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With its recent uptick in real estate activity and plenty of housing opportunities, the State of Pennsylvania is a prime spot for contractors to grow their business. But if you frequently take on projects with cabinetry requirements, these opportunities can come with quite a few challenges. 

If you select cabinets that boast premier quality, it can take a direct hit to your profit margin. But if you choose cabinetry options from lower price points, it can affect your overall credibility. Even when you take the middle of the road approach, it can result in mediocre solutions that fail to deliver on quality and affordability. 

That’s where choice cabinet’s B2B cabinetry solutions come into the picture. With our intensive manufacturing processes and extensive quality checks, you can obtain your required standard of cabinet materials at wholesale prices. 

This factory direct approach makes sure that you don’t have to choose between your solutions’ quality and affordability. Whether you order a one-time supply of ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets or a consistent inventory of assembled cabinetry, our experts can deliver your required solutions right at your doorstep in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Contact Choice Cabinet to become a dealer today!

Our Large Selection of Inventory Can Meet All of Your Specific Requirements

After spending quite a bit of time in the construction industry and supplying cabinetry solutions to a wide variety of projects, the Choice Cabinet family has obtained a firm grasp of the sector’s nuances. 

Using our experience from years of tireless work, the Choice Cabinet team will develop a variety of classic and modern styles that can meet the most common and even the most detailed design requirements. These designs are readily available in different shades and materials, making sure that you don’t have to wait on custom orders to fulfill your B2B transaction with us. 

As a result, you are readily able to find the type of cabinetry options that your clients may require and expect from your business. Whether you want to stock up on RTA cabinets for future fulfillments or need to use assembled cabinets for an ongoing project, our inventory can cater to your requirements without fail.

This ensures that you can always depend on our reliable solutions to meet the specifications of any project type. Your required products remain just a call away from obtaining solid wood cabinets for premium projects to getting medium density fiberboard (MDF) cabinets for standard installations.

To make the process easier on you, choice cabinet’s team also remains available and provides you with one-on-one consultation to help you find the ideal cabinetry options. This ensures that you don’t feel out of your element while finding your wholesale cabinets among a wide array of options. 


Whether You Need RTA or Assembled Cabinets, You Can Count on Our Solutions

Apart from meeting extensive visual requirements, Choice Cabinet’s Pennsylvania oriented solutions also cater to the performance aspect. This certainly includes the real-world durability of our cabinets after their installation. But it also incorporates the ease of use and flexibility that is designed for wholesale buyers before the cabinetry is installed or even assembled. 

With the ability to choose between RTA and assembled cabinets, your business can follow its handling process for all of its projects. While the RTA option allows you to put together your cabinets at your discretion, the assembled cabinetry feature gives you more convenience. It delivers ready-to-install cabinets to your specific address. 

Understanding that many cabinetry projects come with particular needs, Choice Cabinet’s team makes sure that this option of choosing between RTA and assembled cabinets is available throughout our inventory. 

This ensures that you don’t have to stick with a specific style or material to access this level of flexibility. The solution is right there for you to benefit from regardless of the design specification. Whether you need premium cabinets to be delivered in an assembled form or want MDF cabinets to expand your ready-to-assemble inventory, our solutions can help you fulfill your goals.

Regardless of the option you end up selecting, and you can rest assured of the solutions’ overall efficacy, quality, and accessibility. This makes sure that you can handle each of your Pennsylvania based projects with the necessary efficiency that benefits you and your clients alike. 


Our Factory Direct Model Ensures Timely Deliveries

Apart from our expansive style inventory and flexible RTA and assembled options, Choice Cabinet’s cabinets also stand out due to their swift availability. Regardless of the scale of your overall project, our extensive selection of products can meet all your requirements at a moment’s notice. 

This is mainly possible due to our factory direct model, which cuts down the time taken up by middlemen and ensures that you receive your cabinets directly from our warehouses. When you don’t have to move from one provider to the other, it makes it where you spend less time collecting your materials and more time installing them for your clients. 

In addition to reducing the fulfillment timeframe, this also ensures that you can lower your costs. Since you obtain your materials directly from the manufacturing source, you can cut down unnecessary markups and enhance your margin on each project. As a result, you can offer high-quality solutions at lower than average retail prices, which helps you stand out among a sea of other contractors and designers.  


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Through our extensive inventory, factory direct services, and accessible price points, Choice Cabinet has established itself as Pennsylvania’s premier B2B cabinetry provider. Regardless of your overall requirements, our holistic set of solutions can fulfill them without hassles.

Whether you are ready to order your first batch of Choice cabinet cabinets or want to discuss further details, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today. We will be pleased to understand your needs and help you discover the ideal solutions that matter to your business.



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