Refacing Old Bathroom Vanities into Modern Style

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Updating and modernizing are buzzwords because they reflect recent trends. Homeowners want to update rather than replace to save money. Improving a bathroom vanity to something in a modern style is a great option, popular with homeowners updating a home and investors updating a property. We offer a variety of styles, sizes, and materials.

Manufacturers offer a huge range of options in modern vanity designs for a one-sink vanity, double-sink vanities, small bathrooms, and for a variety of budgets. Even beyond those vanity options, the cost-conscious homeowner may be able to reface and update an old vanity.

Refacing Versus Replacing

Most of the information on bathroom upgrades focuses on replacing that old vanity with something new and stylish. If you take that route, you have a huge variety of options in cabinet styles, sinks, countertops, and so on. However, you can achieve similar results, the updated look you want, at a lower cost in less time.

A vanity cabinet and related elements may be updated in several ways. Finishes can be changed. Handles can be replaced with something updated. For example, you could paint a brown cabinet black and replace the old-fashioned drawer pulls with brushed nickel or stainless steel.

You can also leave the cabinets alone to focus on related elements. Countertops, sinks, faucets, mirrors, and light fixtures are all replaceable. Consider adding a faucet and drawer pulls in the same style to get an updated look, such as all stainless steel.


Vanity Cabinets

Most vanity cabinets are 24″ to 36″ tall, not counting the sink and countertop. If you are doing your own bathroom makeover, remember the added sink, countertop height, and cost.

Your vanity can do more than contribute to an updated look. Many bathrooms are small, and many homeowners want more storage space. Installing a new vanity is a good opportunity to create more storage space in some creative ways. Some vanities feature “hidden” storage space, drawers that fold out from the side.

All of those little cosmetic items can be stored conveniently and out of sight when not needed. You might also find a suitable cabinet design with conventional organizer drawers for cosmetics, toiletries, and so on.

Installing a new and bigger medicine chest about the sink is easy enough if you are pulling out the sink and vanity anyway. If you have room, you can fit a deep medicine cabinet that swings out like a big spice rack.

You can count on Choice Cabinet for fast, on-time delivery from a vast inventory of vanity designs. Call us today to discuss your bathroom remodeling plans and your budget.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets for All Budgets

Because refinishing a good vanity is easy, some homeowners work with their existing bathroom vanities. Starting with the cabinets and moving on from there is a budget-friendly way to improve any bathroom on a tight budget. Many good-looking vanities come with reasonable price tags too, so families on a budget can still afford a beautiful new room.

You can update your existing cabinet or replace it, then move on to replace other bathroom elements.

Bathroom Vanity Accessories for All Budgets

Budget-friendly cabinet options come with a variety of options for faucet, sink, and countertop. You can save a little money and some work by purchasing a complete set, or you can buy a vanity separately. While replacing that old vanity or pedestal sink, replacing the faucets is easy enough. This is why many homeowners and investors rip out old vanities, mirrors, and faucets at the same time.  As with cabinets, prices vary, but many affordable options exist.

Modern Vanities Can Be Affordable

Choice Cabinets offers styles for small and large bathrooms at different prices for different budgets. The budget-conscious homeowner and the cost-conscious builder will be able to find options that work for their project.

You can use the bathroom to match the style of the rest of the home. If the rest of the home has updated finishes, new colors, and maybe a new style, then the right bathroom vanity would fit in.

We offer a range of options in terms of widths, sink designs, faucet styles, and wood (both natural and artificial). Many designs come in multiple colors too.

Bathroom Vanity Replacement – Things to Consider

We always have vanities in a variety of styles and finishes in stock. Whether you want something in sleek glass and steel or something rich, we probably have something to suit.

The height of the existing vanity might not be satisfactory. This issue can be easy to fix with a bowl sink on top of a new countertop. But, a new and taller vanity might be a necessity.

Picking the right style is a matter of budget and taste, and a few other factors. The room layout can restrict your options, or the layout can give you plenty of space.  Your design choice has to account for the location of the plumbing and the location of the wiring for the vanity lights.

If you have any questions about vanities, refacing or replacing, and style, please call or see us.

Why Choice Cabinet?

Whether you want to update an old vanity a little or replace the whole thing along with the mirror and lighting, we have the options you want.

We have unmatched customer service to go along with that great inventory too.  Contractors and dealers can rest assured that we guarantee complete packages and on-time delivery. Our track record of success means you won’t need to worry about late and incomplete deliveries ruining your schedule. You can almost set your watch based on our delivery times.

We also have a vast inventory that allows us to deliver your cabinets or vanities right now, not when the factory sends them. We also think our customer service is better than the rest.

Feel free to visit our Warrensville Heights, OH showroom or call us. We know you’ll be impressed by the array of cabinets and vanities we have in stock.



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