Bathroom Cabinets: A Practical Buying Guide

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The Homeowner’s Practical Shopping Guide to Bathroom Cabinets

brown bathroom cabinetsThe bathroom and elements like cabinets deserve as much attention as the kitchen and living room. It may not be the main living space, but it’s still a major hub for activity. It’s where the morning rush happens as everyone prepares for school and work. It’s a place to relax, too— what could be better than a hot shower or a leisurely soak in the tub after a long day? 

If you’re thinking of redoing your bathroom, you may be excited about choosing a new color palette, fresh décor, and beautiful toiletries to match. During all that frenzy, a lot of homeowners forget about one of the most important aspects of bathroom design: the bathroom cabinets.

Cabinets are the key to a well-organized bathroom. It eliminates clutter, which in turn frees up visual space to showcase all the beautiful designs you’ve incorporated during the renovation. Aside from aesthetics, cabinets make the bathroom a more functional, convenient space where everything is in the right place.

With so much depending on your bathroom cabinets plus the sheer number of choices in the market, how do you find the perfect ones for your home? Don’t worry— we’ve simplified the selection process for a no-fail buying guide to bathroom cabinets!

Know Your Cabinet Types

white bathroom cabinetsA lot of homeowners assume that big box stores are their only option when buying bathroom cabinets. That’s not true at all. With online ordering and shipping, you don’t even have to leave your home to get the cabinets you need.

We highly recommend researching cabinet types before beginning your remodel, especially if you’re doing it DIY. This information will help you decide which the right choice for your project:

Stock Cabinets

These are mass-produced cabinets. What you see is what you get – no customizations. If ordering outside your area, they’re ready to ship ASAP. This makes them convenient if you need a quick turn-around time for your project.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets are basically stock cabinets, but you can customize some elements like door fronts, cabinet depth, or cabinet drawers.

Custom Cabinets

These are made-to-order cabinets that are fully customized to your specifications. While they give you a lot of freedom in terms of details like finishes, material, style, and decorative elements, they are often extremely expensive.

Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets (RTA)

These cabinets come boxed, and you’ll need to assemble them yourself. The beauty of RTA cabinets is that they’re much more affordable than other cabinet types. Some people assume that cheaper always means lower quality, but that’s not true at all. In fact, high-quality RTA cabinets can rival higher-end types. It all depends on the company you buy it from. 

Easy Tips for Buying Bathroom Cabinets

base bathroom cabinets with gold pullsNow that you have a better idea of your choices, it’s time to shop for your new bathroom cabinets! It can be overwhelming at first, but not when you know which elements to consider:

Know your bathroom layout.

Where do you want your new bathroom cabinets? Common options include U-shaped, L-shaped, and one-wall layouts. There’s also the galley design, which means placing bathroom cabinets on two opposite, parallel walls.

The layout of your bathroom cabinets will depend a lot on how much space you have. For smaller bathrooms, you may want to keep your cabinets on one wall and take advantage of the vertical space with both base and wall mount cabinets. The L-shape is excellent if you have some additional space. Note that the layout will also affect how many cabinets you need, which in turn will affect your overall budget.

Choose your cabinet door style.

The cabinet door style has a tremendous influence on the overall bathroom design. Our Shaker-style cabinets are a favorite among homeowners who prefer a contemporary aesthetic. If you’re leaning towards traditional visuals, raised-panel door styles are perfect for this. We encourage you to look through our Inspiration Gallery for more inspiration!

Decide how many sinks you need.

How many sinks do you want for your bathroom? This is an important decision because it will affect how big your bathroom vanity should be. Keep in mind that the bigger and more sinks you want, the more counter space you need, so factor that in during your remodel. You can learn more about bathroom sink specifications at our Choice Library.

Choose your decorative hardware and accessories.

Bathroom cabinet décor and other accessories can really round up your entire bathroom design. You’ve got a ton of choices just for the hardware alone, such as pulls, knobs, and hinges. This element goes beyond looks as well. They also go a long way towards ease of use. If you have seniors in your home, for instance, they might find it easier to grip a pull than a knob, so keep this in mind.

Select the right storage solutions.

double trash pull out

Ultimately, the main purpose of bathroom cabinets is to keep the entire space organized. Everything should be within easy reach, especially for busy mornings.

Proper bathroom storage will help you stay on top of supplies. They make it easy to check if you’re running low on toiletries such as rolls of tissue or linen.

When it comes to each storage cabinet, think pull-out drawers, trash pull-outs, dividers, and other smart organizers for your bathroom wall cabinet, medicine cabinet, linen cabinet, and more.

Choice Cabinet: Affordable, Beautiful Bathroom Cabinets for Your Home

At Choice Cabinet, you’ll find some of the finest RTA bathroom cabinets available today. Our rigorous quality standards offer the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Here’s what you get when you choose Choice Cabinet:

  • Extra-thick shelves made of sturdy 3/4” plywood
  • All-wood construction using constructed of solid hardwoods and furniture grade plywood
  • No particle boards
  • Sturdy pocket screw joinery method
  • Natural finish hardware interior; no melamine
  • Best-in-class 10 step finishing process
  • Dovetailed drawer boxes; no stapling
  • CARB2 Certified
  • KCMA Certified

All of our cabinets are easy to assemble, long-lasting, and provide outstanding value for your money. Ready for your bathroom remodel? We can ship your bathroom cabinets straight to your door for a hassle-free experience. We ship all over the country— find Choice Cabinet dealers near you today and kickstart your bathroom redesign!



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