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Great news for Parma homeowners! Now you can get the most beautiful, durable, and luxurious kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets in Parma at the most affordable prices possible. Choice Cabinet offers you a chance to own some of our timeless cabinets with unmatched storage without breaking the bank.

For the past 2+ decades, we have been designing cabinets for homeowners in Ohio, helping to improve home value and interior design while improving kitchen and bathroom efficiency. We work with some of the industry’s most innovative and artistic cabinet designers and builders. We use state-of-the-art machines to deliver the unmatched results our customers deserve.

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Our Cabinets Offer:

Our Products

Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Parma come in different types, ranging from RTA cabinets to assembled cabinets, custom, and semi-custom cabinets, shaker cabinets, and more, using materials like solid wood, plywood, engineered wood, melamine, MDF, and more.


RTA Cabinets

We understand that you need RTA cabinets that offer the same quality as any other type of cabinet. That is why we design our RTA cabinets with various materials for you to choose from. At the same time, we want you to be able to assemble and install them easily while also enjoying functionality, space, and beauty.


Shaker Cabinets

If you are looking for cabinets that steal the show every time in your Parma kitchen and bathroom without missing the mark, our shaker cabinets are your best bet. In the past few years, we have sold thousands of shaker cabinets to thousands of homeowners and contractors, and the feedback is always the same – ”excellent.”

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Assembled Cabinets

Our assembled cabinets come completed using industry-standard sizes and shapes. However, our designers take it a notch higher by creating futuristic designs with the measurements for our Parma customers. We design assembled kitchen and bathroom cabinets using.

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Raised Panel Cabinets

Our raised-panel cabinet collection offers unmatched design features, using stylish doors and grooved edges to create more depth and additional character. Our raised panel works perfectly in contemporary and classic kitchen and bathroom designs.

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Kitchen Cabinets

We provide a wide variety of kitchen cabinets, ranging from corner cabinets to islands, base cabinets, wall cabinets, shaker cabinets, RTA cabinets, and many more. Our kitchen cabinets are designed to resist heat and moisture, helping them stay for years without damage.

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Bathroom Cabinets

Are you planning to redesign and remodel your bathroom? Consider using the most beautiful cabinet pieces from Choice Cabinet to give your bathroom that luxurious, exotic feel. We build our bathroom cabinets using compressed wood, plywood, melamine, and solid wood. They also come in various designs and finish options.

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Custom Cabinets

We design cabinets just how you want them. You pick the size, the design, the finish, and the style, and our expert cabinet designers deliver the results. If you want your expectations met and exceeded, Choice Cabinet is the manufacturer to speak to.

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Semi-Custom Cabinets

Similar to our custom cabinets, we also design semi-custom cabinets that offer you the flexibility to add specific features to give your kitchen and bathroom the preferred aesthetics and functionality. Our semi-custom cabinets come at a more affordable price without compromising quality.

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Are kitchen cabinets the same as bathroom cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are different because they often come in different shapes and sizes. While bathroom cabinets generally have a height of 31 inches or shorter, kitchen cabinets can be 34 inches or longer. They are also made with slightly different materials. Bathroom cabinets need to be water-resistant, hence the need for the materials to be as durable as possible or coated.

There are several popular kitchen cabinets at the moment, including shaker cabinets, distressed cabinets, inset, raised-panel, louvered and more. However, the most popular one today is the shaker-style cabinet.

What is the best cabinet material for a bathroom?

The best materials for bathroom cabinets include oak, hickory, cherry wood, maple, and many other solid wood materials. This is because the bathroom is prone to high moisture and heat. You need cabinet materials that can withstand that.

What color of cabinets are in style today?

Homeowners prefer neutral colors because they represent class, simplicity, and versatility. These colors include white, black, beige, espresso, gray, and brown. Check out some gorgeous kitchen cabinets.

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