KCMA Certified Seal and What It Means to You

Choice Cabinet is proud of our KCMA Certification and what it represents. Kitchen cabinets go through a series of 15 tests by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). Once it passes the tests, the cabinets earn the KCMA Certified Seal. Structural strength and quality of finish are part of the tests. The tests also includes the cabinet box, drawer, and doors.

The Cabinet Drawer and Box Test

The cabinet drawer have 15 pounds per square foot placed in it. They are then operated through 25,000 cycles of opening and closing. This test represents 20 years of use.

The Cabinet Door Test

The cabinet door have 65 pounds loaded on it. They are then operated through 10 cycles of opening and closing. KCMA inspects the cabinet door for visible signs of looseness.

The Cabinet Finish Test

The test for the cabinet finish uses a variety of staining elements. These elements include vinegar, coffee, olive oil, and 100-proof alcohol. That also include ketchup and mustard as well as a variety of fruit juices like lemon, orange, and grape.

The Cabinet Structural Test

These tests verify the integrity and strength of the cabinets. For example, KCMA testers load wall-mounted cabinets to 600 pounds. After the test, they look for structural failure such as cracks or splits.

Trusted because It’s Tested

A KCMA/ANSI A 161.1 Quality Certification Seal tell you the quality you can expect from your cabinet. This Old House recommends only buying cabinets with the KCMA/ANSI A 161.1 Quality Certification Seal. Because of the testing, you can trust a Choice cabinet can handle all that life can throw at it. The KCMA Certification is just another reason we’re sure you’ll love the Choice Cabinet difference.

For more information on KCMA Certification, visit www.kcma.org/certifications/about.KCMA Certification Seal 2018

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