The Nobility of Kensington

Our Kensington door is a dark brown raised center panel door. It is part of the Choice Premier® line. Kensington is a handsome door front and ornate profile. This gives the door a gleaming and traditional look. Check out our Kensington Design Ideas below. Kensington is a full overlay door with solid wood stained center panel. The full overlay design carries over to the door and drawer with mitered stile and rail. A solid hardwood frame and plywood cabinet box offers quality and durability. The panels used for the cabinet box are a 5/8” furniture-grade plywood with wood veneered interior. As part of the Choice Premier® line, the soft close hinges and glides come standard.

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Choice Premier - Kensington

Door Style Specifications

Full overlay door style

Solid wood mitered stile and rail

5-Piece drawer front

Stained solid wood center panel

Stained dark brown

For more specifications, check out our “Quality of Construction” page!

What is the Advantage of a Raised Center Panel Door?

A raised center panel door offers versatility. Because of its detailed and raised inner profile, it has a familiar warmth and charm. A dark brown raised center panel door works well in an Old-World traditional or rustic design style.

A raised center panel door acts as the supporting cast in your kitchen. It can also be your main actor. It all depends on you and your design. Because of its decorative styling, it can help make your kitchen look like a gourmet kitchen.

Kensington Design Ideas

Kensington’s unique profile works well with most spaces and color palettes. Because of its dark brown hue, consider neutrals and earth tones. Using a beige grants Kensington to be the focal point. Blend a rich earth tone to match the richness of Kensington to create a stunning space.

Embrace uniqueness. Combine Kensington with our other raised center panel door styles, Cambridge and Renaissance. Design a stellar kitchen with a Kensington kitchen island with Renaissance kitchen cabinets. Create a showstopping entertainment center with Cambridge and Kensington cabinets. Design with your uniqueness in mind.