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Whether you operate as a general contractor or a kitchen designer, it’s vital to source your cabinets through reliable sources. It not only helps you obtain high-quality materials but also ensures their timely delivery. 

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Credible vendors also provide you with ready to assemble (RTA) and assembled cabinets at affordable rates, which allow you to access a large variety of options for your projects.

As a result, you can complete each of your projects with the assurance of quality, reliability, and affordability. This helps you take on a variety of projects with the confidence of fulfilling your client’s expectations. 

With extensive years of experience in the business, Choice Cabinet can meet all of these requirements for you. With our range of factory direct cabinets, you can obtain high-quality materials at accessible prices. At the same time, our expansive inventory ensures that you never have to compromise on your delivery timelines. 

Through our collection of RTA and assembled cabinets, you can execute your large scale and urgent orders without any issues. No matter the extent of the project you have at hand, our wholesale cabinet solutions can help you complete it without any problems. Contact Choice Cabinet to become a dealer today!


High-Quality Materials Deliver Superior Performance

Ever since the Choice Cabinet brand was established, our team has made a point to bring premium cabinets to our clients. We strictly adhere to the highest craftsmanship standards, from choosing our base materials to crafting them into captivating designs. This particular aspect shines through in our premium wood cabinets, without a doubt. But it also makes its presence known in our engineered wood products such as RTA cabinets. 

This makes sure that choosing between different materials and designs never requires you to compromise on your cabinetry projects’ durability or aesthetic. Adding another layer of ease to your projects also gives you more room to stick to your original budget. Regardless of your operations’ scale, you can always rest assured that the cabinets you order help you steer clear of subpar quality. 

This commitment to maintaining a certain standard in our cabinets results in an exceptional performance for our inventory. Regardless of the type of shade of wood that you end up choosing, you can ensure that it provides you with the utmost durability and striking finish without any issues. 

This also ensures that each project you deliver to your clients provides them with long-lasting cabinetry. In addition to fetching five-star reviews for your services, it also goes a long way towards enhancing your credibility. As a result, you can quickly grow your business based on your positive reputation.


Our Extensive Range Can Meet All Your Specifications

Through Choice Cabinet factory-direct approach, you can readily take your pick through an extensive range of styles, shades, and materials without affecting your project deadline. Since our craftsmen work tirelessly to expand our collection, you can be sure that you have various choices available at your fingertips at all times. Besides providing you with plenty of classic designs, this practice also lets you access trendy styles in assembled and RTA cabinets alike. 

As a result, our wide variety of options makes sure that our cabinets can meet even the most stringent requirements for your projects. Whether you need to use a specific type of wood or require integrating a particular aesthetic, our collection can ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs. Suppose you are looking for a material or style that is not available within our catalog; our team can source it for you in a timely manner. 

This makes sure that you can accept even highly demanding projects without any worries about fulfilling their requirements. We are there for you in many situations. For instance, know that if you face highly urgent deadlines or intensely narrow specifications, you can tick all the right boxes for your project in an ideal manner. As a result, you can easily go after those projects that are deemed too difficult by other contractors or kitchen designers and fulfill them without adding any stress to your work processes. 

Once again, this particular aspect also applies to the project’s budget and ensures you can complete your tasks without driving up your client’s bills or damaging your profit margin. 


Our RTA and Assembled Cabinets Offer Exceptional Flexibility

Due to our experience of working side by side with different contractors and kitchen designers, the Choice Cabinet team harbors a deep understanding of the industry. Instead of merely crafting our cabinets and calling it a day, we use this knowledge to address various pressure points that professionals face regularly.

That is the reason why we combine our exceptional craftsmanship with the utmost flexibility. Not only do we offer an expansive collection of RTA cabinets, but we also deliver assembled cabinets at short notice. 

The flexibility to choose between both options works on multiple levels. For one, going with RTA cabinets makes sure that you can receive your materials with the benefits of optimal storage and faster delivery. At the same time, the feature of assembled cabinets gives you the flexibility to get ready-to-install cabinetry in Virginia without going through extensive labor by yourself.

In addition to saving your time, this service feature also helps you scale your operations across multiple projects. Since you don’t have to worry about various factors in putting together RTA cabinets, you can take on more projects and complete them more swiftly. This makes sure that you don’t have to hold yourself back from viable opportunities in Virginia at any point in time.


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With our large scale inventory and intensive focus on quality, the Choice Cabinet family takes great pride in serving businesses across the Virginia area. Whether you require a limited cabinet supply for a handful of projects or need a continuous delivery of different styles, our team is right here to help. 

See how our RTA and assembled cabinets can support your operations. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today. We will be pleased to discuss your needs and discover the perfect cabinetry solutions for you.



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