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Do you want to purchase high-end cabinetry through a trustworthy provider? Is your goal to obtain quality materials at affordable costs? Does your project call for an urgent delivery timeline?

If you nodded along to any of these questions, Choice Cabinets ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets are exactly what you need. With premium materials, careful craftsmanship, and a vast selection of designs, you can rest assured in fulfilling your requirements at a single call.

At Choice Cabinets, our extensive inventory holds a large collection of wholesale RTA cabinets, while our intuitive sales process results in stress-free acquisition and delivery of each product. With over ten years of experience in catering to general contractors and kitchen designers, our team is ready to meet your performance and budget specifications at short notice. 

As wholesale cabinet distributors Kentucky contractors trust with their needs, you can rely on our solutions to complete any scale projects. Regardless of whether you are working on a single unit or multiple kitchens, the Choice Cabinets family is always here to help.

Find the Exact RTA Cabinet Designs For Your Needs

One of the biggest problems faced by contractors, designers, and builders comes in the form of inaccessibility to high-end cabinetry styles. Typical designs at affordable price points are often outdated, while appealing styles that keep up with market trends come at a high cost. This poses a significant challenge in matching your clients’ expectations from the very start of your project.

Through our hands-on experience in the industry, the Choice Cabinets team understands this issue’s intricacies to its very core. That’s why we strive to deliver an array of modern and classic RTA cabinet designs that can hold up to market demands in an effortless way. We help you strike the required balance between aesthetic and affordability through our focus on using sturdy materials with captivating styles. 

Since our collection is built to deliver versatility, you can make sure that it doesn’t lead you down a path of monotony. Through our wide selection of cabinet styles and structures, you can ensure to show off the flexibility of your solutions to each of your clients. This variety is one of the many reasons why we have become one of the top wholesale cabinet distributors Kentucky contractors trust with their ongoing needs.

This also ensures that regardless of your current project’s design needs, Choice Cabinets can meet them without significant stress. This also gives you the confidence to take on aesthetically demanding projects while knowing that your clients’ requirements are met with perfection.

All of Our Designs Come With Easy Assembly

Since Choice Cabinets established its business quite a few years ago, our team has been working side-by-side with various general contractors, commercial builders, and kitchen designers. This not only adds to our growing industry experience but also lets us understand the most pressing requirements of our clients.

As a result, the Choice Cabinets family has become well-equipped in delivering targeted solutions to all types of construction and interior design professionals. From offering different style choices to residential contractors to ensuring fast fulfillment for commercial builders, we make sure to cater to specific requirements in a failsafe way.

This commitment especially shines through in the assembly of our cabinets. No matter the type of designs you acquire, they promise easy installation that doesn’t lengthen your delivery timeline. Apart from saving your time, it also helps your team put together your cabinetry projects seamlessly. With the absence of unnecessary staples and particleboards, you can assemble each cabinet without any redundant steps.

This makes sure that each of your projects remains free of excessive delivery timelines and steers clear of frustrating assembly processes. Instead, you can ensure to stay on track for your deadline while also ensuring your team’s smooth work processes.

Once again, paying attention to this critical aspect helps us stand out as wholesale cabinet distributors Kentucky contractors rely on. From optimizing your deliveries to improving your processes, our cabinetry solutions help you in more than one way.

Place Orders for Urgent Delivery 

Thanks to our expansive collection of RTA cabinets, a wide variety of materials, and simplified assembly processes, you can execute even the most urgent projects with the utmost ease. This makes sure that the collective benefits of our value proposition bring yet another advantage to the table.

As a result, you can quickly check your projects for urgent delivery and have your objective supported through Choice Cabinets’ reliable fulfillment and assembly systems. This also gives you an edge over your competitors and lets you surpass clients’ expectations by going beyond the norm.

Despite delivering each order at a quick pace, our team ensures that we never compromise on the level of quality for our solutions. Even while being in line with stringent timelines, our RTA cabinets meet all performance and visual expectations with flying colors.

This particular aspect applies to all types of projects, whether you are working on residential sites or commercial spaces. No matter the kind of challenge you face as a contractor or builder, Choice Cabinet’s comprehensive solutions are right there by your side.

Apart from providing you with the confidence to take on time-sensitive projects, this level of attention also strengthens our status as wholesale cabinet distributors Kentucky businesses trust with their needs.

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At Choice Cabinets, we focus on maintaining the ideal balance between quality, durability, and accessibility for all of our wholesale RTA cabinets. Through this unwavering dedication, we ensure optimal cabinetry solutions to every type of project, no matter how big or small it might be at first glance. 

See how our wholesale cabinetry solutions may help you meet your requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation today. We will be pleased to understand your needs and help you obtain your ideal RTA cabinets for your specific project or ongoing needs.

We are sure that we have the knowledge, experience, and overall expertise to meet your needs today.



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