2019 Kitchen Island Trends

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5 Kitchen Island Trends You Should Consider

By Ryan Horvath

I love using Instagram for finding new kitchen and bath trends. It’s one of the fastest ways for me to stay up-to-date. While I was researching this blog, Instagram became one of my top resources. Here are five 2019 kitchen island trends that I noticed, and you should consider.

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Last year, double level islands were all the rage. How fast things change in a year. This year is all about the single level island. A single level island doesn’t block conversation like a double level. It also increases your prep area. Now a single level island doesn’t work for everyone. If you like to food prep while entertaining a double level island would be ideal.

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As kitchen designs continue to lean toward entertainment, so goes the trends. One of the trends I noticed is undercounter appliances. These work perfectly with a kitchen island. Incorporate a beverage or wine refrigerator to your island design. These fridges aren’t your college dorm fridge. These refrigerators come in sleek finishes to match the rest of your appliances. Also consider installing a microwave under the counter. In doing so, you can free up some counterspace and make entertaining a breeze.


Storage is always a concern in the kitchen. An island is a great opportunity to expand your storage. One of the top trends is using deep drawers. As people lean towards more open shelving, they’re placing their plates and bowls in to these drawers. They’re also storing their larger pots and smaller appliances in them as well.

Convert one of the island drawers into your new spice rack. If you’re like me, you have a ton of spices and waste time trying to find them. Organize them with staggered drawer inserts or with a base pantry pull out cabinet. Also consider a drawer divider. A drawer divider is perfect for extra utensils and kitchen gadgets.

Open shelving is another kitchen island trend. This provides a space for all your cookbooks or your coffee mug collection. If you happen to use a certain pot or pan more often, this would be a perfect spot for it. The open shelving gives you a chance to organize that works with your lifestyle.

A kitchen island is a perfect spot for trash and recycling storage. Install a single or double trash pull out near your prep area for easy use. If you choose the double trash pull out option, use one for your recyclables.


A smart island is a kitchen island that uses today’s technology. Turn your island into a charging station for your smart devices. Add pop-up outlets to increase your prep area for your kitchen helpers. Consider adding an induction cooktop. These cooktops use less heat and are aesthetically pleasing.


A kitchen island is the perfect opportunity for you to express your style. Use an old workbench for your island. This is an excellent idea if you’re going for a farmhouse look. Plus, there’s no need to distress it since it probably already is.

The back of an island is a blank canvas. People are transforming the blank space using wallpaper, tile, and reclaimed wood. I know what you’re thinking. We all have images of our grandparents’ hideous wallpaper and tile, but times have changed. Today’s wallpaper and tile have beautiful designs and textures to add depth and color to your island.


The kitchen island is the focal point of any kitchen. It’s where you entertain, food prep, and store all your kitchen items. If you have the space for it, consider adding an island to your kitchen. If not, no worries. A small, roll-around kitchen island works perfectly in a small kitchen.

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