Quality of Construction

We take a lot of pride in our construction quality. Compared the big box stores, we don’t use particleboard, glue, or staples. We construct our face frames out of natural hardwoods. The cabinet boxes use furniture-grade plywood. We build our cabinets for strength and durability. The pocket-screw joinery ensures that your cabinets will stand up over time. We use the dovetail method to construct our drawer boxes. Our skilled assemblers hand assembles every cabinet that leaves Choice Cabinet. We design our cabinets to stand strong through the most hectic of lives. They also have a timeless design that will last for years to come.

Features and Options

Another reason to choose Choice Cabinet is the variety of features and options. The soft-close technology comes standard on our Choice Premier® and Choice Select® lines. It’s available for Choice Essentials®. Finish your cabinets off right with our variety of hardware. Find the perfect knobs or pulls to complete the designer look. Choose from a wide selection of glass for your cut glass doors. Consider a single or double trash pull-out. Our base pull-out cabinets are perfect for cooking sheets or spice racks. Organize your space with our base shelf roll-outs. Above all, we cover you for the extras that you want and need.

Door Styles and Construction Types

We offer four different construction types to ensure that you’ll find one to suit your lifestyle. Our Choice Premier® construction type covers our Aspen, Cambridge, Driftwood, and Hampton, and Renaissance,  The Choice Select® construction type is for our Fremont and Graphite. Our Choice Essentials® construction type is for Brentwood, Lexington, and Summit.

To view the construction type, click on the chevron. You can also download a compare and contrast PDF

Choice Premier®

Choice Select®

Choice Essentials®

Are you interested in learning more about our door styles? Head over to our Choice Library for all the product and specification guides. You can also find links to our helpful eBooks. The guides and eBooks are available for download.

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