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Premium Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets in Warrensville Heights, OH

Why spend so much money on kitchen and bathroom cabinets and still worry about changing them in a few years when you can get them directly from the manufacturer for almost 30% less and expect decades of beauty and relevance? Why not spend less to create a kitchen and bathroom you’re proud to show off to family and friends?

At Choice Cabinet, we want you to get value for your money by helping you save more on aesthetically pleasing, durable, expertly designed, and space-saving cabinets. Shipping is fast and seamless! This is why we are trusted by homeowners and contractors in the US and Canada. 

You deserve to own a beautiful kitchen and bathroom, and our cabinets will help you achieve just that. Take a quick tour of our gallery to see the gorgeous cabinets you will get at the best prices.

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Design your dream kitchen and bathroom with our timeless kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Warrensville Heights. Let us send you cabinets that will help you create a 7-star home. Below is a list of the different types of cabinets you can get at our showrooms near you.


RTA Cabinets

Our RTA cabinets are easy to assemble, easy to install, and built for homeowners who love long-lasting luxury at the best prices. We design our RTA cabinets to help you cut down shipping costs and installation fees. Every RTA cabinet you purchase from us comes with a detailed guide that shows you how to assemble them, superb wood joinery for long-lasting support, and awesome space-saving features to help you cut the clutter.


Shaker Cabinets

If you are looking for cabinets that grab attention and easily improve the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom, shaker cabinets are your best bet. Our shaker cabinets are designed using the sturdiest wood materials to foster longevity and future relevance. They’re built to help you store more items and cut the clutter while adding a luxurious touch to your space. You will find these in our Choice Select® line of door styles, including Fremont, Frost, Graphite, and Sterling

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Corner Cabinets

Optimize every corner and tiny little space in your kitchen and bathroom with our brilliantly designed corner cabinets. These cabinets will fit perfectly on the edges of your kitchen, under the kitchen sink, and between two larger cabinets. They have great space-saving features, like base pantry pull-out, roll-out trays, wood tray dividers, wooden cutlery dividers, trash pull-out, and lazy susan.

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Kitchen Island Cabinets

If you have an open-plan home design, an island kitchen layout, or any kitchen layout that permits a centerpiece, our island kitchen cabinets should be your go-to. We design our kitchen island cabinets to help you achieve more storage space, awesome aesthetics, extra seating arrangements, and more. Check out our Choice Essentials® line, Brentwood, Lexington, and Summit door styles to see which one works for you.

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Custom Cabinets

Do you have a specific cabinet design in mind for your home? Reach out to our customer service team or visit our showroom in Warrensville Heights to discuss what you want and how we can help you achieve it. All our cabinets are built with natural wood interior, hardwood face frame, solid wood corner braces, soft-close hinges, under-mount, soft-close drawer glides, full-height back panels, and more to help you enjoy a superb user experience.

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Bathroom Cabinets

Achieve an Instagram-worthy, 7-star hotel bathroom with our gorgeous bathroom vanities. They are built using a combination of hardwood, plywood, and first-grade MDF to withstand the heat and moisture in the bathroom. We also design them to provide massive storage space.

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Decorative Hardware

Do you want to reface and revamp your old kitchen and bathroom cabinets? Do you want to achieve a more modern and aesthetically pleasing kitchen and bathroom? Use our beautifully crafted decorative cabinet hardware. We design decorative hardware, including knobs, edge pulls, backplates, cup pulls, drop pulls, and more.

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Storage and Accessories

Maximize the space in your home and cut the clutter using effective and practical space-saving hardware. The best way to keep your kitchen gorgeous and practical is to keep groceries, utensils, cans, and pots out of plain sight. Our space savers will help you achieve that. They include roll-out trays, wooden cutlery dividers, base pantry pull-out, wood tray dividers, trash pull-out, lazy susan, and many more

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Can the kitchen cabinets be used in the bathroom?

Kitchen cabinets can be used in the bathroom if you have run out of ideas. However, why use kitchen cabinets in the bathroom when you can simply order fantastic bathroom cabinets from us and create your dream bathroom? Note that bathroom cabinets are designed slightly differently from kitchen cabinets, so using kitchen cabinets in your bathroom may look out of place.

What to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets?

The first step to choosing a kitchen cabinet is considering your budget. Once you have that covered, you want to understand the dimensions of your kitchen and the layout to determine the right size and number of cabinets to order. You must consider the current style of your home or the style of kitchen you want to achieve. And finally, you must factor in the material, decorative hardware, accessories, and space-saving fixtures.

How much are your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets?

Our cabinets are highly affordable and come at different prices. This is because they are designed differently and come in different sizes, finishes, and styles. Cabinet prices will depend on what you want. However, you can rest assured that every cabinet you get from us is more affordable than what you would get at big box stores.

Do your RTA cabinets need to be glued?

We design RTA cabinets using superb wood joinery, including fitted screws, hinges, and bolts. They are built to withstand weights without falling apart. We do not use glue because we don’t want you to constantly pay for repairs and maintenance.

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