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How We Turned Our Foyer into a “Wow”

By Ryan Horvath

Ever have a room or space in your house that doesn’t look right? The rest of the house flows together, but this one room sticks out like a weed. That’s how our foyer was. You can see in the before photos that there wasn’t anything that made you want to stick around. Our door styles are great to look at, but did you know what their names were? Did you know what product line they fell under? How about which cabinets had what construction?

The Before Photos

Click on the photo to enlarge.

We knew we had to do something, but we weren’t sure what. The answer didn’t come to us until recently. In January, we were in Orlando for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show or KBIS. You can read about our trip in our KBIS blog. We had cut-away cabinets that showed off our construction. We had graphics to go with those cabinets explaining the important parts. The cabinets and graphics helped us explain the Choice Cabinet difference. The door samples had names and matched with their product line. Our booth was awesome.

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Why not take what worked at KBIS and apply it to the foyer?

This was our “duh” moment.

We ordered some new graphics. The sample doors and hanging mounts came down. We primed and painted our ceiling tiles (not a fun job, by the way). Our old heating registers got a fresh coat of paint. We added some new LED spotlights. These are brighter and show off our displays better. The walls even got a face lift with new paneling. The results speak for themselves.

The After Photos

Click on the photo to enlarge.

The Wrap-Up

We wanted the room to be inviting and informative. We knocked it out of the park. You know what our door styles are and the product line they fall under. You can see the difference between each product lines’ construction type. Test out the glides and hinges on our floor models. The best part is our graphics give you a little bit of an education about Choice Cabinet. You’ll see the Choice difference before you meet with one of our designers.

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