Storage and accessories

At Choice Cabinet, we enjoy seeing our customers turning their chaotic experiences into one of beauty and efficiency. We believe that a cabinet isn’t just about “how it looks” – but how it functions and neatly stores your personal belongings as well.

We know there’s no better feeling than easily finding what you’re looking for. That’s why our line of storage and accessories was built to keep your kitchen (or any other room) neatly organized and easy for you to customize your cabinets as well. You can check out our entire line of storage and accessories below.

Space Savers

Storage and organization are vital for any space. Choice Cabinet has the solutions that you’re looking for tom hide the clutter and get organized.

Base Pantry Pull-Out

Whether you use it to store your cutting boards or cookie sheets, our base pantry pullout is the space saver you’ve been needing. Covert it for an easy-to-reach spice rack.

Roll-Out Trays

Make hard-to-reach items easier to find with our roll-out trays. These are perfect for tall pantries for canned goods or lower cabinets for pots and pans.

Cabinet Divider

Organize your cabinets with our cabinet divider. It’s perfect for cookie sheets, cutting boards, and for keeping your lids organized.

Wooden Divider

Our wooden cutlery divider is perfect for organizing any messy drawers. This divider isn’t just for silverware. Use it to organize your “junk” drawer

Lazy Susan

No matter which Lazy Susan model you pick, you be able to find those hard-to-reach items with easy. Choose between full and pie-cut trays.

Trash Pull-Out

Whether you choose a single or double,our trash pull-outs are designed with your family in mind. Save some space by hiding your trash and recyclables from guests.

finishing touches

Your remodel isn’t finished until you add the finishing touches. Turn any space into the luxurious space you’ve been dreaming about.

Mullion Doors

Add another level of elegance with mullion doors. Choose either our modern or traditional mullion to suit your style. Another option is to cut glass for doors. Simply choose the style glass you want, and we replace the center panel with it. Choosing the right glass can set the mood for any space.

Cut Glass for Doors


With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to find the molding that fit your personality. For the traditionalist, choose an elegant molding. For the minimalist, choose a simplistic molding.

Decorative Doors

Finish off the look of your kitchen island with decorative doors. Take a modern or contemporary island and turn it into a homey one with a farmhouse touch

Decorative Legs

Set your kitchen apart from the neighbors’. Use them to highlight your stunning range or to accent your kitchen island