Cabinet Dealer in Illinois

Managing a general contractor or kitchen designer business is no simple objective. You must perform your cabinet installations with the utmost expertise and have to use premium materials within each job. But even when you strike the perfect balance between the two, you still need to focus on your profits. 

Combining these aspects is not easy, to say the least. 

Suppose you devote your full attention to labor, your material sourcing gets affected. If you commit to the use of finer cabinetry, your budget takes a hit. When you go after cheaper options, your installation and products both decline in quality. 

Needless to say, it becomes a challenge to fulfill all of these requirements at once.

That’s where Choice Cabinet’s wholesale solutions can help. 

Through our vast collection of ready to assemble (RTA) and assembled cabinets, you can quickly obtain your required materials in Illinois and surrounding areas.

While our premium cabinets deliver superior quality, our careful sourcing processes ensure accessible prices. Regardless of the type of installation specifications, our solutions in Illinois can help you fulfill them promptly. Contact us to become a dealer today!


From RTA Cabinets to Assembled Cabinetry: Take Your Pick 

With our broad grasp on classic aesthetics and modern trends, Choice Cabinet’s team makes it a point to offer an extensive range of cabinets. Regardless of your various project needs in Illinois, our options can meet your design, color, and material requirements to the last detail. 

Both our RTA and assembled cabinets boast of this fantastic variety, which lets you use your preferred assembly method across a wide selection of cabinetry. Whether you are looking for easier storage or reduced labor, you can choose an option that fits your installation specifications without turning away from your design vision. 

We also bring this flexibility across a range of different materials. From solid wood cabinets to medium-density fibreboard (MDF), you can pick your desired material throughout our RTA and assembled cabinet options. This makes sure that your cabinets meet your style and assembly requirements and deliver on the performance aspect.

As a result, you can obtain the exact type of cabinets you need without having to worry about delivery timelines or additional labor. This brings absolute ease to each of your projects while maintaining the desired quality you want to offer to your clients.


Our Commitment to Accessibility Offers Affordable Price Points

Whether you run a large scale contractor business or a small kitchen designer operation, your success is directly related to the costs you save through each project. 

If you cannot maintain suitable profit margins through your solutions, you might risk running your brand to the ground. Simultaneously, if you take shortcuts to cut your expenses, you could jeopardize the quality of your materials and your overall project. This can be equally detrimental to your operations and reputation alike.

Keeping this in mind, the Choice Cabinet team ensures that you can obtain high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and timely project deliveries without running over your budget. While we make sure to offer our RTA and assembled cabinets at wholesale prices, our competitive offerings don’t compromise on the standard that you expect from your cabinetry. 

This is possible through our direct factory processes, which ensure cutting back on additional markups brought through third-party sellers. By obtaining our materials through direct sources and selling our finished cabinets via our B2B program, we keep our costs down while still maintaining our quality to the highest standards. 

As a result, we make sure to meet all your cabinetry needs without driving you past your budgetary constraints. This ensures that you can deliver all your required projects in Illinois without compromising your profit margins. It also makes sure that you can take on challenging projects with the assurance of fulfilling them to perfection.


Swift Delivery Timelines Help You Meet Your Deadlines

Apart from supporting you through your budgetary constraints, Choice Cabinet’s manufacturing and delivery processes also help you meet your project completion goals. Since our extensive inventory has different types of cabinets ready to go at a moment’s notice, we can start the shipping processes as soon as we receive your specifications. 

For instance, if you order RTA cabinets, we ship them from our inventory within a few days. The process ensures that you receive your cabinet materials as swiftly as possible so that you may store and assemble them at your convenience. This is especially helpful if you want to resell the cabinetry for future projects and want to keep it in stock at your warehouse.

Conversely, if you choose assembled cabinets that you could install as soon as they arrive at your address, we ship the cabinets as quickly as possible. Since the cabinets are already manufactured, we only need to invest enough time to assemble them before shipping them to your address. This saves your assembly timeline and also helps you save on labor costs. 

In either case, the process makes sure that you can receive your cabinets within a reduced timeframe. This helps you adhere to your project delivery timelines. It also ensures that you can take on multiple projects for single-unit and multi-unit installations without having to think twice about their fulfillment.


Contact the Choice Cabinet Team in Illinois Today!

With our commitment to maintaining a high standard, Choice Cabinet’s team in Illinois ensures that all of our cabinet components are crafted from premium quality materials. This again maintains the required balance between visual excellence and functional performance, which shines prominently in our RTA and assembled options. 

Simultaneously, our attention to material sourcing and direct factory processes make sure that all of our cabinetry solutions remain affordable for all types of providers. Whether you are looking to execute a small project or wanting to take on a large scale fulfillment, our products are just a call away. 

See how our wholesale B2B cabinets can help you execute your existing and future projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and find the perfect cabinetry solutions for you today.