing and beautifying your kitchen with the highest-quality designs of gray cabinets, including shades like graphite gray kitchen cabinets, dark grey shaker kitchen cabinets, and more. If you also want to make your kitchen pantry cabinets gray, we are here to help you create perfection.

Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

At Choice Cabinet, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality kitchen cabinet doors. We’re the go-to for expertly built and customizable gray shaker-style kitchen cabinets and gray shaker doors for all types of cabinets. We work with the most artistic and creative cabinet designers to create magic with our gray shaker kitchen cabinets just for you. Send us a message to find some of the best gray cabinets you can sell in your showroom today.

Gray Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Our strong suit is delivering unmatched quality gray kitchen cabinet doors of beautiful styles and designs ranging from Sterling kitchen cabinet doors to Graphite and Brentwood Kitchen Cabinet doors.

Gray Stained Kitchen Cabinets

We are dedicated to assisting homeowners and builders in designing and enhancing kitchens and bathrooms with the most aesthetically pleasing gray-stained cabinets. We use the highest-quality gray-stained wood kitchen cabinets to create excellent designs and offer them at highly affordable prices. Our typical features include highly durable dovetail construction, anti-warp structure, gentle closing, sturdy back, and flawless finishing.

Modern Gray Cabinet Kitchen

We select high-quality woods to guarantee high-quality gray kitchen cabinets. We’ve devised a strict inspection process to ensure that only high-quality products are sent. Due to our unique supply chain, we can offer high-quality modern gray kitchen cabinets at competitive prices. To create an excellent modern kitchen with gray cabinets, experts from Choice Cabinet are the pros to call.


What color gray goes well with gray kitchen cabinets?

To provide a high level of contrast and prevent the overall design from appearing to be too gloomy, it is common practice to paint gray cabinets white. If white isn’t an option, you’ll frequently see gray paired with a paint color that’s on the lighter side, like greige, beige, or another shade of gray. This helps keep the overall design bright.

What color gray is best for kitchen cabinets?

There are several options of gray to choose from for your kitchen cabinets and this is one of the reasons gray is highly loved by homeowners and cabinet dealers. Some interesting options of gray for kitchen cabinets include graphite, sterling, and Brentwood gray. 

These colors offer a very simple, yet timeless and classic look that accentuates your kitchen and sense of style. They also make it super-easy to combine them with a variety of other cabinet colors or backsplash for an even more sophisticated look.

Should I do white or gray kitchen cabinets?

The choice between gray and white cabinets is entirely up to you. Cabinets in a bright white finish are a smart choice if you want to give the impression that your space is more open and expansive. Gray, on the other hand, can give the impression of a more dramatic and contemporary style.

An even better idea would be to combine both colors to create an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. These colors work perfectly well together and can give you the best of both worlds when combined.

Are gray kitchen cabinets going out of style?

They have an unchanging appearance: The gray cabinetry will never go out of style because it goes with so many different kinds of designs. With the right wood and other kitchen hardware, your gray cabinets will remain in style for decades and all you may ever have to do is repaint them to keep them looking gorgeous.

Gray cabinets are in the same league as black and white. They are highly likely to forever be the top choice for homeowners as they remain constant in style and beauty as long as they’re done well.

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